Hi! this is my third story!

It is touching and kind of sad. Hope you enjoy it!!

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(i know the names are weird)

I trudged down the dusty old orphanage stairs. My every step caused the steps to creak nosily. The stairs leaded to a small room. I flicked the light on. It blinked unsteadily for a while.

In the middle of the room stood a small wooden grand piano. I walked towards the piano unsure.

I pulled out the piano chair from under the piano and uneasily sat on the dusty surface. I opened the piano with a loud creaking sound.

Dust came out and i coughed. Soon the dust cleared and right before me, i saw the white and black ancient keys of the piano.

I drew a deep breath and placed my hands gently on the piano. I placed both my legs gently on the dust covered gold pedals.

I closed my eyes and played the piano putting all my will and emotion into it. I did not care what song i was playing, it felt really good to play on the piano again, after all these years.

I felt as if i had never stopped playing. Why did i ever stop?? i asked myself.

my father, a small annoying voice in my head reminded me. shut up! i told myself angry.

A hot tear flowed down my cheek. i was still playing the piano. I wiped the tear angrily, determined not to cry.

Oh, daddy, how i miss you.... i said to myself when a water fountain exploded in my eyes. I cried silently for a while.

Soon, i heard my name being called from above. I quickly composed my self and closed the piano. I switched off the lights and dashed upstairs promising that i would return soon.

sorry, i know it is short and the girls name is Reina, short for Adrianne.

I will update soon. :)