Author's Note: Ah, I'm bored and yet I don't want to start on the next chapter immediately, so I'll write something else. If you've read Not Your Ordinary Day in Centralville, this story is just a part of that. Although, I decided to put it as an entirely different story for a reason… well then, let's start.

Think of this story as an alternate dimension to the Centralville story I'm currently working on. The reason why I wrote this is because this dimension and their dimension will eventually meet at some point. To understand both dimensions, you need a background story of the other.

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A Different Kind of World

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Roommate

Why does it always have to be like this? Everything is so boring, I don't know what's left to do… Was staying here a good idea? It's been a year and yet, nothing changed. It's always the same. The same people, the same event… is there a reason to go on?

A twelve year old girl was walking on the sidewalk as she started observing everything around her. She was about four feet tall and had short black hair with a white headband and wore glasses. Her attire seemed a bit too formal, for someone as young as her. She was wearing a long sleeved white shirt with a maroon coat, a tight skirt that matched the color of her coat and black school shoes with white socks. She didn't pay attention to anyone staring at her and continued to walk until she could get to her place. Her place wasn't exactly a house, but rather, she lived in a small apartment by herself. It did sound strange for a twelve year old to be living by herself, but in the first place, she really didn't belong in that realm.

She lived in another realm… or universe rather. She's not exactly an ordinary human being either… in fact she was a witch, someone who had magical powers. What was more interesting about her is that she's not just any witch, she is one of the most powerful witches there, despite her age. And yet, she felt no achievement for doing such a feat and wanted to live in a place where magic was non-existent. She thought perhaps, there, she could find something that could make her happy. She decided to stay in a small town called Centralville. Her parents were a bit hesitant at first, but decided to allow her to stay there. They were actually the ones who were funding her financially, since she was too young to get a job of her own. The apartment she was staying in apparently belongs to her mother, who used to stay there while she was doing some observations on ordinary humans.

As the girl got to her apartment building, she felt that someone was following her. She quickly turned around and saw a girl who had long brown hair and wore a green t-shirt with blue jeans and sneakers. She looked really confused and scared from the black haired girl's glare.

"Who… are you? Why are you following me?" the girl asked as she folded her arms across her chest.

"Ah, my… name's Nicole May Rustford, but… as to why I was following you… I really have no clue," Nicole May replied as she laughed nervously. "I'm really sorry, but, I really don't know who I am outside of my name."

"What?" the girl looked a bit surprised as she observed Nicole May's expression carefully. Then, she tried to cast a spell on her by pointing on her head with her finger to see what was inside her mind, but then, as she did, something unexpected happened. Her spell didn't work at all. She quickly tapped her glasses to scan her and to see if she had an aura. An aura was something that was invisible to ordinary humans but some witches and warlocks could see with the use of special devices, or any object they could see through, like a pair of eyeglasses. An aura not only determined the power of a witch, but it could also serve a defense mechanism against unwanted magic. The more powerful a witch was, the more functions an aura could have.

"What's wrong?" Nicole May asked, as she noticed how nervous the girl was. "Do you… perhaps know who I am?"

"No… it's not that…" the girl muttered hesitantly as she tapped her glasses again. "Hey, why don't you come with me in my apartment for a bit? There's something that I need to ask you…"

"Huh… sure, under one condition…" Nicole May said as she placed her hands on her hips.

"What… what is it?" the girl asked as she sweat-dropped.

"I want to know your name," Nicole May demanded as she pouted. "It's not fair that you're the only one who gets to know my name…"

"Fine… it's Avegaille Stewart…"


As Avegaille opened the door to her apartment, Nicole May looked really excited as she looked around and went inside. The apartment was quite small, and had only two doors, where one led to the bathroom, while the other was to the bedroom. The area near the window was the living room where there was a LCD television and a sofa with a small coffee table in between them. To the side where Nicole May was standing at was a dining table with four chairs and by the other side, where kitchen countertops with cabinets above them and a small refrigerator. The kitchen counter had a microwave oven on it and also a small electric stove. On the side where Avegaille was standing, was a small table with a mirror hanging on the wall. As Avegaille closed the door, she gestured Nicole May to the sofa and both of them went over there and sat down on the sofa.

"Hey, there's something I wanted to ask you…" Avegaille said as she looked at Nicole May seriously. "Can you do magic?"

"Huh… magic… what do you mean? Like a magic trick?" Nicole May asked as she started to become confused and scratched her head.

"No, magic like this…" Avegaille muttered as she faced the coffee table and pointed towards it. The coffee table started floating in midair and Nicole May quickly stood up and waved her arms above it to see if there was any strings in them. Avegaille looked at her exasperatedly as she sweat-dropped. "It's not a magic trick, okay? That's the kind of magic I'm talking about…"

"Oh…" Nicole May sat down on the sofa again as she laughed nervously and sweat-dropped. "Well, the problem is, I don't even remember anything outside of my name. It's really strange you know, all of a sudden, I woke up sitting on a bench in the park without remembering of where I lived, who I used to be or if I known anyone around here. Then, when I was about to give up remembering, I saw you walking by yourself. You seemed really deep in thought, I didn't want to disturb you and instead follow you."

"I see…" Avegaille pointed on the coffee table and it slowly moved until it went back to its place. "You… you should know, the aura that you posses is something that only a level ten witch or warlock could have access to."

"Huh… what?" Nicole May looked even more confused after hearing what Avegaille said. "Level ten witch? Since when did witches have rankings like levels and had auras around them?"

"What, you think this is just all made up?" Avegaille retorted as she sighed exasperatedly. "You just saw what I did, there's more we can do than levitate objects!"

"Well… not really… but still… maybe you should explain the whole level system first, I mean, you make it sound like level ten is the highest level a witch could attain…" Nicole May muttered as she sweat-dropped.

"That's because it is the highest!" Avegaille exclaimed as she clenched her fist and glared at Nicole May. Then, she sighed as she folded her arms across her chest. "Look, I know you're trying to recover from your memory loss… I could help you anytime, but the problem is your aura. I can't cast any spells on you with that aura around you!"

"Well, you don't have to force it… I mean, maybe this memory loss was somehow a good thing. I could start all over again, probably make things even better," Nicole May said as she giggled a bit. "Hmm, I do have a problem though… I'll probably live in the streets since I don't have anywhere to go to… and I don't exactly want to—"

"Not another word!" Avegaille exclaimed as she quickly covered Nicole May's mouth with her hand. "You're staying here until we figure out who you are and why you have that aura around you!"

"Mppphh?" Nicole May quickly took off Avegaille hand and looked really happy. She quickly shook Avegaille's hand as she giggled. "You're so kind, I'll be good and behave properly~"

"Yeah… first, you should probably take a bath… I'll give you some new clothes to wear too… ones that I don't use anyway," Avegaille muttered as she looked really exasperated while Nicole May continued to shake her hand.


"Don't you think this is a bit formal?" Nicole May asked as she looked down on the clothes she was wearing. She was now wearing a long sleeved collared white shirt with a green v-neck shaped sleeveless sweater and a gray pleated skirt. She was still wearing the same sneakers as before, since Avegaille doesn't have any shoes of her size.

"Hey, at least it fits…" Avegaille muttered as she sighed.

The two of them were now inside the bedroom. The bedroom had one large bed, enough to fit two people. The door next to it actually led to the bathroom. Essentially, there are two doors going to the bathroom… one from inside the bedroom, the other from outside the bedroom. In front of the bed was a study table, and beside it was a bookshelf brimming with books. The closet was next to the door leading outside, where Avegaille kept her clothes. Beside the bookshelf were a desktop computer and a rotating office chair.

"I guess… I'll have to get used to it," Nicole May said as she giggled a bit. She sat down next to Avegaille, who was sitting on her bed. "Do you go to school or something? I mean, it would be kinda boring if we're stuck here doing nothing…"

"Hmm, I'm already done with my studies… but if you're talking about ordinary human schooling… it's only May, so, their school year won't end until June," Avegaille muttered as she folded her arms across her chest. "At least, if you followed this planet's calendar…"

"Eh? That long?!" Nicole May exclaimed in despair as she groaned.

"It's only… two months… well, actually, four months, since they have two months summer vacation before a new school year starts," Avegaille continued as she closed her eyes.

"Damn, I really wanted to go to school… maybe perhaps, I could remember something," Nicole May muttered as she sighed.

"My mom's coming over to check up on me… I would probably have to explain to her why I'm letting you stay here…" Avegaille muttered as she opened her eyes and stood up. "While you wait, you can read some of my books… you… do know how to read at least, right?"

"Well, I may have amnesia, but it doesn't mean I don't remember doing stuff like reading, talking to people, and some other things," Nicole May remarked as she stood up and quickly went over the bookshelf to check on the books on it. She browsed through the book binds until she saw an interesting title. She quickly took it out and flipped the book open and started reading. She had difficulty in reading the book, as the text was blurry. She tried moving the book closer to her but it became even more blurry. Finally, she moved the book away from her until she saw how clear it was.

"Huh?" Avegaille turned to Nicole May and she noticed how Nicole May was holding the book away from her. "Why are you reading like that?"

"I don't know… the text looks really blurry when I put it close to me," Nicole May muttered as she laughed nervously and closed the book in her hand. She went back to the bed and sat down on it.

"You're probably hyperopic," Avegaille muttered as she sighed. "Come on, we'll wait in the living room… maybe I can ask mom to get you glasses or something."


Three hours had passed, and both Avegaille and Nicole May were still watching the television. Nicole May was practically picking the channels since Avegaille had no particular interest for a specific show. Avegaille was getting a bit impatient as it was taking a long time for her mother to arrive. Then, someone knocked on the door and Avegaille quickly ran up to it. As she opened the door, she saw her mother carrying a box in her hands.

"Mom… hey… what's with the box?" Avegaille asked as she sweat-dropped.

"Oh, your sister was baking cakes again, and she said I should bring one for you," Mrs. Stewart replied as she giggled. Avegaille stepped back as Mrs. Stewart went inside the apartment. She placed the box on the dining table and looked around. She had long black hair and wore glasses just like Avegaille. She was wearing a turtleneck light blue sweater, jeans and sneakers. Like Avegaille, she was also a witch but she preferred not depending on her powers unless it was an emergency.

"I'm… not really fond of cakes…" Avegaille muttered as she closed the door and walked up to her mother.

"Don't be ridiculous, you used to love them when you were younger," Mrs. Stewart remarked as she giggled. Then, she noticed that someone was on the sofa and approached her. "Hmm, since when did you start to make friends with people around here?"

"Ack… I forgot… she's Nicole May Rustford," Avegaille said as she ran up to the sofa where Nicole May was. "I just met her today…"

"Ah, Nicole May… that's a nice name," Mrs. Stewart remarked as she smiled. She looked at Nicole May, who seemed to be nervous. "Don't be nervous now… it's okay. I mean, it's really rare for Avegaille to have friends, especially in this town."

"Ah… yes… nice to meet you also, Mrs. Stewart…" Nicole May muttered as she laughed nervously.

"You don't have to pretend mom… she already knows that we're witches…" Avegaille muttered as she sighed exasperatedly.

"Eh… wait, did you just told her we're witches?!" Mrs. Stewart exclaimed and became nervous. "You know we're not supposed to tell ordinary humans that we have magical powers!"

"Oh… she's not just any ordinary human… she's someone who apparently posses an aura reserved for level ten witches," Avegaille muttered as she sighed.

"Wait… what? That's impossible, all witches who become level ten are known by everyone in the council," Mrs. Stewart said as she became confused. "I never heard of someone named Nicole May Rustford being on that list…"

"Yeah… my thoughts exactly… but mom… she can't use magic," Avegaille added as she sat down next to Nicole May. "Or can you?"

"Eh, but… I don't even remember who am I… how am I supposed to know if I can use magic?" Nicole May asked nervously as she sweat-dropped.

"A case of amnesia?" Mrs. Stewart sat down next to Nicole May and observed her. "Do you remember anything, like your parents, where you lived, and other things?"

"I'm really sorry, but I don't…" Nicole May replied as she lowered her head. "Avegaille was kind enough to let me stay here, and I'm really thankful for that…"

"I see… well, that's fine with me too, maybe perhaps, Avegaille would be less grouchy that way," Mrs. Stewart said as she giggled while Avegaille groaned and looked at her exasperatedly. Then, she looked worried as she folded her arms across her chest. "I have to report this to the council though, so I hope you don't mind. If they allow it, you can also visit our place."

"Oh yeah mom…" Avegaille interrupted as Mrs. Stewart turned to her. "She needs glasses… well, in her case, she's hyperopic."

"Ah, well, we can go to an optical shop right now if you want," Mrs. Stewart said as she smiled. "I know someone here who's quite good at them… eyeglasses I mean."


"Hey, Avegaille… what's wrong?" Nicole May asked as she observed Avegaille, who was sitting on the sofa with her arms folded across her chest.

It had been hours since they got to the optical shop and Nicole May finally had new glasses. It was on her head since she could see just fine without them, but not when it comes to reading. When they came back, the three of them ate the cake that Mrs. Stewart brought earlier. Avegaille was a bit hesitant at eating it but her mother was able to convince her to eat at least one slice. After Mrs. Stewart made some adjustments to the bedroom and left, Nicole May was a bit bothered to how quiet Avegaille was and tried to cheer her up.

"Don't mind me… I'm always like this…" Avegaille muttered and closed her eyes. "Hmm, I should probably get dinner ready…"

"Eh… can I help out? You know… cook… maybe I'll learn some new things," Nicole May suggested as Avegaille slowly opened her eyes and looked at her. "You… you don't mind, do you?"

"You sound nervous, but yeah, sure… you can pick what we can cook," Avegaille replied as she stood up and walked towards the kitchen counter. She looked around and took a book that was on top of the refrigerator. "It's been a while since I last cooked something with someone…"

"Really?" Nicole May quickly ran up to Avegaille and stood next to her. Then, Avegaille handed over the book she was holding to her. "I noticed that you don't live with anyone and that your mom just visited you… plus the fact that you mentioned you don't live in this world… so, why did you decide to stay here by yourself?"

"Oh that… I don't know… having so much power… and not knowing what to do with it, it bothered me a lot…" Avegaille muttered as she slowly turned away from Nicole May and folded her arms across her chest. "Everywhere I go… those people would always stare at me. I really couldn't stand it. Also, I wasn't happy… I wanted to find out the thing that could make me happy."

"I see…" Nicole May kept quiet as she stared down at the book she was holding. Then, she placed the book on the table and quickly hugged Avegaille from the side. "I'll help you out then!"

"Huh?" Avegaille was a bit surprised as she turned to Nicole May. "Hey… what makes you think you can help me with my problem?"

"Hmm, I don't know, I'll just do whatever I can," Nicole May replied as she smiled.

"Just don't force yourself…" Avegaille muttered as she sighed.


End of Chapter 1

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