Always more haiku
Let's set a new goal this time:
Hundred theme challenge

More than chocolate treats
A sacred bond 'twixt two souls
So mysterious

Brace against the glare
Beams of light radiate down
Brilliant, shining sun

An absence of light
We know not what dwells in there
Terrifying void

(Seeking Solace)
Come here, dry those eyes
Pain and sorrow are fleeting
For now, an embrace

(Break Away)
To run far away,
Leave everyone you once knew
Cut ties, start again

Woe this mortal world
Is Bliss a reward for death
Or must we seek it here?

Feign it if you will
Hide your guilt and shift the blame
Lying eyes tell all

Piled into the car
Scrolling landscapes pass us by
The road is peaceful

(Breathe Again)
Distant lights taunt me
Desperately fight this cold weight
I break the surface