God, I need to be home before my mom comes.

"Rachel, can you just take me home I don't want to go anywhere"

"Sure, Samantha thanks for telling me before I made that turn"

"You're welcome."

Cars, cars, God how long is it gonna take? I can see the pool…looking out side window, more cars. Finally we are moving.





Did the car flip? Oh my head!

Car didn't flip, that's good.

Rachel got out of the car—that's good. "Are all of you guys okay?!

Danielle's face paler, screaming, laughing? NO Crying. "I want to go home"

OH my skull hurts.

Damn, mom can't find out. RUN! RUN! Everyone is moving, good. Did my phone fly out? Of course it did,

My drivers ED teacher always said, "Always put your phone near you, in your pocket because if you are in a crash then the phone can go far way from you"

Oh there's my phone on the floor mat of the car. Okay, pick it up. Damn my glasses broke into pieces…pick up as many pieces as possible.


"I got to go home" Opened the door, good, run, run.

White women, what is she doing here?

"Are you guys okay?"

Oh the lady is from the car who hit us.

"Are you guys okay?!"

RUN, Run before she sees me.

Don't get hit by a car we don't want that again.

Cross over to the side walk…don't get hit by the car, don't get hit by the car.

This happened WOW can't breathe, keep on running.

Why am I shocked?! No not shocked, just surprised. I knew this was going to happened. Worst fear came true. I even told them when I entered the car in the beginning: "Something bad is going to happened. I have a bad feeling."

Only got weird looks from them.


Put my broken glasses back on, cannot see without them.

Woman at the door, calling for a girl, smile at her, make her see that everything is normal. She gave me a weird face. Why did she give me a weird face?

Call Veronica.

Speed dial 7 hold… "Hello?"

"I need you! Where r u? Co---ome to the playground near my house now. Where are you?"


"What!? What's going on Samantha?"


"SAMANTHA what's wrong? I can't understand a word that you're saying!"


"WHAT!" Sobbing. Why is she crying? I was the one in the car accident.

I can see my door; run faster.

"It's all my fault. IT'S ALL MY FAULT. I knew I should have let my mom get you."

Really because it's too late now.

Why she crying!!!!! She's annoying me.

"It's not your fault Veronica. I gotta go I will talk to you later."

Run upstairs, make sure not to let dad see.

Good, big mirror.

Wow, no wonder that woman gave me a weird face.

So much blood.

Scratches so deep.

Tell dad, tell dad. Speed dial number three. Ring…ring…. "Hello"

"Daaaaaad---make sure not to tell mom okay. Promise me"

"What happened!?"

"Just promise me!"

"Okay, what happen?"