Enough is enough

You know that I'm always here for you,

And you were always someone I can look too.

But lately I had just enough,

You have been so tough.

On yourself and to others,

I say enough is enough.

I was always here for you,

But where are you.

I can see you, but where is your mind.

Now in there is another person, who was once so sweet and kind.

I say Enough is Enough!

When ever you speak, I am here,

I listen to your words and actually care.

I listen how tough you life is,

And I listen to how much you miss.

You too say you are here for me,

Even though you're here, I still cannot see.

You think your life is the only one that's hard,

Hate to break it to you,

But you're not the only one who's life is scarred.

I say enough is enough.

What is more hurtful?

Is that you still complain,

Even though you have a best friend, who keeps you sane.

Well now I say,

Enough is enough.

I'll always be here,

Always staying near,

But let me tell you one thing,

You have the best of everything.

So today I say,

Enough is Enough.

Again you don't have it rough.

I don't say enough is enough to you,

But to me who has been a fool.

To think I'll get the same thing back.

Enough is Enough.