All buoyancy lost
Desperate strokes can't save me
Lungs fill with water

(All That I Have)
A suitcase, open
Wanderers travel light, with
Meager possessions

(Give Up)
You know what, screw this
I've shed too much blood, lost time
With nothing to show

(Last Hope)
Our hope fades away
Find a savior, messiah
We can't save ourselves

Something draws my eye
Commerical art, purposeful
...I want a burger

(In the Storm)
Formidable rain
Lightning tears open heaven,
And the floods greet us

(Safety First)
Helmets, straps and belts
We fancy these stunts no risk
But thinking first helps

Do these pieces fit?
Small fragments come together
Jumbled mess no more

I may just want peace
A place away from the rest
I won't be lonely

This challenge, finished
A goal now met, less to do
Think I've earned a break