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Chapter 11

"W-what?" I stutter. My heart is melting. He smiles gently. "I think you heard me," he says, pulling me closer to him. I cannot resist when he takes me in his arms. It's only a hug, but the spark from our bodies touching is enough to light a campfire. He chuckles and I hear it deep in his chest.

"So will you stay beside me now? Is it safe to take the bus?" he asks, ignoring the fact that he just professed his almost-love for me. We both know it's better if we don't mention it.

I bite my lip as we pull away from each other. Sure, we have chemistry, and sure, it would probably be better physically for me, but he's a murderer, a coral trader person (What exactly do you call them? I think) and who knows what else? "Adam, you're a murderer," I whisper.

"I only did that because he was reaching for you," he sighs. "I'm sorry, but he had a gun, too, and if I'd hesitated he would have…" He stops.

"Oh," I breathe. He really does care for me. He really did have a reason to kill. "Then it's safe." I smile.

"Great," he grins. "It's getting dark. We need to get back to my alleyway." He takes my hand. It's so strange, how we've only known each other for two days, but I feel like I've known him forever, I just don't have the memories. He pays for a cab and we ride to the alleyway. Walking into it, I stifle a gasp of horror. There is graffiti everywhere, with threats and strange pictures that will stare down at us while we sleep.

"Ben," Adam growls, his grip tightening on my hand. I try not to look at it, making my way towards the blankets with my head down, but it's even on the floor. I can't help but read it, and look at it. Finally, I reach the blankets and throw myself on them, choking back a sob. There is something under the blankets. I'm afraid to look, but I unpeel the blanket away to see a dead cat. My cat. The one who had taken to curling up with me last night. They had been watching us. I let the tears flow freely now, not even bothering to cover my eyes or mouth.

"It's okay, Little Bird," Adam croons, hugging me. He has obviously been through this before, but I haven't. I've never had anyone hate me before. He rocks me until my sobbing subsides into small tears, and then picks up the cat corpse, disappearing for a moment. He returns and continues rocking me.

"Why does he hate you?" I hiccup.

"It's a long story," he sighs. "One I'm afraid will upset you even more after your little experience."

"Little experience?" I repeat. Again, I feel like a child in front of him.

"Running to the wrong person," he smiles gently. "You know, with Ben?"

"Oh," I sigh. "Please?"

"No," he sighs. "Later."

I pout, like the child I feel like. "Please?" I beg, drawing it out.

He chuckles. "No," he replies, pulling me closer so I'm nearly on his lap. He rests his chin on my head and surround my torso with his strong arms. This position feels so natural it's scary.

"Okay," I sigh, way too comfortable to argue.

"Let's stay like this," he says, voicing my thoughts out loud.

"We have to sleep," I scold.

"Not necessarily," he smirks wryly. "And by the way-" he adds as I open my mouth to argue. "- I really am not a pedophile. I'm sorry if I come across that way. I didn't intend to be attracted to you."

"I don't want to talk about this," I reply. He probably has a rich girlfriend, and I wouldn't want him to cheat. Besides, while we are allies, a platonic relationship is best. We are going to be allies for life because of the stupid promise I made, I think irritably to myself, but his hand in my hair makes my crabbiness disappear.

"Okay," he sighs, twisting a curl around his finger.

"You might want to get ready to fall asleep because if you keep doing that that's exactly what is going to happen," I murmur tiredly, leaning against him. He chuckles, and again I can hear it through his chest. Before he can even reply, my eyes close, and I instantly fall asleep.

Adam's POV

I watch her close her eyes. Her eyelashes flutter, and then her breathing steadies. I blink. It was that quick? Well, now I know how to make her pass out if something I don't want her to see happens. For instance, the phone call I'm about to take.

The phone rings and I open it quickly so Wren doesn't wake up. As much as I hate to do this, I disentangle her limbs from my body and put the blanket over her vulnerable body. "Sam? You there?" asks a voice.

"Yeah, yeah," I mutter. "There's just a situation involving a sleeping girl."

The man laughs appreciatively. "Nice," he says. I don't mean for it to sound like that, but I don't attempt to correct him when he says this. I run out of the alleyway to talk to the man.

"What's the situation, Smith?" I ask. He hesitates.

"They found out about your shipment. One of our own busted us, but I don't know who. But it'll only be about a few days before they figure out where it's headed. You need to stop this. Move the shipment as soon as it gets to New Jersey. I don't know, take it somewhere foreign! But you need to get out of here with the shipment while things die down a little."

I don't like the way he is ordering me around, even if he's right. My voice hardens. "Who hired who, Smith?" I ask sternly.

"You, sir, you!" he says, his voice becoming panicked.

"Then let's keep it to less of the friend-to-friend talk and to more of the employee-to-boss talk, alright?" I reply.

"Right, right," he says shakily. "…And what do you suggest, boss?"

"Intercept the shipment," I reply easily. "Send it back to Florida before the they realize where it is. Then I'll ship it out. Oh, and Smith? I'm taking the girl with me."

"Can I have a bite?" asks Smith slyly. He knows I have good taste in women. He has to, or else I'd fire him.

"I don't want you touching her," I hiss. "You do and you're out." He also knows that if he's "out," it's not only his job I take away from him. He would most likely go to the police, so I must take his life, too.

"I can't control myself," he whines pitifully.

"No," I reply firmly. I could never fire Smith, no matter how corrupt he is. It's important he doesn't know that, but he is incredibly sharp for someone who drinks most of the time. "Don't, Smith."

"Fine, fine," he sighs. "But if my hand slips…"

"Is that a threat, Smith?" I ask crisply.

"No! No! It's merely an excuse for what might happen!" He was trying to hide the smile in his voice and failing miserably.

"You pervert," I growl, slamming the phone shut. Now what?

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