I saw you die in so many forms;

You were burned for all your sins,

And poisoned for having all those sins.

They didn't stop there, for they had no mercy.

They drowned you in water, when you couldn't swim

And let you die to mercy.

It was sad to see they ways in which you were tortured,

Beaten and killed to death.

I still see you in my dreams, smiling at me

For something you know but I don't.

You were there for me in every way possible

That I couldn't possibly reciprocate

In any human way.

You were the peace, even in death.

I knew you weren't human from the first time I saw you

But you didn't care that I knew.

I was that special person for you.

You had me, and I you.

Without each other, we were nothing

And you knew this, but didn't mind it.

I minded it, but you made sure I was taken care of.

Now that you're gone, I don't know what to do.

But the recurring dreams about you keep sending me messages

About something. What are you trying to say?

You don't talk, but show me parts of something-

A message of some kind.

I trust you completely

And will follow you till death.

I know you are truly dead,

But soon I'll follow you

To the ends of the world.

For you are special; an angel to me

To others; a dangerous being called a vampire.

But you'll always be something more; my mate.