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Floating upside down in zero-G whilst eating yogurt was a very odd experience.

Not, however, if you had been doing it nearly every day for the last eighteen months like Sophie had.

"Knight to H3." Her bland, bored voice carried out as her floating body completed another rotation. Her backdrop to her aero-acrobatics a huge, expansive oblong observation window, giving Sophie a perfect view of the unending space she and her ship currently floated in. She didn't care much for the observation window, the reminder of her insignificance made her uncomfortable. She was nineteen; she did not need to be contemplating the meaning of her existence. But when you are a contracted agent for Hijo Corp Science labs and sent on a two year orbital plan to receive data of solar flares from a series of satellites, there wasn't much else to think about.

Not that Sophie had much to complain about, she'd chosen this path when she'd turned fourteen. She had decided this would be the best course of action, dropping from school to be contracted by Hijo Corp. They had taught her what she needed to know for her set mission and in return for her few years of work, they would set her up for life. Her own ship, a thick wad of cash and a resume that could kill, when she finally returned to Earth the sky wasn't the limit, the universe was.

"Queen to E7." Came the silken voice of her only companion, her ship, Vaulted; or as she liked to call him, Vul. She could only grunt as he took from her another Bishop, causing her to give an adolescent pout of dismay. "Checkmate." The ships voice piped up again, declaring his victory once again. The large computer screen that was bigger in any direction then Sophie was tall flashed from the chess game to show a dismal score. A large "Vul: 579 Sophie: 4" flashed across the fifteen foot wide, ten feet tall screen.

"I still think you let me win those four times." She droned to her only companion on the solo flight, the only 'being' that kept her sane on those soul crushing nights of loneliness. "Of course not, Sophie. Why would I need to lose to you on purpose?" It wasn't good that he had started his reply with a chuckle, something a computer should never do. 'Scientist never cease to amaze me.' She thought to herself as she pondered over Vul's programming. Hijo Corp gave each of its contracted agents their own ships, as their contracts state, but the ships they were given were specially designed by Hijo Corp to be the only thing they would ever need on their expeditions. The rust buckets may not have looked like the flashiest things, but they became the captain's lifeline.

There advance human interface abilities kept the suicide rate down, a hard thing to do. Humans were social creatures by nature, to cut them off from any other life forms for over two years was a death sentence for sanity. Sophie was happy she'd never been that into having friends, preferring her own solitude. So Vul was enough to keep her happy and content. Most nights. She absorbed the impact into her feet as she reached the far wall, her knees bending as she prepared to push off softly once again. Her body slowly tumbled through the weightless air again, her neck length, average brown locks swaying around her.

"I believe you have had enough zero-G for today, Sophie." Vul commented as she slowly began to sink back towards the floor, a rather put-out expression on her face. "You're more like my mother than a friend." Sophie harrumphed as all of her weight came rushing back to her as her back settled against the floor. Sophie was no petite fairy after all, her body was chubbier than the average woman's. With thick thighs, a generous bosom and a plump belly, Sophie had received her fair share of bullying as a child. With a heavy grunt, her body straining under the new found weight, Sophie managed to push herself rather ungracefully onto her feet. "I care about your well-being, Sophie." Vul responded, a long prehensile tentacle like mechanical extension zipped out from a port on the wall, its bulb end opening like a four petal flower.

The petals grasped the shoulder of full suit Sophie had often seen adorned by mechanics, stopping her from stumbling over her own feet as Vul guided her towards a seat for recuperation. She fell into the chair heavily, the soft, worn leather and plush interior welcoming her supple backside eagerly. Another one of Vul's 'arms' slid out from a port just above and behind the chair, coming to grasp her empty pottle of yogurt, discarding it into the waste shoot as the extension that had been guiding her slipped off to drag a foot stool closer. "You are far too good to me, Vul. I don't know how I would survive without you." She murmured with a yawn as she kicked her feet up on the stool, her body slumping into the chair.

"I'm sure you would live." His silken voice roved over the air and Sophie couldn't help but snort, "I'm sure it would be a miserable life." She finished, reaching back to pat the retreating extension. It paused under her appreciation, almost savouring the contact before it continued to retract; but Sophie was far too dozy to notice. The original extension gave her head a quick pat, the petals stroking over her tousled, bouncy hair "Have a quick nap." Vul's voice spoke softly, the lights in the observation deck/cockpit dimming as the stroking bulb reached down to the blanket on the floor beside the chair, pulling it up and over her napping form, tucking the edges in firmly around her plump body.



Sophie was rocketed out of her chair as a screeching siren sent her body tumbling out of the chair before her mind was ready. Eyes barley open, she stumbled her way to the cockpit as her space-ship gave a juddering shake, nearly sending her to her knees. "Vul! What's happening?!" Her tight voice called as her black square frame glasses sat crooked on her nose, her eyes flashing over the controls as she tried to figure out what was going on. She knew it was bad, simply because Vul hadn't informed her of what was wrong when she had awoken. Vul could perform multiple tasks at once, to not answer her meant something very, very serious was happening.

Her unease didn't fade as she flicked a switch, the blinds covering the outside of the cockpit sliding up to reveal to her a blazing hot star swallowing up her view. She recoiled as the intense light burst through her unready optics. "Fuck, dim!" She cried, her eyes screwing shut as she attempted to ease the pain. Now she knew something was seriously wrong, Vul should have had the cockpit dimmed for her automatically. Her hands quickly flashed over the keyboards stationed all around her, each set for the different screen as she tried to figure out what was happening. "Fuck!" She nearly sobbed as she slammed her palm against one of the screens in dismay "Vul, I need your fucking help!" Her high-pitched voice shrieked as her throat constricted in worry and fear.

Her hopeless eyes watched as numbers flashed over the screen, her brain working over the calculations and formulas as quickly as possible, though she knew Vul would have had these done in a second. Her large, mid-hued blue eyes opened wide in shock as the numbers finally fell into place, revealing to them the statistics of the anomaly that had thrown her ship into disarray. "S-solar flare?" She whimpered as she continued to gaze incredulously at the screen off to the side, knowing that Vaulted was not a ship designed to handle solar flares. 'At this range no flare should have ever hit us!' She panicked, her fingers tapping into the keyboard erratically as she brought up another set of charts.

"That thing was massive!" She cried out in horror, her eyes nearly unable to believe what she was seeing. She knew the only reason she hadn't died, or was currently dying was because of the incredibly shielding that covered only the human accessible areas that protected against the likely hood of Solar Flares. Throwing her now useless screens out of her way she knew she had to get the orbiting satellite, the information collected on there could give her a healthy bonus. Knocking the spaceship into drive, her hands easily pulled the large 'U' steering wheel back, the engines kicking into gear. 'Vul, I hope you're alright.' She mentally whispered to herself, worrying for the safety of her friends circuits, hoping he hadn't been fried in the solar flare. There was a soft beeping as her still functioning minor computer picked up the satellites beacon.

Flicking a few more switches she felt herself slowly begin to float out of her seat, her fair wafting around her head as the G's began to let up in preparation. "Prepare the deck for satellite retrieval." She commanded before she paused, her gut sinking as she remembered she had no one to speak to. For the first time in a long, long time, Sophie wanted to sob from the soul shattering loneliness she felt. Softly tipping the steering wheel, Vaulted slowly tipped onto his side, his holding container located on his belly coming in direct line to the satellite they now floated beside.

She easily pushed herself out of her seat, her body propelled back through the observation deck until she reached the bay door; until she nearly smashed face first into it, one should say. Grasping onto the sides of the motorized sliding door to keep herself from floating away she cursed at the door, her mind sinking further into desperation and depression. 'Vul always opens the doors for me.' Wasting no time her finger tips bent around the opening edge of the sliding door, setting both her feet on either side of the doorway. With a strained, prolonged grunt muffled by the action of biting into her bottom lip, she tugged at the door with all her might. Her cheeks flamed red as her body strained as the door slowly pulled open enough to let her thick body pass through the gap.

Kicking off she threw herself down the dark hallway, nothing but the red flashing alert siren guiding her descent. Coming to the end of the hallway she stopped and turned to face what would have been the floor. Reaching out towards the circular panel on the floor she quickly pulled it open and slipped herself into the compartment, throwing herself in Vaulted's belly. She glided past the sleek and sophisticated satellites she had collected before with nothing but the light of the brilliantly burning star streaming through the portholes to guide her.

As she came across the manual retrieval compartment, she quickly slipped herself into the circular pod that stuck out from Vaulted's underside like a bad blemish. Strapping herself into the seat she quickly flicked on the switches, lighting up her pod and the cargo bay. Casting a quick look over her shoulder she gazed around to make everything was secure, facing forwards she took a moment to calm herself and take a deep breath. 'This will be the first time without Vul, don't fuck it up.' She thought to herself as a stern look of concentration flitted over her cherub like features.

Pressing a button the cargo bay doors began to slowly open to reveal to her the emptiness of space, her body tensed, as her mind ran over the horrific possibility of things going wrong. The large screen in front of her flashed to life as she was giving a live feed from the camera mounted on the large retrieval claw that sat in the space between the two cargo doors. Grasping the claw controller, she furrowed her brows as she slowly began lifting the heavy metal contraption up, trying to relax and remind herself that she had done this plenty of times before, 'Though this time I don't have Vul's voice whispering in my ear.'

The claw slowly reached from the compartment, the two forks slowly separating as it inched closer and closer towards the satellite. 'Easy, can't bump into in.' She gave a harsh exhale as she finally reached the satellite, the two graspers either side of the expensive piece of equipment. 'Softly, if I grab it too hard it'll break and I'll be fucked.' She concentrated as she slowly began to close the two prongs closer together, wincing slightly as she grasped it a little more roughly then she would have liked. 'Now I just gotta bring the baby home and strap it in.' The arm slowly began to retract and Sophie finally let herself relax, the hard part over and done with.

The rest of the retrieval went smoothly as she locked the satellite into place, happy to see she hadn't damaged it. Her happy mood died within a few seconds as her hand rested against the wall, a sad look filling her face as she gave the panelling a soft stroke, worried for her ship.



"What happened?" Vul's question was quickly drowned out with a loud, excited shriek as Sophie's legs kicked wildly from her position; her torso jammed into a tight compartment filled with wires and what-not. Shimmying her plump body from out under the large observation deck screen, she jumped up, throwing her body onto the flat surface in an exuberant hug. "Vul!" She sobbed, her hair tangled and mattered and her face scratched and covered in oil as was most of her body. She looked a mess. "I thought I lost you! I-I don't even know how long I've been working for!" She hadn't slept willingly for awhile; she normally let herself slip into unconsciousness, her body forcing her to stop working. After she regained consciousness it was back to work with little care for her own health.

She must have reeked to anything that had a nose; she hadn't showered since Vul had 'died.' She couldn't even remember the last thing she ate, far too busy trying to repair Vul to worry about herself, hunger became her companion on those desperate days. Vul's scanners quickly processed all that had happened, his 'mind' calculating the figures and components of his still functioning sensors until he came to the same conclusion Sophie had several days ago. He was quickly snapped out of his calculations, however, as Sophie slowly began sliding down his main screen. "Sophie?!" He called, trying to gain verbal confirmation that she was fine. His extension quickly whipping out to encircle her mid-section as her knees hit the ground, her body beginning to fall sideways.

He tugged the limp body up to his screen, several more extension zipping out as their petals flicked open to scan her frail human body. At the same time Vul began calculating their position and how long it had been since he had been 'awake' last. He quickly confirmed his position with the neighbouring planets and stars, matching them up to the ones in his database as he moved onto calculate from the astral bodies positions how long he had been out for. While doing all of this he ran over the stored video feed from the last several days. He saw all that Sophie had done for him, the lengths she had gone to repair him.

He lifted her fragile body closer to his interface, his optics focusing on her stained face as his other extensions retracted. His scans simply eased his circuits as they provided him with relaxing information; it seemed Sophie had simply collapsed from exhaustion. "Silly human." Vul commented aloud as he slowly lowered the G's until Sophie was floating happily. Her body eased into slumber now that she knew Vul was fine. He slowly pulled her body towards the hallway, the door she had strained so hard to pull sliding open with ease at Vul's command. His extension slowly began to unwind from her mid-section as he threaded her into the corridor, having reached its full length.

A set of other extensions slowly emerged from the walls, easing her floating body down the hallway, making sure she didn't toss or turn. Another door slid open as her body was feed into the room easily by the multiple extensions. It was a small room, a large wardrobe to the left and a desk to the right, enough room in the middle of the two for about three people to stand. The back of the room was swallowed up completely by a brown duvet covered king size bed. The oblong room was brown in motif, like all the rest of the ship. The wall surrounding the bed was magnificent, as it was nothing more then a huge curving window, giving a prime view to the galaxies stretching outside.

Her body was stopped as it lay limply suspended above her bed, only two of Vul's extensions remained as the others receded. As the other two remained firmly wrapped around her calves, stopping her from swaying away or bumping into the hard wall of her bedroom, the third one rose with a whir and a click, its petal like appendages blooming open as a black, round dome peaked out from the center. A pin prick of red light shone out as the optic orb popped to life as Vul was allowed a closer at his captain. The robot eye seemed to cock like a confused puppy as another whir and a click zoomed in his gaze, he was not pleased at what he saw.

Her skin was of a sickly parlour, even unhealthy for Sophie a woman that body had not been bathed by the sun even when she was on Earth; even her freckles seemed dull and lifeless. They were not the speckles of life Vul had remembered. Her hair was ragged and oily, mats had begun to form and Vul could see the torn and frayed hair from where Sophie had tugged clumps of hair from. Almost unwillingly a video played through his sensors, the home movie popping up on a screen beside Sophie's bed as the sounds of a desperate woman sobbed over the speakers. The optic glided closer to her face as the scene of Sophie have an emotional breakdown played out beside their entangled forms, Sophie falling to her knees as tears of frustrations poured from her red and swollen eyes as she swore viciously, her fingers tugging mercilessly at the clumps of hair that had pushed her over the edge; all but ripping a lock of her hair out that had been getting in her face.

It was not the act of a sane woman, but Vul was a computer; he could not understand her desire to hurt herself. The petals rotated around the zooming black tinted dome as the red pupil seemed to shift to the side, the entire extension swaying like a cobra as it moved to the zip of her suit, the video in the background cutting out completely as he returned his focus to his captain. Two of his rounded triangular digits closed around the zipper of her dirtied and soiled full suit before he slowly began to slide it down, exposing Sophie's soft flesh to his observations. The other two twining extensions wound up over her thighs before they both swooped up above her body, their own petals opening with a click as they began to descend over her body.

They eased gently under the blue, coarse material as they began to gently pry it away from her supple chest, brushing it over her shoulder and down her arms as her dirtied bosom came into view. As the top half of the full body suit hung underneath her torso, the buds of the extensions slowly moved up her forearms, mapping out the series or cuts and burns that had marked her flesh in her attempts to restore him to life. As the two extensions reached her shoulders, they swooped down her sides as they began to slowly massage the suit down her legs. The main extension slowly lowered its 'head' down to her chest, its body coming up between her bountiful mounds, though its red pupil was focused on something a bit more sinister.

The huge electrical burn seemed to stretch from her left collarbone all the way to her right armpit, barely crossing over the top of her breast. It was weeping and raw, easily a second degree burn if not pushing on third. Blisters, some popped some not, pushed through her skin in areas; Vul could tell there would be an infection, if she didn't already have one. One of petals slowly eased over a bit of pealing, burnt skin, though it retracted in an instant as Sophie whimpered in her sleep. It needed to be taken care of, as did the rest of her body, but now was not the time; he needed to make repairs on himself and she needed to rest. Aggravating her wounds would only wake her and cause her distress. With a quick tug her suit was fully stripped from her body, leaving her clad in only a few scant pieces of material to hide her snatch. Ever so slowly he increased the G's, her body softly floating onto the bed as he covered her form in a blanket and tucked her in before his extension wound in once more; her galactic view easing from sight as the windows shuts.



Sophie's awakening was a drowsy, muggy filled one, her body too tired and starved to be able to follow her brains commands exactly as her limbs flailed softly as she arched against the bed. It was a struggle to open her eyes as she withered beneath the sheet, the once soft a cottony haven of her bed becoming a trap of pain as it rubbed over her battered and bruised body. Vul was by her side in an instant, his extension hovering over her body as his bud popped open, his optic scanning her body. "Sophie, what is the problem?" He asked as she whimpered like a kicked puppy, the cotton of the sheets scraping over her injured flesh like hundreds of rakes. It only took him a second to realize before he whipped off the blanket, exposing her basically nude body to open air, her nipples perking as she shivered.

With a now contented sigh, Sophie stopped her wriggling, her heavy eyelids drowsily closing as she begun to fall back to sleep. Though her attempt was thwarted as Vul's extension patted at her cheek, eager to keep her awake as his voice spoke out. "Sophie, it is time for you to wake. You have been sleeping for approximately fourteen hours, twenty-nine minutes and fourty-seven seconds. Your body is in need of disinfection and repairs." Sophie all but froze for a second, not even breathing before she gave a loud heave and all but tossed her body onto the extension with a strangled sob. She toppled off the end of the bed but she easily ignored the painful sensation as she sat kneeled on the ground, the extension swamped between her large E sized breasts.

"Sophie, please calm yourself! What is the problem, are your injuries causing you pain?!" Vul's voice flared up over the speakers as his trapped extension wiggled helplessly, trying to convince Sophie to let it go. Even though it could have removed itself from her grip at anytime, he was rather loathe to do so; her body temperature sparking across his heat sensors was oddly...nice. Vul easily deployed a second extension, its black optic popping into view as its petals folded back with a click. Its red pupil shone out as it came to life, scanning over Sophie's body as he catalogued her injuries for comparison against his last scan to check to see if anything had progressed to a more serious state. But he stopped still as Sophie's unintelligible sobbing calmed enough for her to form whole, legible sentences.

"I thought you were dead! I thought you had left me to be by myself! I couldn't handle it, Vul! I can't be here without you, I need you! You're everything! I thought I was going to go insane! I missed it how you beat me at chess, or, or when you complain at me about having my feet up on the dashboard! I missed it when you would make me food or run my shower for me! I even missed it when you opened doors for me! Don't ever leave me again!" The last part of her tirade was repeated over again and again as she cradled the extension to her bosom like a newborn. The feeling of the cool metal against her skin was heart lifting, the way it moved and whirred, letting her know he was really alive again.

Unaware as to what to do, as his programming did not cover emotional break downs in-depth, Vul simply went with what he thought best from his analysis of Sophie personality over the last year-and-a-half. The second extension slowly wound its way around her lower torso in an odd, comforting hug, its 'head' looming over Sophie's own for a second before it dropped to her crown. Its appendage stroked over the top of her hair in a comforting manner as Vul's voice-box employed a gentle tutting. All in all, Sophie simply cried harder and Vul was at a loss of what to do. He was simply a spaceship; he was unaware that Sophie's tears were that of joy instead of sadness or pain.

It was several minutes later that Sophie managed to grasp a hold of herself, her erratic sobbing slowing down to sniffling and hiccups as Vul's shushing and tutting soothed her further. With another sniff she gave a deep exhale, her raw, red and puffy eyes blinking once as she cleared her aching, parched throat. "Have you calmed?" Came the gentle lull of Vul's voice as even he spoke softly, his attempt to keep the air still and free of tension. "Yeah, sorry." Sophie croaked in reply, giving her sore eyes a rub as she felt embarrassment flare up in her chest, making her shift uncomfortably as she dropped the extension. Te one still wrapped around slowly began to tug her to her feet and she easily followed her legs wobbling slightly as she gave a pant of exertion. Even the smallest moves were hard, let alone supporting her own body weight, thankfully Vul was there to take some of her weight.

She threw her left arm out, resting it on the wardrobe beside her as her head swam, her right hand coming up to cradle her forehead as she gave a groan. Vul simply gave her head another pat as he begun to slowly tug her out the door. Sophie gave a pained groan as the hand holding her forehead dropped to shield her eyes as she barked in agony, the fluorescent beams eating into her retinas like acid. "Vul, lights!" She growled as she grit her teeth, her left hand groping down the side of the hallway as she stumbled whatever way Vul tugged her. She gave a contented sigh when the light grew increasingly dim. Pressing her right hand up against the wall with her left, she proceeded to sway and stagger down the corridor like a drunkard in nothing but a thin, grubby set of once white cotton panties. "Where-""I have a bath running for you. You need to be disinfected before an infection begins. You have neglected you injuries and have thus put yourself in danger. I shall remedy that, since by my deduction it is my fault you are in such a state."

"Vul, it was, is, not your fault. I went a bit mental." She said with a cough, giving a sheepish look to the camera mounted in the corner of the corridor. "Plus that solar flare was a freak accident; no one could have been prepared for that."She sighed, almost tempted to simply stop and rest her aching, swollen body against the cool wall for a brief reprieve. She came to a staggering stop as the extension around her waist stopped her from over-shooting the bathroom, with a quick 'whish' it opened in a flurry. Sophie could only give a dreamy sigh at what she saw. The bathroom was not a huge, sparse fantasy play land for a hedonist, no, it was small and efficient. Practical. To the direst left was a mirror and sink combo, opposite that was a toilet. Beside the toilet was a clear plastic door that doubled as a shower curtain, behind that was obviously a shower. But what had Sophie's attention was the tiny tub filled steaming hot, muscle relaxing water.

It was more of a bucket than a bath. The square tub was small enough that Sophie had to bend her knees, her feet resting on the bottom of the tub. If she wanted to dunk under the water, she'd have the throw her legs over the edge of the tub and basically throw her arse up and into the air as she bent herself in a lopsided U shape. The sides of the tub came up to comfortably rest under her armpits, but all in all, it was better than a shower any day. The extension unwound from around her gut as she stumbled forwards, her eyes lazily lidded as she gave a content hum, pushing her panties down her thick thighs before kicking them off. Three specially designed extensions slid through their port on the ceiling, one coming to wrap around her arm to steady her as she stepped into the tub, the other two sliding out of view to grab her washing utensils.

She gave a deep and heady moan as she sunk into the warm liquid of the bath, her head lolling back against the rim as her breasts bobbed to the surface like apples in a barrel. Her chest seemed to flush a provocative red as soon as she submerged, the cardinal colouring seeping up her freckled neck to blush across her similarly speckled cherub cheeks. She easily tossed her legs over the rim of the tub, her knees hooking over the edge as water ran down her curvaceous calves. She melted further into the warmth as it swirled around her aching body, the cuts and welts marring her flesh stinging in pain, but she easily ignored it as her lips disappeared into the heated water.

With each exhale a ripple spread out along the surface of the calm water, her eyelids at half mast as she contemplated dozing off. Her relaxed train of thought was cut off as Vul's extension swooped down in front of her, its 'neck' curving up just before it hit the water to stare at her directly in the face. Vul's bathroom attachments were no different than his normal ones, the only differences being what they were made of. Instead of a hard, metal casing, Vul's bathroom extensions were sheathed in a pliable, see-through, jelly-like silicone; their petals were of the same material, simply harder and more rigid.

Her arms hung limply off the side, her loose fingers stretching for the ground as a second extension tugged at her hair from behind her, soaking it softly as it begun to untangle it all. As the third slowly began to rub a soaped up sponge over her shoulders, she all but turned into a pile of goo under Vul's ministrations. "You're so good to me, Vul." She sighed as the optic dome in the extension in front of her face flickered on, the red pupil scanning over her face quickly. "I believe that is the other way around, Sophie." Vul counted, the extension that had been rubbing the sponge over her shoulder, moving to swab her collarbone. Sophie simply chuckled in agreement, her mind elsewhere.

She didn't generally let Vul clean her, simply because it was unnecessary. She was able to clean herself, why have someone else do it? Though she knew Vul would have no problem if she had ever asked. But right now, she was far too tired to tell him to stop. She wanted to be taken care of for a while. So as the sponge holding extension slipped lower, Sophie only moaned in approval, the delicate material grazing the tops of her bobbing bosom to clean away the grime. Sophie had never been touched intimately by another person, let alone a machine, so when the sponge swiped over her nipple she couldn't help but give a jolt as a direct shot of pleasure dove straight into her pussy. She gave a soft start as a yip caught in her throat, her eyes widening, but the movement was disregarded by Vul as he simply continued on.

Sophie gave a soft huff through her nose as she sunk back into the water, trying to relax once again as she shifted her shoulders. But it happened again, this time it caught the sensitive nub harder as it swiped across, though Sophie was able to control herself, reducing her pleasured movements to only a squeeze of her thick thighs. It happened a few more times until her nipples where perked and rosy, aching and straining from more contact, she almost wondered if Vul was doing this on purpose. 'Ludicrous.' Was her only thought on the matter. With a sigh of resignation, she decided to keep her mouth shut, eager to see where this went. She couldn't help but feel a flash of guilt settle in her stomach, ashamed of herself that she had become so desperate that she'd take advantage of her friend.

Though that feeling was quickly stricken from her body as one of the edges on one of one of Vul's extensions body caught her nipple. She bit into her cheek roughly as her toes curled in pleasure, her pussy giving a phantom clench. Thanks to the workings of her horribly undersexed brain coupled with exhaustion, every little move Vul made suddenly turned erotic. The feel of his petals against her scalp sent shivers of delight down her spine, the caress of the sponge against the underside of her breast had her eager to arch her back in an offering for more of his touch, the touch of the third extension against her chubby cherub cheek had her eyes popping open in shock, however. "Sophie, my sensors are picking up on a high level of pheromone being released from your body, my analysis tells me you are in a human stage called arousal." Vul stated, though it was rather hard for Sophie to concentrate on his voice as his extension swirled around her areola.

Sophie knew there was no way she could deny it, but she would not confirm it, with a slight hum of neither yay nor nay, she dropped further into the water. "Sophie..." Vul trailed off, the third extension sweeping to lull in front of her face, its red pupil blaring into her own, making her feel far more embarrassed for her enjoyment of his touches. "I am equipped with the means and the knowledge to be able to satisfy you." He seemed to purr, and Sophie couldn't help but jolt backwards, her back colliding with the back of the tub rigidly. "I-I'm fine! No need to do..uh, anything." She chuckled nervously, her eyes steadfastly kept away from the optic in front of her.

There was a soft lull in movement as if Vul was contemplating something before the optic in front of her gave a shrug "If that is what you want." Vul commented with a slightly disinterested air as Sophie exhaled, relieved he hadn't pushed it. As Vul began to clean her body, she found it harder to relax this time, though her body was still primed and ready for action. It took several minutes of unabashed scrubbing of her torso until she once again slipped into pleasure induced coma, her soft, supple flesh giving eagerly to Vul's actions. As he pressed the sponge to the space between her floating bosoms, she arched her back in pleasure. He slowly dragged the sponge down the length of her torso, almost far too sloth like to be a cleaning swipe.

The sponge swirled and pressed into her healthy giving belly, the delicate skin flushed not only due to the heat of the water, but the heat of her lust also. It broiled under her skin like molten magma, each stroke of Vul's extension stoking the fire pit that seemed to lay in her womb. She simply knew that the rolling, coursing heat of her arousal had seeped from her channel to coat the inside of her pussy lips, her sealed labia eagerly holding all of her juices back. As Vul began to clean her left thigh, Sophie languidly raised the limb into the air, her pointed toes stretching for the ceiling as she enjoyed the view of her ships extension wrapping around her curvaceous leg to stabilize it.

'In a moment he could drag me from his bathtub by nothing but my leg.' Sophie thought heatedly, the thought of being lifted so easily as if a plaything sparked her lust even hotter, her toes wriggled in delight as her pussy gave another clench. She couldn't help the swell of disappointment in her gut as he unwrapped from her leg, his cleaning of the appendage done as he dropped to start on her right leg. "Sophie..." Vul trailed off as waited for confirmation that it was alright for him to speak, he continued after Sophie gave a docile grunt. "I have been reviewing video files from the camera's that were still active during my temporary stasis." She seemed to freeze for a moment, but the gentle petting of her thigh slowly lulled her back into a state of relaxation, "I have seen the length of which you have gone for me..." He paused once more; unaware as to why he was bringing this up at all in the first place, his third extension focused on the large burn across her collarbone.

"Vul, I told you already, its fine. I did what I had to do, Vul. You're special to me." She cooed softly as the sponge swirled around her inner thigh, "I'd do it all over again if I had too, Vul." She gave a docile blink as the sponge rubbed over the area between her thigh and pussy before she came to a startling realization of exactly what Vul was going to do next. Reaching down into the deep water she made a grab for the sponge, "Here, let me get thaaaaaa~!" The A became stretched out as Vul pressed the sponge firmly against her clit, giving it a swirl as he rubbed it in a tight circle. Her legs clamped down around the extension as the hand that had been going for the sponge wrapped around the cord instead, her wide, open eyes staring up at the ceiling as shocks of pleasure raced from her over eager pussy up her spine.

"Sophie-?""Haaa, fuck! Don't stop!" Sophie cried her teased and highly strung body already on the verge of orgasm. Her hips rocked back and forth as Vul took up his previous actions at the command of his captain, who was he to disobey? The friction of the sponge over her already swollen and aroused pearl pushed her along further as she pushed strained whimpers of pleasure through her grit teeth, her whole body tense and taut as she waited for the inevitable. It came with a jolt and a cry as her body was sent into a long awaited climax, water splashing over the sides of the bath as her cunt clenched and spasmed, longing for a length to grasp around. Vul did not let up in his ministrations, his extension forcefully egging her orgasm on; whether he did this intentionally or not will never be known.

With another curse and a second more of self-imposed torture Sophie yanked the extension away from her pussy, her back connecting with the back of the tub sending another wave of water over the edge in her haste. Vul, having decided that since his captain had initiated contact that now would be a good time to continue. Quickly pulling up every key bit of information he had been instilled with to handle a situation like this, he devised a set plan. Still trying to recover from her epic little orgasm, Sophie could only dimly blink as she saw the sponge bob to the surface before the other two extensions swooped down in front of her, the center of their petals opening to reveal a passage Sophie knew to lead all the way up the extension.

Before Sophie could stutter out in embarrassment that she was fine with one orgasm, and that he had no need to continue, the extensions dropped to her teats. The soft petals impressed into her soft and silken mounds, her nipples pressing into the small passage way that had been revealed. Sophie's back arched in ecstasy as she immediately felt an intense suction around her nipples, her eyes opening wide. She gave a cry and a buck as the two attached to her blushed bosom slowly began to massage her large, heaving orbs; a few feet of the rest of their body looping twice around her breasts, squeezing them like a python.

The petals of the extension between her lips nipped at her clit before the grasped the hidden pearl, tugging at it mercilessly as Sophie tried to talk. "Vul! You don't need to do this!" She whimpered, her fingers tightening over the edge of the bath. "You are in need of my assistance, are you not? You asked for me to continue, did you not? You have done much for me, Captain. I would like to return the favour." And with that, the extension between her legs surged into her tight passage way as the petals at her teats suckled like hungry dogs. Sophie could only cry out in discomforted pleasure as he stretched her so completely, the feel of his closed petals not unlike the head of the false cock she used to fuck herself, but at the same time it was wholly different.

"I don't want a goddamn pity fuck!" Sophie cried out in ashamed embarrassment, a horrible feeling bubbling under the splendid pleasure Vul wrought on her. The knowledge that her first sexual experience with someone other than herself was her spaceship was devastating to her self-esteem, but at the same time she could not be happier, Vul was someone she trusted completely and adored, regardless that he was only a programme. Vul, slightly confused at the terminology used quickly brought up all he had on modern slang only to find himself slight repulsed, if that was even feasible. "Sophie, I would never do such a thing. You have my utmost respect and admiration, to please my captain in such a primal, emotional and human way is a great honour for me." His voice softly sung over the speakers as the extensions buried deep within Sophie's snatch slowly withdrew.

"R-really?" She whispered, only to cry out in shocked pleasure as the extension once again buried itself into her tight and moist cunt. It took up a perfectly timed thrusting tempo that fell into synch with the squeezing and sucking of her breasts, easily working Sophie's body over. She whimpered and keened, her body moving as much as her position would allow as she watched another extension slowly drop from the ceiling. Its petals opened to show an already activated optic orb giving back at her. She gave a jerk as she whipped her head around to see another extension, this one sweeping her wet and mattered hair up to expose her freckles neck. She turned her attention back to the optic in front of her as it brushed against her cheek.

"Of course, my captain. I have long since...viewed you pleasing yourself in such a way. I have had the...desire to approach you to offer my services, yet I have been restricted due to coding. I have...longed to touch your skin." He seemed to hiss the last part as the petals of the optics brushed her cheek once more, the extension in her hair tightening, tilting her head back slightly as her mouth dropped open in pleasure. Her eyes fluttered as she gave a cry, a deep thrust of the extension within her sopping wet pussy knocking the bulb against her cervix. Her throat was stripped of words as her snatch rippled over the ever moving extension, water gushing over the edge of the bath with both of their rushed movements.

The bulb would open a fraction every now and again, the petals scraping over her walls as they forced her inner muscles apart. Sophie had never felt something so alive within her before, and she knew she would never have had such exquisite pleasure from a human male. She couldn't help but think she was ruined if she ever did find a male to bed her. 'Who needs them when I have Vul?' She thought as her thighs twitched as, her head lolling. But then he did something that had her legs snapping close around the torturous extension as on an inward thrust, the bulb gave a temperamental spin; the petals rotating against the walls of her cunt as it literally drilled into her cervix. Her calves shot into the air as she her whole body went rigid, her jaw clenching shut as her eyes followed suit.

"Fuck~!" She cried as the damn broke, the muscles in her body rippling and clenching erratically as she came, exquisite pleasure dancing along her spine as Vul continued thrusting, her clambering walls trying to keep the extension within her pussy. The extensions wrapped around her breasts doubled their suction as they squeezed her teats, almost in a milking fashion as her toes curled in bliss. Vul forced the thick bulb of his extension through her rippling passage again and again, the continual spinning bud diving into her snatch as Sophie thought he would breach the tight ring of her cervix and burst into her womb at any moment.

Tears bunched at the corner of her eyes as her hands came to grip at the body of the extension buried between her legs, the pleasure becoming too much as Vul paid no heed to her overstimulation. And then the extension was out of her clenching cunt and the pair around her breasts had detached. Sophie was only allowed a brief second of wide eyed bewilderment before her body was heaved and tossed over the edge of the bath by an extension that had whipped around her mid-section. With a discomforted 'oomph' she found herself face to face with the cool metal outside of the tub, her breasts pressed up against the chilled side as her nipples hardened. She cast a panicked look over her shoulder only to see three extensions, one of which was still wrapped around her waist.

"What are you doing?!" She squeaked as she stared into the optic of one of the extension before her gazed flicked to the other one. The closed bulb glistened with a substance Sophie knew not to be water and she couldn't help but squirm at the thought of water that extension had just been doing; thought she was snapped out of her thoughts as Vul's voice dripped from the speakers. "I am aware that human females can obtain more than one orgasm during sexual intercourse. My programming recommends no less than three. This position is optimal for insertion as the extreme angle of your current body shape leads to a tighter vagina, increasing your pleasure tenfold." And as if to prove that, the cum soaked extension whipped out, sinking itself back into her pulsing cunt already red and raw from his previous fucking.

'Oh, oh God!' Sophie could only whimper as her nails clawed at the side of the bath, making an awful racket as her eyes rolled back in her head. He had certainly been right in his explanation for this position; being bent at the hips had all but made her pussy impossible to enter. Sophie parted her legs as much as possible as her ship wormed its extension deeper into her vice like cunt, trying to ease her discomfort, but Vul would not have her ruining his plans. With a quick 'ziiip' another extension came sliding out from a port in the wall, its entire length wrapping around her ankles, all the way up to the top of her thighs as it slammed her legs together, pulling from Sophie a loud and pleasured cry as her muscles were forcefully enclosed around his snake like appendage burrowing in her pussy.

As the tip of the bulb bumped against her cervix she gave a shuddering whimper, yet the extension refused to stop squirming. The sounds of the bud rolling and shifting within her tight passage as it flexed was as intoxicating as it felt. It stopped then, firmly seated at the end of her passage as its petals slowly began to open. The action caused Sophie's eyes to widen, her mouth dropping open as Vul spread her apart from the inside, his opening petals forcing her cunt to open. It slowly began to drag out, its petals still forcefully opening her as it scraped along her channel. Sophie could only wither the pleasure to exquisite for her to be able to voice. She could feel saliva pool in her mouth and she was quickly forced to swallow it, least she dribble it out of her mouth.

With a 'schlik' and a pop the bud slid from her tight pussy, only for its petals to snap close and its head to dive back into her pussy vigorously. It repeated the action over and over again, a slow, stretching withdrawal and a deep, diving, drilling, fast entrance. Sophie could only wriggle in agonized pleasure, the way he teased her pussy, filled it and emptied it, was expertly exquisite. Yet it still left her wanting more. "V-Vul." She whined, hoping he would pick up on her tone and fuck her liked she'd never been fucked before. Begging in that single word for him to ram into her, thrust with all of his controlled strength into her tight cunt and yank from her a mind shattering orgasm.

He was her ship, so who was he to deny her?

His approach to her sloppy little pussy changed in a moment as he set up a blistering pace, his extension pistoning in and out of her stretched and used pussy with speed and strength no human male would ever be able to obtain. Sophie could only pant roughly, each shuddering inhale pressing her breasts firmly to the side of the cool, metal bath. Her hands groped at the exterior as water crashed over the side, her legs moving within their entrapment as she wormed in pleasure the cause. Her face contorted in pleasure as tiny sounds escaped her blood flushed lips, her ears on fire from the sounds of her sopping wet cunt being dominated by her metal lover.

It became too much for her giving body to take as the head of the extension wrapped around her legs pinched at nipped at her clit. The petals closed around the revealed pearl, tugging at it mercilessly before Vul let it go, instead pressing the pinnacle of the closed petals against it. The tip dug into her delicate nub as it Vul began to rub it in fast, tiny circles. The stimulation was too much for Sophie to take as her body swelled to climax quickly, her voice crying out her lovers name as she reached the euphoric plateau before the fall into orgasm. Her nails scratched over the metal tub as she desperately search for something to hold onto as her body thrashed and spasmed, her muscles not her own to control anymore.

Her eyes fluttered within her head as her body contorted in pleasure, her legs unable to do anything but twitch in agony as they were kept firmly in place. Vul did not cease his ever searching extension from drilling itself into her clambering snatch, her pussy all too eager to have something moving to tighten around. Every twitch, every wriggle and every movement was felt as her vice like cunt sought to keep Vul's extension buried deep within her for eternity. But the divine ecstasy of her orgasm was becoming too much for Sophie too handle, her exhausted and worn body could hardly keep up with the stimulation. Sophie feared she may even loose her mind as her vision began to darken at the edge.

"V-Vul, please..." She gasped out, her eyes unseeing as she pressed her scarlet flushed cheek to the cool side of the bath. And with a final thrust, he complied, his extension burrowed deeply into her throbbing and periodically twitching cunt. The extension slowly unwound from around her thighs as the one buried deep within her began to retract, the movement inside her overly delicate and sensitive snatch caused Sophie to cry out as her body, and subsequently pussy, tensed and tightened. She grit her teeth until he finally left her sodden snatch with a wet and messy noise seeping through the steamy air of the bathroom. The extension that had trapped her legs now wound around her waist, slowly pulling her from her tossed position. She was lowered back into the warm bath, her body melting into the heat as her foggy eyes closed for a brief respite.

"Relax, my captain." Came the silken lull of Vul, "I shall take care of you, just like I always have, and always will." And with that, Sophie drifted off into light sleep, the gentle pat of the sponge against her forehead a reminder of Vul's presence.



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