The Assassination of Shawn and the Guild of the Legend of the Legion of Gingers After the Sad Tale of Goose Pond

Main Characters:

1. Shawn

2. Ryan

2. Girl Austin

3. Sable

3. DJ


Journey to the Land of the Spirits Before the Adventure Through Time and Space and the Rise of the People in Costumes

Main Characters:

1. Angela

1. Hayley

1. Jillian

1. Joey

2. Matt

2. Caroline

2. Caleb

2. Lori

2. Guy Austin


Executions During Wartime as the Dead Walk the Earth While the Ninjas Invade the Old West

Main Characters:

1. Ciara

1. Sarah

2. Sam

2. Blake

3. Alex

3. Jimmy

3. Dana


After weeks of Winter break droning on and on and on, an end finally came. The Pomfreteerians was reunited at last. Unbeknownst to them, a curse had stricken Pomfret in their absence. Twelve hours after the final member arrived, everyone would be transported across time and space to partake in the adventure of a lifetime. They would be given a role in society, and they would have to live as someone new while trying to overcome their new life and escape. However, it is only together that they can overcome the obstacles set out before them, and finally return to Pomfret. Will they survive? Or will they die trying? Probably a little bit of both. Some time passed until the last of them arrived, and twelve hours quickly drifted away. A magic beam of light appeared in the Great Hall and proceeded to seek out and penetrate each of them. In a flash, they all disappeared and were taken away. Luckily for everyone, the separations did not completely cut off anyone. Each location would become the new home several of the friends. Though they did not end up at the exact same location, it would not be hard for them to find those nearest to them. It would not be only friends that await them, though. Enemies were also spread throughout the land to further the obstacles already set in place.

Part One:

Going the farthest back were DJ and Sable. Goose Pond would now be their home, and plenty of sorrow and grief paved the road in front of them. DJ was given the role of village elder and was the voice of reason, power, and hope for the inhabitants of the land. He has many mystical powers to heal and to use nature for the powers of good. Sable became the chief's slave, unable to refuse any commands she was given…until her ginger powers would awaken and destroy them all. That's not for a while, though.

Meanwhile, but also in the past. And future. Because…you know…time travel and alternate dimensions are crazy like that…Shawn and Pepper were transported to a mysterious and foreign land, that seemed to be somewhere in Asia. Or it might've been another dimension; it's very hard to tell sometimes. Pepper was to be the nation's deadliest assassin, and Shawn was to be her next target.

Between the two, in the lands of the gingers, Ryan and Austin were dropped in a world where Sable's unholy ginger powers had been unleashed and caused devastation and a cult-like following throughout the land. Ryan was her second in command as well as her husband/son. Austin would be sacrificed for her lack of gingerness.

Part Two:

While the previous events were unfolding, another portion of the Pomfret group had their own struggles and demons to deal with. Angela, Hayley, Joey and Jillian were all trapped in the spirit world. Jillian was the overlord here, while Hayley was her sister. Hayley, however, is the exact opposite of Jillian in just about every way. She was the leader of the resistance which was made up of the remaining good in the land. Angela is a magical apprentice who currently resides in neutral territory where she practices her magic on pillows that she makes. Joey is under a spell cast by Jillian and is now her helpless love-slave.

During this chaos Matt, Caleb, Guy Austin, Lori and Caroline are warped aboard a starship, on a mission through deep space. Caroline is the captain of the vessel. Lori is the leading medical officer. Guy Austin is the leader of the ships guards. Trapped on the ship is Caleb, a horribly rabid man-beast hybrid who retains very little of his humanity. He's locked away in a sub-level of the ship surrounded by lasers and armed guards. Matt is a space-pirate on the ship and the only person who has any idea what's really going on since the curse worked differently on the freshmen. He's also trying to free Caleb from his imprisonment.

Part Three:

Still more are appearing as Ciara and her floor-kid Sarah are plummeted into World War 2 Europe. Everything is not as it seems, however, as this is actually an alternate and incredibly insane dimension. Ciara is the general of the British forces, although she is American and her soldiers despise her for it. Her floor kid is a prisoner of the Nazi forces, and somehow half French, half German, half English, half Russian. It is for this reason that she is so valuable to them.

More trans-dimensional warping takes place for Blake and Sam as they appear in an unknown time and place where the world is overrun with zombies. Sam is a half-zombie, having been bitten and not succumbing to the transformation or disease. Blake was his personal bodyguard before the invasion, but is currently locked in prison. Sam must free Blake so the two of them can try to figure out how to use Sam's immunity to their advantage. However, the prison Blake is being held at is now under assault from a zombie attack.

Wrapping up the adventurers are Alex, Jimmy, and Dana who are sent to an old west ghost town. Alex and Jimmy are arch nemeses and twins. Dana died with many secrets and it is Alex who must bring her back to end the war. Jimmy is the only thing currently standing in his way.

Chapter One: