Once upon a time
it seems as though every good story should begin with this
catch-phrase, sliding through my teeth
but then you really have to make the story good.

and everybody always forgets
about the thousands of little tragedies in every sentence.

I guess I just don't believe anymore
in fairytales, tutus or tiaras
all of my princesslike materials safely hidden, in a drawer
buried amongst multiple memories.
I like it better this way.

Keeping my tragedies hidden and locked up
with the key resting safely in my stomach
slowly decaying with the rot of time.

Hiding away the hint of your smile in the back of my mind
only reaching in desperate times
and only when I need a little bit of comfort
when the sun is refusing to shine.

Throwing every single one of your photographs into my fireplace
watching the edges burn and blister and peel
smiling because,
in some small way you still manage to keep me warm on a winter's night.

Taking it all with a spilled grain of salt
tossed back into the ocean of my hearts desire
with a mere flick of the wrist, a twist of the hand
and letting the ocean floor eat away every broken promise.

Once upon a time
fits into every fairytale, coupled with the phrase "happily ever after"
and the details of the story can seem pretty insignificant
and filled with tragedies played off as memories

But in the end
happily ever after will still prevail
even without you.