The Burning Man

We're all living tinder

Don't let pain hinder, your escape!

Your escape....

There is a spark inside

Its marks you so you can't hide

But you can escape....

(Just try it...)

Let your inner light shine

Let your slow glow

Let your worry be mine

Let your inner fire show


You are the Burning Man (x2)

Day – to – day

We're cold, cold automatons

So confused

We don't know what to say

Don't know what's going on

I yearn to be warm, let me feel your flame

Your body I want to scorch, let me be your torch

You are the Burning Man (x2)

I am serious

Let me be your Prometheus

I don't care if the Gods torture me

Your bright light is all I see

If the pain is much too much

At least let me feel your..touch

You are the Burning Man (x5)