Kider was sitting in a large armchair as Ryan sat at his feet. They were in a very heated discussion.

"For the millionth time I DON'T PLAY BARBIES!"

"How about ice-cream every one likes ice cream." She had her arms crossed on her chest.

"Ill take you for ice cream but I won't have any." He was in a similar position with his arms crossed across his chest.

"I won't have any if you don't." She turned her nose in the air.

"I don't like ice cream." He said simply.

"Can we play tag?" She asked. It was innocent enough a question but then he thought about him chasing after her and the scene in his head changed to her running through the forest with him hot on her trail then her tripping and him pouncing then ripping her throat out.

"No," he said.

"How about watching Beauty and the Beast?" She huffed. He thought about the irony of that sentence. Ryan being beautiful on the inside and out and then him a bloodthirsty demon.

"Sure," he sighed. She beamed and ran up to her room. He took that opportunity to sprint out the doors and into the forest. He flew through the trees before stopping in an alley. He began walking slowly toward the small ice cream parlor. He opened the door and the little bell rang and was bombarded by hideous odors. He held in the need to gag and walked up to the counter. The man looked up with fear on his features and Kider grimaced. He knew how his red eyes must come off to people. Plus people normally felt the need to distance themselves from vampires.

"Hello do you by chance know a girl named Ryan?" The man suddenly smiled widely.

"That girl is one of my best customers. She some times comes here and we just sit and talk. She's also a full time taste tester." He chuckled smiling fondly.

"Well do you know what flavor she gets? I'm her sitter... and she's just recovering from her accident." He didn't like to think about that day. It always reminded him on how he almost killed her.

"She's regular chocolate eater." He laughed. It made sense and Kider couldn't help but smile. Maybe that's where she got her scent from and that's what made her so tantalizing to him. "Double Chocolate with chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and a chocolate covered cherry." He could tell by the saccharine sweetness of the mans voice that he adored the girl.

"Can I get two of those." He pulled out some money. The man pushed the money back towards Kider.

"Always free for my best customer but take this for her." He pulled out a tub of chocolate covered cherries. "Sort of a get well soon present." He began making the two ice creams. Kider could see why Ryan liked to spend time here. The man seemed like the kind of person she would like. He didn't understand why she was so fond of him. He was not pleasant, or kind, or cuddly, or funny or any of the things Ryan was. "Tell her I miss her and I hope to see her soon." He passed him to large bowls and the jar of chocolate covered cherries.

"Thank you and um... Ill be sure to tell her." He gave and small smile before walking out of the store back into the alley then sprinting back to the house. He ripped open the door and launched himself into the kitchen. He looked into the living room to see Ryan sitting in her nightgown on the couch with a blanket showing scruffy character and a girl with brown hair in a yellow dress. The screen was fuzzy so he knew she was waiting for him. He walked in and saw her face light up when she saw what was in his hands.

"Thank you!" She shot out to help him.

"Um... The guy at the shop gave you the cherries to say get well soon." Kider said awkwardly situating himself next to her.

"Mr. Bender is so nice." She said pulling the cap revealing a total brown mess inside. "I need a spoon." He shot towards the kitchen got one and as seated beside her in a flash.

"Thank you." She grinned digging in. "Aren't you going to eat yours."

"Erm...Yeah." He could do this. He wasn't looking forward to this. He couldn't believe he was lowering himself to this. He dug his spoon in and took a bite. It looked just like it tasted like clumpy mud. She made a sound like mmhmm and dug in saving the cherry for last. She was to busy eating hers to notice he wasn't eating a lot. Once she was done she put her bowl to the side and got up and pressed play. When she came back she climbed into his lap. He held his breath for a couple seconds and slowly relaxed and rested hid chin on her head of blond locks as she cuddled herself into lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist holding her to him. He couldn't help thinking he was getting in way to deep now.

The movie was almost over now and he could see Ryan's head slumping to his shoulder. But right before she fell completely asleep she muttered a sentence that Kider thought may have made his heart beat again for he thought no one would ever speak those words to him.

I love you Kider...

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