I refer to lot of sayings and use terminology that some may not be aware of, so if there are questions feel free to ask.


A dear child born, destine for the stars
an ill twist in fate, an ugly disposition
all the while to put forth, the parents wonder,
how is this impotent one ours?

They were superior, regarded and revered
Leaders of teams to always earned the cheers
of the community; believed immune to the cruelty of reality
ignorant belligerents, those superficial cream of the crop

How is it they were delivered by fate or chance
a son or daughter judged pathetic with a glance
it seems unjust a cookie-cutter couple birth one so unworthy
one unable to bear the family legacy

But how is it fair to be me? Chained by the invisible
unreachable expectations and their biased congregations
I'm a demonstration of a complete abomination
a victim of mental amputation, their impersonal evaluation

That struggle that claims so many
antagonists summon their indissoluble justifications, the villainy
Yes, I have the courage to resist so many
to trudge past their tyranny labeled normality

I know I'm not alone in this matter
and that I've become a metaphorical veteran
so out of a desire to find personal worth of my own accord, I share my knowledge
with what remains of my providence derived challenge

Let me enlighten the path of a road less traveled
Brick laid by whom are still found tangled
I warn you soulful, you must find your glow
or you'll be collectively maimed, mauled to a despicable low

I provide you words that is not to be taken lightly
Hold true to you, carry hopes high and heads low
Don't adhere to flames, but find a taste for crow