She was walking home from her day at the school. It was a school that taught self-defence, but it teaches all kinds of self-defence. She took a special type of self-defence. She didn't know what is was called, but she rather learn how to defend herself. She opened the front door and put her bag down which had her white gi and one or two books in there. Her mother was in the kitchen cooking something that made her stomache growl. "Hello Aumi, how did today go?" She said leaving the kitchen for a second. "Still haven't got that 'nature power' down yet. They say it come to you quickly, but I've been there for four days and still nothing!" Aumi sighed. "I wish it could come soon..." She murmured. "It probably will, you just have to wait." Aumi groaned and sat down on the couch, drumming her fingers on the arm. "Dinner will be done here soon, okay sweetie?" Aumi only nodded.
She had pink, curly hair, pale skin and green eyes. She normally wore a dull purple jaket, gray knee-length skirt and an orange T-shirt. She wanted to take a self-defence class because she was tired when she was in her middle school days of how people would bully her and would make rude remarks of her natural pink hair. That and she just wanted to protect herself.

"Anything new happened?" Her mother asked, opening a lid from a pot that filled the room with a sweet aroma. "You know that red-haired kid? He got in trouble again, trying to catch a school on fire." Aumi's mother shook her head. "That boy just won't learn will he?" Aumi shrugged, brousing whatever was on T.V. "Well, what else can they do?" 'They' referring to the people that lived in the neighborhood. "I dunno mama-san." She said, putting the remote down. She never called her mother anything else. Aumi heard a 'clink' sound, giving her the clue that dinner was finished. She ran for the kitchen, grabbing a plate while in the prosses.

After eating and getting ready for bed Aumi stared out of her window, where a bunch of different students were still training, even at this time in the night. She watched and wished she could be in that school, but she knew it was too expensive and she heard that the teachers were very strict. Still though, she can hope. By the time she was drifting to sleep, she heard a loud noice on the roof. She looked up at her alam clock beside her bed. It was 2:13 in the morning. She quickly got dressed, slipped on her slippers and ran outside to the ladder that led on the flat rooftop. "Hey! What's going on up here? I'm to slee-" She froze. It was him. The same boy that tried to catch the self-defence school on fire. He was scwatting down, keeping his fist on the ground for balence. He looked over his shoulder and straight at Aumi. "If you don't mind," He began, voice low. "I'm a little busy." He stared straight at the school, as if he were plotting something. She took a step higher, but she forgot the one broken step that she had to fix and slipped off the ladder. She would've screamed, if someone wouldn't have caught her. "You're really starting to bug me..." He mumbled loud enough for her to hear. He pulled her up on the rooftop. His hair was bright red, his eyes were ocean blue. He wore a white shirt and faded blue jeans that were longer than he was because the ends of the pants were dragging. "What are you doing up here?" She asked, even though it was Friday, she wanted to know why he was up so late. He only glaced at her with an irratated look and stared back at the old school. She looked too, but saw nothing but students wearing red gis and praticing. Their instructors were watching them and helping them with any move they didn't understand how to do. "Why are you-" Aumi was about to ask, but the boy only shot a look at her to keep quiet. She did so and watched. One of the instructors went into a small building where she didn't notice at first. What's in that room? She thought, since she knew she shouldn't speak. "That room..." The boy mumbled under his breath, looking at the building like a crow watches you when you just simply pass it.
"What's in there?" She blurted, no longer wanting to hold the quiestions inside her head. "Something important to them." He said, standing up. "What-" Again, he shot the look to keep her quiet. He jumped down the rooftop and safely landed on the ground. Once on the ground he walk towards the fallen ladder and set it back up for her to climb down. Hesitating, she went down the ladder as carefully as she could. Once she was on the saftey of the ground she looked for the red haired boy, but he had dissappeared. With a sigh, she went back inside her house and fell asleep.

When 2:30 passed that afternoon she went to her self-defence class, which were sometimes open on the weekends and many of the students came there. Quickly, she changed into her white gi and hurried to the school. She was there once the others were done doing their stretches. One of the students were new. He was on the other side of the room, also wearing a white gi. He had brown eyes, but the biggest eye-catcher was his blue hair. It was messy, like he didn't even bother to at least take care of it. It was just a little above the shoulders. Aumi quickly did her stetches in the coner of the room and got to her place on a mat. Their instructor came in front of the room and bowed slightly. "Good afternoon," He began, voice low and boring as if he really didn't want to be here. "You all possibly know that we have a new pupil here, joining us. His name is S-" The boy with the blue hair stood up. "My name's Sota." He said. Some of the girls giggled, which made him smile a little. Aumi couldn't help but to smile a little. Their instructor gave him a look, which made him sit down. The instructor cleared his throat. "Yes, well, his name is Sota Nishataka and he is from-" He gave Sota a look, as if he knew he was going to stand up again. "Some part of North America." Sota nodded, but the instructor seemed to not notice. "He can crontrol an element, but he vonlenteered to help the new students gain their element and we feel honored, right students?" He asked, giving the girls "the look". They all nodded. "Good. Now let us begin."
The went outside today. Everyone was either praticing, chatting with their friends, or most of the girls purposely mess up so Sota could help them. Aumi was on her own. She was trying to find her element, but she didn't have much luck. When she bacame frustrated, Sota came up to her. "Need any help? By what your instructor told me, you been without an element for a while now, huh?" She nooded, throwing a heel palm and an imagenary opponent. Sota folded his arms over his chet. "Well, you arent focusing quite right." He said, chuckling a little. She looked at him. "What do you mean by that?" She asked, trying a round kick, but failing. "You're more focused on how to get your element out and not focusing what your element is." Sota came in front of her. "Trying a different style of martail arts that you don't already know." He said, almost about to throw, what Aumi thought, was a heel palm. Quickly, she got into a defence stance, but a wind came out of nowhere. At first it was a small gust, but now it was very strong. It seemed to be coming from Sota. When she looked up Sota was standing there, his palm facing toward her. That's it! The wind was coming from him, and she knew. His element was wind or air. One or the other. She thought beforelocking her knees and did a round kick. She did it succesfully, but then the wind stopped. She looked over at Sota again. He was huntched over, compleatly soaked. Aumi took a step forward. He stood up straight, laughing. "Well! I've never been hit with that much water before! Whoo, you can call that a wake up call!" Everyone who heard laughed, even the instructor smiled.

After changing, Aumi wanted to get back home, but she wanted to find the red haired boy first. So she looked everywhere around the town, but he was nowhere to be found. A little dissapointed, she went back home. By the time she was there, dinner was cold and her mother went to bed. Her mother always went to sleep early, for what reasons, she did not know. She ate a little and stared at the school whho had all the students there. She was about to go to bed, but then she heard someone hitting her bedroom window. She opened her window and peered outside. She didn't see anyone, so she put her head back inside. "You have to look up too you know." Said the voice she heard last night. She spun around, so quickly she almost lost her balence. The boy with the red hair came in though the window and sat on the window sill, his face not showing any emotions. "Why are you here?" She asked, trying not to sound rude. He stared at her for a few seconds, as if he were trying to convince himself that she had to be a part of something for an important reason. "I need your help. You know that school across the way?" Aumi nodded. "That place is dangerous. They are training people to get what they want. In other words, they're trying to claim everything theirs."
"You mean, like, world domination." Aumi corrected. Staying silent for a while, he nodded. "How do you know?" She asked putting her hand on her hip. "I know because I have a right to know, don't I?" He's got a point... A voice in the back of her head said. "All right. What is it?"
"I need a water controler-"
"You mean-" He stopped her by giving her the same look he gave her last night to keep her quiet. "As I was saying. I need a water controler to help me find out where the other locations are that have these schools. That, and I need to know who is trying to get this world domination." He said, keeping the same tone of voice. She nodded not even understanding what exactly what he's talking about. He folded his arms across his chest. "Are you sure you're getting all this?"
"Huh?" He sighed and looked at her straight in the eye. "You need to help me defeat the bad guys. Better?" He said, a bit of sarcasim in his voice as he spoke slowly to her. "Yep!" He sighed again. "Okay.... Are you coming or not?..... How did you do that?" He asked when Aumi was suddenly dressed in blue jeans and a black T-shirt. "It's a secret!" She said, with a tone that would make most people smile, but not him. He only folded his arms over his chest and stared at her. "You're no fun, you know that?" She whined. "I try." He mumbled, before jumping out of the window. She tried to follow him, but ended up going out the back door instead. "Hurry." He urged.
They came to the self-defance school that was across the steet. She didn't know why she was with him, but then again,she didn't give things a lot of thought either. "Why are we here?" The boy knew he had to explain things soon, why not now, but he wasn't going to tell her everything. "Okay! Just so you can stop asking quiestions, I'm going to explain everything okay?" She nodded. "I've been trying to find out where these school are so I can find their leader." Aumi was about to speak, but then he shot a look. "Please hold your quiestions for later." She remained silent. "These 'schools' are really places where they teach their students to kill. Later they would convince them to join an allyence that they 'help the people' around the world. They really are destroying everything peaceful and killing innocent people! They....They..." He didn't finish the last sentence. "They what?" Aumi asked. Then she guessed. "Don't tell me, they killed your paents and younger and/or older sibling too, right?" He didn't speak, but she found out the answer. "It's true, isn't it?" He forced himself to nod. She didn't know what to say. "What I need you to do," He said, keeping his voice low. "Is change into one of their red gis and get inside. Go into the building you saw last night and get this small box that's in the back of the room. Okay?" She nodded, even though she was a little confused.

She got inside of the school, telling them that she wanted to join. Once question striked her with confusion. "Are you a fire controler?" This didn't make much sence to her, but all the same, Aumi nodded. They gave her an orange-red gi with a red sash. "Go to the instructor in room twenty-five." She followed their orders. "Can you hear me?" A voice aske her. She knew it was that boy with red hair, but where was he? "Don't look around! Listen. Remember that you need to go into that building and get that box for me. If anything goes wrong, I'll do something about it." He said. She wanted to look for him, but she knew she had to go there. She walked to a student and asked where the building was. He pointed to the direction out to her and she thanked him. It looked like a a large shine compared to the animes she'd watch. "Are you inside?" She heard him ask. Aumi nodded. "Did you hear me?"
"Yeah, I heard you. You can't see me?" She asked. "No, I can't. I'll explain once you find that box."
"Okay. What does it look like?" She asked, already searching for it. "It should be a gray plasic box and it might be in the corner." She immediately began looking for a box that matched the descriptions. It wasn't long until she found it, but just as she turned there was one of the instructors standing in the doorway. "What are you doing here child?" He asked. "Run!" She pushed him and ran out the door, trying to find her way back to the exit. "Get to a room before they lock everything up to keep the other students safe! Hurry!" He yelled as if he were right next to her. She ran inside another building and into a room. He was standing there, away from the window at the end of the room. On her shoulder, she heard a fire extinguish. She looked at him, eyes wide. "What did you do and who are you? Why is this one box important to you?" She yelled at him. Before he could answer, he placed his hand over her mouth to prevent her from speaking out again. "I'll explain once we're out of here." He murmured. "I can't explain here, the security is to tight here. They'll come here if you don't shut it!" Aumi nodded, a little frightened by his voice. He removed his hand away from her mouth. "Can you at least give me your name?" She whispered. "Soron, now keep it down!" He answered her, going towards the window to look for anyone that was still out there. "It's clear, come on."

Once outside, a strange, cold wind blew. "Something's not right...." Aumi heard Soron mumble, as he went ahead of her. His eyes reminded her of a cat, stalking around carefully waiting to attack at anyone who seemed suspitious. She followed him, careful not to step on any rocks or twigs. While looking for whatever seemed suspitious to Soron, They found bodies, but they weren't dead. She knew because they groaned in pain and sometimes they moved. Close to the exit, there stood Sota, arms crossed and seemed to be waiting for them. "Nice night huh?" He said casually. Aumi smiled, but Soron didn't seem amused. "Aumi, I didn't know you were in this too!"
"In what?" She asked, sudden curiostiy striking hard. "You didn't tell her yet?Ha, this atta be fun to see, but I'm a little busy, so I'll see you later!" He took off before anyone had to say anything. Aumi thought she had seen some people run fast, but he was faster than them. "Typical wind controler...." Soron mumbled. "Alright, let's head back."

"So what's inside? Why is it important? Are you going to tell me anything?" His head began to ache with all these quietions that Aumi was asking him. The gray plastic box had a lock that he was trying to open with various tools. Giving up, he sighed and looked at Aumi. "This holds information where every other schools are. We find the schools, we might stop them." She nodded. It was silent for a second or two and those seconds were almost wonderful to him, until another quetion came up. "Why did they kill your family?" She asked him. He sighed in frustration and went back to picking the lock. "My family had a fire controler in their house and wanted him to join their anllyence, but then when they refused they killed everyone except the fire controler." He explained, his tone low and as if he were re-living his past. "You. You were that fire controler weren't you?" It was a few seconds before he nodded. "Is there anything else that you need to tell me?" He shook his head. "Other than that wind controler being a part of this, no." The lock finally broke. Soron opened it without hesitation and took out a little plastic stick-like obect. "Oh! It's one of those info-stick things right?" Aumi exclaimed pointing at it. "Yeah, now all we need is a laptop."
"I have one, but it's my mama-san's. I have to ask her first." He nodded. "Alright then." Mama-san? He questioned in his mind.