Somewhere in this tangled mess of life,

I've lost myself.

I look into the mirror and see flesh.

Dark locks, fancy dress.

Blank eyes, speaking nothing to me.

Pain decking my face for all to see.

Somewhere in this tangled mess of life,

I couldn't find a great aim.

Greed for money never reared its head.

Honesty seeped in all I said.

Power lost importance one year back,

Fame is something I always want to lack.

And that brings me back to wondering,

What I am headed towards?

Castles built in skies?

A prince to open the door?

Somewhere in this tangled mess of life,

I realized I was never truly happy.

I am blessed with brains,

Friends who share my pain,

I couldn't have got better parents.

Life is perfect, from start to end.

Yet I'm never whole.

It's like something is missing from my soul.

Somewhere in this tangled mess of life,

I stumbled hard.

Heart breaks, back-stabbing.

The hand was too high for grabbing.

But I managed to stand back up.

And rebuild my life once, twice, thrice.

Fire in my heart melting the gnawing ice.

Somewhere in this tangled mess of life,

Everything has become meaningless.

I need a purpose, God.

A reason to live.

I believe

I can dive into an ocean of love,

If that is the order from the Heaven above.

Or I can battle for materialistic things,

Or work hard and give my dreams wings.

Somewhere in this tangled mess of life

I've stopped smiling.

I'm always searching.

For what? I'm not sure.

There has to be a cure.

An answer to the unknown questions.

A remedy to this disease.

Something to put my heart at ease.

I'm so impatient now,

My heart is pounding with frustration,

Of trying to find my own station

In this tangled mess of life.

Something that will make me jump out of bed,

And look forward to the day ahead.

Smiling and laughing and living,

Grateful that I'm breathing.

With every futile day,

I grow closer to finding my way,

Yet, I'm stuck in this tangles,

Heart shattering like a glass bangle,

Tears draining away from my eyes.

Life? It all seems like a lie.

There has to be something waiting for me

Somewhere in this tangled mess of life!

Show me God,

Help me find,

The thing I desire in my mind.

And get me out of this tangled mess.

Out of finding peace in the darkness of night.

The only time when I don't have to fight

This tangled mess of lifeā€¦.

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