'What are you writing on your hand? Your name?'

Ha. No.

I wish I had just written my name on my hand though,

But nope I had written two words.

Do not.


These things in my mind:

Do not call.

Do not text.

Do not eat.

Do not cry.

Do not cut.

Do not scream.

Do not sob.

Do not whisper their (and/or) her name at night.

Do not let them see you fall.

Do not forget how to smile and laugh.

Do not write reasons to live.

Do not forget that promise you made.

Do not write.

Do not swallow your pride.

Do not make a scene.

Do not start a fight.

Do not look depressed.

Do not look gay.

Do not may gay jokes around prudes/straights/Bible Beaters.

(They'll kill you with c/rude comments and stares)

Do not blush when people ask if you like/read/write yuri

Or yaoi

But do not lie.

[Just avoid the question]
Do not pray.

Do not preach.

Do not silently scream in your mind when someone pisses you off.

Do not hit people.

Do not hug people.

Do not show your scars to the world.

Do not answer when someone ask if you're okay or if somethings wrong.

Do not answer not matter what-Or if you have to just say 'It's nothing'

(And if they keep pestering you keep replying with 'It's just stuff.)

Do not dance in your room in the dark.

Do not go to dances and dance with only girls.

(They'll think you're a lesbo...)

Do not yell at your brother.

Do not walk into your moms room while you're crying and ask her to just hold you.

Do not take more then two asprin when you have a headache or a stomach ache or whatever.

Do not eat so much.

(Your mom commented on that today-Fat ass.)

Do not stay online all night hoping for someone to message you

(No-one likes you.)

Do not cry youself to sleep every night.

Do not walk aimlessy down the road so many times.

Do not hang outside in the back yard for hours,

while the dogs are outside.

Do not tune everything out.

(Your mom gets mad if you do.)

Do not be sad on happy holidays.

(No matter what)

Do not lie about how you're feeling.

Do not cry.

Do not pity yourself.

Do not eat so much.

Do not scream into pillow.

Do not commit suicide.

(That's the cowards way out.)

That is what is written on my hand,

If you read between the lines.

That is why I smile my sad smile when you take a picture.

That is why I grasp your hand so tightly,

When we're walking side-by-side.

So I don't do any of that.

Because I'm kind of scared that

I'll loose you too....