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Kayla Hawkins glowered at the cake…well, what was left of it.

She was a medium heighted girl with an averagely slim body, blue-gray eyes, and an attractive face.

Her jaw length dirty blonde hair with occasional teal streaks framed her face as her disappointed expression turned into one of humor and knowledge.

A large chunk of the red velvet birthday cake was coincidentally missing. As was the twin cake that should've been beside hers on the counter.

Kayla's eyes followed the dark red crumbs that led to the other side of the counter. Stepping along the trail what she saw made her burst out laughing.

Dark crumbs lay scattered in the girl's jeaned lap, smushed with white buttercream icing. Icing smothered her pale lips, embed with cake, and stuck in her light brown hair. But that wasn't the funny part. When she finally noticed Kayla standing there silently accusing her with her eyes, the mushed handful of cake fell into her lap. And she had the look of a deer in headlights.

Kylie swallowed down the cake in her mouth feeling her face getting hot she said, "This isn't what it looks like."

Rolling her eyes at her older sister Kayla started to turn away when an idea struck her. Grabbing her Viln phone, she whirled around and snapped a pic.

"What was that?" Kylie asked, blinking her eyes trying to see.

Smiling innocently Kayla replied, "Your humiliation my dear sister."

Feeling quite proud of herself Kayla skipped to the bathroom to complete her morning routine.

Today is June 25th, her and Kylie's birthday. No, they aren't twins. In fact Kylie is an entire year older. And besides they were complete opposites.

She is blonde, Kylie's a brunette. She's a little shy, Kylie's more outgoing. Opposites, you see.

Spitting her mouth wash in the sink she looked into the mirror.

Her blonde and teal hair was pulled up into a perfect ponytail, and the dark eyeliner made her grayish blue eyes shine.

An orange football shirt with #34, which belonged to Donovan, that would've reached her knees, was bunched up at the side and in a knot above her knee faded blue jeans.

Satisfied, Kayla bounced out of the room humming to herself.

She didn't know why but she had a feeling that today would be a good day.

Snatching her black purse off the counter she ran out the door shouting, "Bye Mom!" behind her.

Sitting in front of the plain white house was her sister's beloved silver truck, Sadie. They had a lot of good times in there. From Kylie cussing out a cop to block partying. Yeahhhh Good ole Sadie.

Kayla's skin tingled as she hopped into the passenger seat and buckled up, still humming.

Kylie eyed her little sister from the corner of her eye but pulled onto the road.

After minutes of the only sound being Kayla's humming Kylie finally broke the silence. "Okay, I'll bite. What's with you?"

Pulling from her thoughts Kayla stopped humming and flashed an, as of last month, braces-less smile at her older sister. "I dunno. I feel―I just feel real happy, ya know? Like somethin' real good is going to happen today."

Kayla frowned as Kylie started laughing at her. She couldn't think of anything that was funny. "What?" She demanded, irritant.

Re-fixing her grip on the firm steering wheel Kylie, cake free now, tried to smother her laughter with little help.

Blowing air from her nostrils in anger Kayla folded her arms across her chest and glared out her window.

In the gleam of the glass she could see Kylie's form shake less and less until the noise of her laughter subsided.

Yeah, twenty minutes later.

Kylie swiftly pulled into the parking lot and into a spot.

Sighing Kayla unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to open her door when the handle yanked from her hand as Kylie did it instead.

"Let me get that for you, Mary Poppins." She said in a high sophisticated voice that was only ruined by her own laughter.

Kylie was a fairly pretty girl with an athletic build, lean muscles, and large childlike brown eyes. Nothing like her sister.

Kayla rolled her eyes as Kylie guffawed and stepped onto the asphalt . Her sister's laugh was an unstoppable force of nature, there is nothing on this Earth she couldn't laugh at.

Good to know I'm her main victim, Kayla thought dryly.

Kylie slammed the door, startling Kayla out of her thoughts and she dropped her purse. The contents spilled onto the ground.

Muttering a curse to herself Kayla knelt down and began collecting her stuff.

"Uh oh. Lover boy. 12 o'clock. Im out'ta here. See you in Study!" Kylie called behind her as she started for the building.

Walking towards them, well now just her, was Kayla's boyfriend of a year: Donovan.

The sun made his short black hair shimmer like a dark halo around his button face. His big honking silver Rosario hung from his neck on a silver chain, just screaming his dedication to his religion.

Shoving her emergency glasses, in case she lost her contacts, into her purse Kayla blushed scarlet when Donovan knelt across from her and began to help.

Standing up Kayla mentally double checked, mouthing each word.

"Wallet? Check.

Glasses? Check.

Contacts? Check.

Phone? Check.

Pictures? Check.


Taking her hand into his Kayla's breath caught in her throat. "A walk with me?" His blue eyes melted hers.

"Not checked." Kayla breathed. God he's so beautiful.

A tiny smile touched Donovan's lips. "Well than let's change that, shall we?"

Unable to find her voice Kayla settled for nodding.

Glancing around to make sure no teacher or student was outside or watching, Donovan gently grabbed Kayla's hand.

Turning his head from her his smile fell away and a dark expression settled in it's place as he led her into the woods beside the school.

Happy to be with her love Kayla followed him wordlessly as he released her hand but kept going.

Donovan had been her first, in everything. Her first kiss. Her first love. Her first boyfriend. Her first…yeahhh…

And she loves him. More so than she ever thought possible. So if he wanted to take her into the creepy woods with no explanation, she'd follow.

The dark trunks stretched, covered with pale gray vines choking them. Water dripped from the high untouchable autumn leaves and pines.

Brown leaves and feeble pine needles crunched beneath their feet.

They must've walked quite a ways into the forest when Kayla realized something.

Donovan was walking in front of her, not beside her like he used to. He wasn't holding her hand to guide her, just walking. And that the silence hung thick in the air without his usually exuberant voice to fill it. Donovan wasn't acting like himself.

Why was he behaving like this? It was as if she had been following a stranger, not her boyfriend.

Kayla's busy thoughts we're interrupted as Donovan stopped, in the middle of a small clearing, and whirled to face her.

She noticed the tense poise of his jaw and the crease in his forehead and wanted to take her thumb and smooth it away.

When her eyes met his she gasped and her purse slid off her arm and onto the soft pine needles below.

Passion blazed in his baby blue eyes.

Gently Donovan caressed her cheek. "Can I have a kiss?" The way he phrased it made it sound like: Can I have one last kiss?

Willing to give him the only thing she could, her love, Kayla tilted up her head and met his lips with her own.

Lost in the kiss Kayla lost sense of her body but her mind raced on.

Why was Don being so different? Why'd he make it sound and feel like this would be our last kiss?

Sudden warmth built in Kayla's lips, where they were in contact with his, burning hotter and hotter. A tugging sensation pulled at the edge of Kayla's mind and suddenly like an elastic band it snapped.

Images flooded her mind, whirling before her until her mind settled on one and it played like a movie, from Donovan's point of view.

Kissing her sweet lips for the last time will make my body tingle.

An image of Kayla's best friend Angela kissing Donovan flashes before Kayla's, well his, eyes.

"In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace."

My Father will forgive me. My past sins against Kayla shall be redeemed.

I love Angela but I still love Kayla.

I'll break up with her but if I can't have her no one can. Thy eternal Savior shall smile upon my shoulders for the kindness I shall do upon this world.

I can see it now.

Pulling back from her I'd smile and she'd smile back, never seeing it coming. Then as I go in to hug her I'll bury the knife in her stomach.

She'll bleed onto the ground and as she lays dying I'll stroking her hair telling her how much I love her.

Yes, my plan sounds perfect.

Kayla's heart beat in a frenzied pace as she frantically shoved Donovan away from her. She didn't know what the hell that just was but something in her gut told her it was true. And she was a go-with-your-gut type of person.

Donovan took a step towards her and Kayla took a step back.

His brows furrowed, obviously confused at her reaction. "What's wrong, love?"

Love. That one word tore through her like a dagger.

Clenching her fists at her sides, slightly trembling, Kayla looked at him with tears clouding her eyes. "Fuck you." She spat.

Donovan's eyes widened. He never heard Kayla cuss before.

The truth was that Kayla had loved and sadly still loves him too much to cuss around him. His religion was too important to him. But right now his religion and him could go straight to hell.

"Wh-" She cut him off.

"Lovers don't cheat on you with your best friend," His eyes got even wider but she continued. "Lovers don't lie to each others' faces."

She was too numb to realize exactly how much danger she was in. Kayla paused, glaring at him with more anger she had ever felt in her entire life.

Anger is good, anger covers up the hurt, She thought as she looked Donovan in the eyes. "And love certainly isn't murder."

Surprise and panic covered Donovan's face. Kayla watched as each emotion ran across his face until it smoothed into a cold mask.

Smiling an unfamiliar twisted grin Donovan clapped his hands and walked closer. For every step he took forward she took one back.

Kayla was scared. Looking at her once sweet Donovan the image had melted into a dark unsettling stranger.

Upon his face was the same look a junkie got from another high except it was twisted into a sadistic grin. Like he enjoyed it. And he was coming closer.

Panicked Kayla took another step back but found herself flat against a tree. Help! Please! Dear God…oh dear god…Help!
The raw fear tore at her insides as he pinned her body against the trunk with his own.

Kayla's fear leaked into her doe eyes as Donovan flipped open a switch blade he had pulled from his football jacket. The sadistic grin still on his face.

"You know I love you, right?" He whispered, his face softening into the old Donovan she had come to love.

Frozen with fear Kayla was still. She was too frightened to respond because she didn't know if she could stop herself from saying no.

Anger flashed in Donovan's eyes. He gripped Kayla then slammed her back against the tree, making her teeth rattle. "I said: You know I love you, RIGHT?!" His nostrils flared.

The frightened tears spilled down Kayla's cheeks and she nodded.

Staring into her eyes he said as if it were the most normal thing in the world, "That's why I'm going to kill you. I don't want you anymore but I don't want you lovin' anyone else."

Kayla's heart convulsed. That hurt even though she wished it hadn't. But it didn't matter. He didn't matter. What mattered was surviving.

"God wouldn't want you to kill me." She quickly said, just as he raised the knife.

Donovan seemed to freeze before he smiled an eerily calm smile.

Think Kayla think!

Uh uh… 'Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.'"

Donovan's smile dropped. "Do not recite the bible! For I know that my heavenly Father shall forgive me. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

"I shall be forgiven."

Kayla's eyes widened. "You're insane!" What kind of sick psychotic person believes that?!

Donovan lowered his hand and stroked Kayla's cheek, ignoring the way she cringed at his touch.

Kayla's tears came back full force and she shuddered at his skin and the way the steel of the blade brushed against her cheek.

Once again raising the switchblade to strike Donovan whispered, "I love you, Kayla."

Kayla closed her eyes, waiting for the pain.

Take care of Mom and Dad, Kylie, She thought.


Just as Donovan began to swing down the knife, a loud bone shattering roar filled the air.

Kylie hadn't left. Grinning like mad she had followed her little sis and her boy toy into the woods hoping to catch them in the act.

And now here she was; bent down in the bushes videotaping them staring at each other. STARING AT EACH OTHER!

This porno is going to be terrible, Kylie thought dismayed. Just as she was about to put up her cell phone and head back to school they started kissing.

Snickering like mad Kylie stifled a laugh, aiming the camera phone, once again recording.

Alright, get down to the good stuff, she thought impatiently.

Most older sisters wouldn't videotape their younger sibling having sex but Kylie would. It would make one hell of a blackmail item! Muahawhawhaw!

Suddenly Kayla flew away from him, hurt, betrayal, and anger flashing in her eyes.

Forget the porno. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Kylie almost choked on her own spit when Kayla said Donovan had been cheating on her with Angela. That was a shocker.

Poor lil sis. I'm gonna shove battery acid down that red headed bitch's throat, throw her in a dumpster, push it off the cliff, and then blow up the cliff!

But her muscles froze when Kayla mentioned murder and then the tension was heavy.

Donovan sadistically stalked her little sister against a tree.

Kylie wanted to scream, to move, but she was frozen with shock and fear. All that she could think was: Run Kayla Run!

Anger filled her as he told Kayla he loved her while in the process of pre-murder.

If that's love he sure as hell has a fucked up way of showing it.

Three things happened simultaneously.

Kayla closed her eyes.

Donovan's knife was swinging towards her.

And a blistering tingle absorbed Kylie's body. Anger flooded her along with the fierce desire to protect Kayla.

Sensations danced across her skin and she could see her sight sharpening before her very eyes.

Her muscles poised and with almost cat like reflexes she sprang onto Donovan, screaming a very loud stream of profanities.

Kayla's eyes snapped open and she screamed.

A large sleek black panther pounced on Donovan, ripping him off of her, roaring.

Scared for her life Kayla just watched as they fought.

Donovan screamed, whether in anger or fear she couldn't tell, and tried slashing the panther with his switchblade but missed.

Hunter to prey, the great cat started circling Donovan, growling every few seconds as if yelling at him.

Kayla knew it was stupid but her muscles itched to help Donovan. Any regular person would have left him for dead but she couldn't. She just didn't have the heart to do that.

"Ge….g….get….ou…out of here!" She stuttered.

The cat turned its head and looked at her while growling. Its black eyes looked…intelligent, unlike an animal's. Almost human. And the cat was staring at her with a look in its eyes that clearly said: Are you stupid?

Using the distraction Donovan lunged for the preoccupied panther with an evil glint in his foreign eyes.

Kayla didn't know why but she suddenly found herself running in front of him, shielding the majestic cat with her body.

Sudden pain shot up her back as the silver slashed her skin tearing from her side to the opposite shoulder.

Blood seeped through the neon orange James High football shirt and she collapsed onto the animal, gripping its fur in pain.

The fur beneath her vibrated as the panther roared so loud there was no doubt the school, half a mile back, had heard it.

The soft animal beneath her suddenly vanished and she fell. Turning Kayla blurrily looked through her tears.

In a graceful arched leap the great cat landed on Donovan, plunging them to the ground. And swiped at him over and over, until blood matted the panther's paws.

Looking at where Donovan lay motionless Kayla's stomach lurched. His throat had been torn out and his head was hanging onto his body by only a last remaining tendon.

Panting heavily and with one last great swipe Donovan's head flew off his body, landing at Kayla's feet.

Screaming, Kayla hysterically fell back and started crawling away from Donovan's bloody unseeing face.


Her back hit a tree and she hugged her knees to her chest. She was far past hysteria.

In an attempt to calm herself down Kayla started murmuring 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' to herself.

When she was little she was scared of thunder, she still was but that's beside the point. Anyways, each time there was a storm her mom would rock her and sing that song.

The great animal panted but its heavy breathing ceased as it turned from the body and saw the blonde seventeen year old girl in a fetal position.

Pain flashed in its opaque eyes and it slinked cautiously towards Kayla. Coming to a stop in front of her the panther lifted a front paw and slowly stretched it to Kayla's face, as if to cup it.

As the black paw drew closer something happened.

Strings of gold and light weaved through the tip of the paw, following down the panther's body. Like shredding skin, fingers, human fingers, appeared.

The wave of light caught Kayla's attention.

Peeking through her tears Kayla saw light strings replace each and every strand of the panther's fur, the dissolve, leaving flesh in its place. Human flesh.

The naked girl's hand, once a large black paw, caressed the side of Kayla's face. Holy light illuminated the girl's body, an unfelt wind lifted her wild hair, and she smiled radiantly.

"K….Kylie?" Kayla choked, more sobs threatening to come.

The light that enveloped Kylie vanished and she nodded.

Choking a smile of relief Kayla threw her arms around Kylie and sobbed into her sister's shoulder.

Kylie awkwardly patted her on the back before the awkwardness grew too much. "Kayla I'm naked." She stated simply.

Kayla's eyes grew wide and she released her sister, trying not to look. Which was hard since Kylie looked pretty comfortable for someone being naked in a forest and all.

Grasping the edge of her shirt Kayla pulled the orange fabric over her head and handed it to Kylie. She didn't want anything to remember D-

Good thing I wore a tank top underneath today, Kayla pointed out, instantly redirecting her thoughts.

Grateful, "Thanks," Kylie shrugged on the shirt. She grimaced at its short length before unknotting the bunched up fabric. The shirt fell to her knees, covering up anything that was something even sisters should never share.

Kayla watched numbly as Kylie walked over to the headless body and grinned darkly. "Ha. I got your ass good, didn't I?" She whispered to the body.

With Kylie's comment Kayla's, now sluggish, brain put two and two together, finally.

Kylie's the panther. My sister's a cat, Kayla thought exasperated.

"How long?" For once Kayla's voice was steady, not wavering, not shy.

Turning to her sister Kylie knew what she had meant. With tired, hunched shoulders whispered, "Just today." "I didn't even know I was a panther until I went to touch you. When I looked down I saw a paw instead of my hand." Air appeared in front of her lips as she spoke.

Looking around Kayla noticed that it was twilight.

The dark looming trees casted shadows on the ground, the sky was darker, and fireflies blinked all around them.

Rubbing her arm nervously Kayla contemplated whether she should tell Kylie what happened to her. Compared to Kylie turning into an animal her 'whatever she did' seemed almost normal.

"I was curious about D-Do-his behavior and when I touched him…" Kayla trailed off, trying to find the right words to describe it. "…the answers playing in my head….like a movie."

Kylie opened her mouth to respond but another voice sounded.

"Interesting." Flashlights flickered across their faces and they both looked up to see Mrs. North, their principal.

Her pale skin shimmered oddly in the twilight, blonde hair down and wild, and green eyes that studied them.

Studying them.

Kayla noticed how Mrs. North's eyes never even so much as glanced at Donovan's body or decapitated head.

After a few seconds of silence ticked by with Mrs. North's eyes practically scanning them, she finally spoke.

"Oh yes you two have the gifts alright. I don't suppose you know how to prove them."

Stunned, Kayla couldn't help but to answer. She shook her head.

Kylie stiffened, probably waiting for Mrs. North to scream "murderer" while pointing a red beacon at her.

"Well I need proof to send you two."

Mrs. North's lanky legs gracefully glided around until she bent down and picked up a green and black cell phone.

Kayla looked at Kylie, accusation written in her expression.

Kylie, whose hands were clasped behind her back and who was also whistling, was the picture of innocence. If only she had a halo.

Pressing a couple of buttons Mrs. North watched the screen eagerly. Confusion. Disgust. Interest. Amusement. Excitement. Her face broke out into a smile as she dropped the phone and shook Kayla and Kylie's hands.

"Finally! I was beginning to think that this school was a dud and that I was wasting my time here!"

Kayla blinked, confused. All she could think was: What the hell?

Her older sister finally asked what they both were needing. Information. "Please……explain?"

Rolling her eyes Mrs. North, creepily, seemed and looked quite young. "My name is Gentle North and I am a wytch."


"Y not an I!" Gentle snapped, before continuing.

"Based on the video it looks as if Kylie Elaine Hawkins, you are a Shifter of the Cat Family of the Land House. And from what I heard you tell your sister," She turned to Kayla.

"you, Kayla Lin Hawkins, are a Physic."

Kayla was shocked. "I…" All the words in her head jumbled up incoherently.

"So she can see the future?" Kylie asked, speaking for her little sister.

Gentle laughed softly, "Oh Goddess'"


"no. That's Oracles. Physics are humans with an inhuman ability."

Her grassy green eyes spied straight into Kayla's soul. "It seems, though, you have a Physic ability unheard of."

Kayla's mind raced. She was unique. She'd never been unique before, just plain ole boring Kayla Hawkins.

Of course Kylie's mind, usually slow but now fast under pressure, was way ahead of Kayla's thoughts.

"Why are you telling us this?" Kylie asked, eyeing Mrs. North as if she was a traitor.

Gentle's entire face softened, she tucked a bleach blonde strand back behind her ear. "Because, I have to take you to Physc Academy."

Kayla giggled hysterically, fresh tears in her eyes. "My God we can't leave! The police will follow us! Kylie killed Donovan!" His name cut through her like a knife but she was far to gone in hysteria to notice. "…And I watched!"

"Pish-posh." Gentle snorted with a wave of her hand, annoyingly once again, rolling her eyes. "By tomorrow morning Mr. Donovan Clark will be up and fine."

Kylie half growled her words, glaring at their "principal", "I fucking beheaded him! He won't be fine, he's dead!"

Kayla wrapped her arms around her torso, and Kylie threw her an apologetic glance.

Gentle's green eyes simmered with inhuman power. "We Wytches are healers by nature. As long as you didn't physically damage the heart I can resurrect him." She said, like she was explaining it to a second grader for the thousandth time.

"Now I fucking wish I did." Kylie muttered under her breath.

Mrs. North stared at her, looking rather amused, before continuing. "Physc Academy will teach you the history, the works, the good, the bad, everything about your powers. But most importantly it teaches control."

Opening her palm revealed two bronze keys, one no doubt to her car. "Do you want control?" She baited.

"We'd leave immediately…" She whispered.

Kayla glanced at Kylie, who after a second squeezed her shoulder and walked to Mrs. North. She had chosen control.

Closing her eyes Kayla took a deep shaky breath.

Could she really abandon her family and friends all for the sake of controlling her newfound power?

The medium blonde teenager's feet stepped forward on their own accord. She opened her eyes to the beautiful sight of Mrs. North and her older sister smiling.

….Yes, she could.