Land Welcomes You

I'm a Queen without a king or a castle

But I'm regal nonetheless

Free from the money-debt-life hassle

Light from lack of love's distress

Void of a throne where a king would sit

A place that exist between unconsciousness and dreams

Somewhere I never want to leave

Where words are living

And we are words

Colors bend and numbers speak

Guns, swords, arrows in fear

Are ideas that are extinct and unwelcome here

Thoughts are as free as Shakespearean prose

All blood runs deeper than the reddest rose

Liberty is the rule we live by

Everyone is, simply to be

Birthed here was new me and still abides

What want wants, which are needs to be free

Remember: To not exist is to die

And consciously to exist is not enough

You have to also live to survive

But here in land we're not so tough

You only have to be an "I"