After a night had passed and Soron constantly yelling for Aumi to get her pet, Pochi, out of his room. Sota had slept on the deck and Aumi spent the night in the Captin's room. In the morning, everyone, except Soron, was in the kitchen. Aumi's 'Granpa-sama' was looking at the salt shaker and was wondering why it was suddenly full. She tried her best not to giggle and kept a straight face. Pochi was pawing at something on the ground, batting it like a cat. Sota watched Pochi, his thoughts still wondering what Pochi was. Soron came in the kitchen, his hair messed up and he was glaring at Pochi, who was batting at Aumi's shoe laces now. "Morning sleeping beauty." Sota said, a sarcastic smile on his face. Soron glared at him. "Stup up." He said. Pochi hoped on Aumi's shoulder and made a weird purring noise. "Keep that demon away from me at night. I only slept for five mintues and then he kept scratching my door!" Soron said, voice raising up to almost a yell. "Well, Aumi, you shoulda kept Pochi in your room." Grandpa-sama said, pouring a cup of coffee in his mug. "I know, but he really wanted out Grandpa-sama!" She whined, moving Pochi to her lap. Soron groaned and grabbed something out of a cabinet and started eating. Pochi sniffed the air and hopped back down on the ground. Sota leaned back in his chair. "Well, the li'l bugger didn't come after me, seems that he likes you ol' chap." He said with a fake English accent. Soron only groaned again in frustration and left the room. Aumi giggled and threw some food down for Pochi. He sniffened at it, but he didn't even nibble at it. "What does he eat anyway?" asked Sota. "I dunno. All I know is that his a white fluffball that floats when he sleeps." She said, nibbling on a piece of toast. "Well, at least you know that much." said Sota.

Later in the afternoon, questions buzzed in Aumi's head, or perhanps it was the fly that kept flying around her head that was doing the buzzing. Anyway, she finally decided to ask. She went to Soron's room and knocked on the door. He answered, grumbling doing to. "What?" He hissed. "I have a few questions that I think you need to answer." He nodded and let her come into her room.

-A few nights ago-

It was late at night and Soron was sketching something out of boredom on a piece of paper. He was in something that was like a treehouse, but that was where he lived. There was a bed that had a quilt and a pillow at the head of the bed, but it looked liked it needed a new pillow case soon, in the right corner and he was sitting at a wooden desk that was on the left wall. He was also staring through the small window that was in front of his desk. "He's late..." He mumbled, putting the pencil down. Sota finally came to the door, panting and huntched over, catching his breath. "Where were you?"
"I was out for a bit."
"You know not to be out this late Sota." Soron reminded, picking the pencil up and tucked it behind his ear. "Yeah, I know, I know."
"What did you find out?" Sota held up a forefinger and continued to pant. "A water controler just got her element. No other fires and-"
"Her?" Soron interupted. "The water contoler is a girl?" Sota nodded. "Does it look like I'm speaking French here?" He said, walking to the other side of the room. Soron shot him the death glare. "Yes, it's a girl. Congrats." Sota tone almost made Soron want to punch him, but that wouldn't do any good. "If you're so irritated with me, why don't you kick me out?"
"You really want to be kicked out?"
"No, I'm just saying!" Sota voice was almost rising up to a yell. "I wanna help out, 'cause these guys are up to no good. You know how I am." Yeah, I know how you always wanted to be a hero and getting the girl of your dreams, but life happens Sota and sometimes you don't get what you want. Soron thought. "Yes, I understand Sota." He said. Sota nodded. "So, are we gonna recruit her or not?"
"I've gotta give her some kind of test first."

-Present Day-

"So that's how you knew and that's why Sota's here?" Soron nodded. "Yeah, irritates me to no end, but he does help out when he needs to." Aumi understood and began to pet Pochi. "So, what about you? How did you become a fire controler?" Soron got up and opened his door. "I don't want to talk about it, now please leave." She stood up, carrying Pochi and was about to ask something, but Soron only urged her out.

"So why can't you tell me how you and Soron met?" She asked Sota, who was watching a few seagulls flying in the sky and kind of ducked when one flew overhead. "'Cuz Soron can tell it when he wants to. I don't wanna tell you about something he'd rather keep secret."
"Like?" Sota looked at her. "Don't try to trick me into spilling out something, 'cuz it's not gonna work." She picked up Pochi and said only two words that could make any pet shiver with fear. "Bath time." His eyes widened and he tried to make Aumi reconsider like he always did in the past. She tapped Sota's shoulder and held Pochi up to him. "Pretty please?" She said in the cutest voice she could do. "Alright, one thing only!"
"Okay Pochi, you're safe." His eyes returned to normal and hopped out of Aumi's arms. "We met a few months ago, online at first. He kept telling me how he hated some of these martial art schools and how they kept trying to convince him to come to their school and it drove him nuts, I mean, who wouldn't? Anyway, I told my parents that I had a place and that's when I tried to get enough money to come and move to that little island, your home. It took me a while, but who would've known that I'd end up coming back to California?" He leaned against the railing. "How'd you find Pochi?"
"I didn't find Pochi, my mama-san gave him to me when I was six years old. He was just an itty-bitty thing and the custest thing ever when he was just a baby, but I knew I couldn't take him out for walks, but a few years ago, I found a tiny piece of land that had all these different colored creatures that looked like Pochi on there. I still don't know what they are, or what they eat, but they're soooooo cute!" Sota chuckled a little and stared at the sea. "That sounds like it could be fun to get one of those pets. When I was younger I had all kinds of pets; dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, rabbits, fish, you name a pet, I've had it!.... Except for Pochi."
"Have you owned any.... Farm animals?
"Cows, pigs, sheep, chikens, ducks, goats.... Did I already said pigs?" Aumi giggled. "I get the point. How about..... Birds?"
"Parakeats, parrots, cockateils-"
"How did you get all those pets?" She interupted. "It's a long story. It'll be self-explanitary when we get there."
"..... Never mind."

"Land! I see land!" After a few days of getting nothing but seasick, Soron was..... Not right in the head at the moment. "Land,land precious land! I can almost see it!"
"Does he act like this every time we stay two days on a boat?" Aumi asked.
"No, just when he gets tired of getting seasick, which happens often, not every time. Same thing with air sickness, but that doesn't happen as often."
"Yeah, sound like he needs to be locked in his room until we-" Sota turned his head towards Soron. "Land!" Aumi heard Soron scream with crazy laughter. "He's scaring me..."
"Don't worry, he scares me to." Sota walked toward Soron and next thing what happened was Soron was in his room with one of those white jakets that had the arms crossed over your chest. In his room you could hear Soron reciting old nursury rymes. "He'll be back to normal once he knows we're there."
"Will he-"
"He'll be okay." Sota said, leaving Aumi and going to the docks. She pressed her ear against his door. "Hicory-dickory dock...." She took several steps back, then ran up to the docks with Sota.

"Sorry about a few hours ago." Soron said, rubbing the back of his head. "But did you really have to hit me?" Aumi smiled nervously. "It calmed you down didn't it?" He nodded and brought his laptop out. "Okay, it looks like we've gotta go north."
"North? A-are you sure?" Sota asked, nervous. "Yes, I am sure Sota. You wanna see for yourself?" Crap! Thought Sota when he saw the location of the school. "Are you sure your... I mean... If..."
"Sota? Is there something you're not telling us?" Aumi asked, voice teasing. "Aahh, no. There's nothing to tell...."

-Short interuption!-


Calm down, it's not as bad as it seems.

Sota: You wanna bet?! I'm not ready to meet her yet!

Tough and don't spoil anything that the readers haven't read yet!


-Short interuption ended!-

Let's skip the traveling to the north bit and move on. They finally came to a house that was a log cabin and large trees surrounded it. A girl was standing at the side of the house and looked to be in a fighting stance. "Who's that?" Aumi asked. "That's Julie. She's an old friend of mine." The girl, refered as Julie, turned. She had black hair hazel eyes and wore a gray T-shirt and blue jeans. She walked towards them, smile on her face. Sota felt relived, until she walked right up to him. "Hi, how are you Sota?" She asked, in a tone that only he knew that could make him have a chill down his spine. "N-Not much Julie." She nodded, and continued smiling and turned her attention to the others. He felt relived again, until she walked, again, to him and slapped him. "OW! What was that for?!"
"You could've called lazy ass!" She yelled. "You know I wasn't prepared for this, and guess what you get to do now?" Sota gulped. "You can go and chop some extra wood, thanks for your help buddy." She said, smiling again. He grumbled and went to the other side of the house. She turned her attention back to the other two. "So, you are...?"
"I'm Aumi, this is Soron we've been trying to find these schools and-" Julie put her hand over Aumi's mouth. "Don't speak of those schools, I know they're up to something. I've been observing them, but I didn't know they were observing me as well. I don't know when they do it, but I do know they aren't right now. For the meantime, don't speak of them for a while." Aumi nodded and Julie removed her hand away from her mouth. "And Soron, I hope you won't be much of a bother like Sota will you?" He shook his head. "Good."
"Oh! Julie one thing." Aumi said. "What that?" She asked, crossing her arms. "I have a pet and I'm not sure if you'll allow him to be in your home."
"Aumi, I love animals. Your pet is allowed in anytime he wants."
"Okay, Pochi!" The fluffball ran to Aumi, hopping up on her shoulder. Julie stared at him. "What is that?" She asked, pointing at Pochi. "This is my pet, Pochi."
"Isn't that the name of a pet alligator on a manga book?
"Yeah!" Julie paused and nodded slowly. "Right. Does he gnaw or scratch the funiture or-"
"Nah, he's harmless. He doesn't bite or scratch."
"But he's a real pain." Soron groaned. Julie shrugged. "As long as it doesn't scratch or bite, it's okay with me." Julie walked towards her house. "Come on in. It's a little messy, but I was supposed to clean today. If someone would've called first." She shot a look at Sota's direction.

When night had fell, Sota came inside, carrying a few logs. Inside Julie's house was a green couch that was at an angle where you could watch television and get warm by the fire. The fireplace was made of stones and her kitchen was somewhat large. Down the hallway was two rooms: Julie's room and a spare room. Each room had a bathroom and at least one window. Julie was watching Pochi floating white he slept. "Does he do that all the time?"
"Only when he's sleeping." Aumi answered. No one knew where Soron was. Sota flopped onto the couch. "I am never gonna move my arms again...." He groaned. Julie turned to him. "Oh toughen up pince! You don't see me complaining and I have to chop wood every day!" She snapped. Pochi strirred slightly in his sleep. "Where's Soron?" Sota asked. "Somewhere."
"Don't ask me." Both girls replied. He shrugged. "Any one hungry?" Julie asked, getting up and going into the kitchen. "Yes!" Shouted Sota. "Yeah, I can go for some food now." Aumi said. "Alright, I'll call you when dinner's done. If you want you can see what's on today."

-Pochi's book of random stuff!-

Hello, for those of you who have actually read the last chapter I am Pochi, a white fuzzball that is Aumi's pet. Right now, I am having her writing this at the moment and later I'll try to learn to type for myself. This book is about the random adventures that happen that doesn't fit with the rest of the story. So relax, and enjoy!

Radom story 1: Cell Phone Ringtones.

This takes part on the ship's deck just before Soron went... crazy.

Aumi was leaning against the railing, playing and trying to make different shapes with the water. "Yo, Aumi!" Sota called behind her. His voice was so sudden that she jumped. "Yeah?"
"I got Soron's cell phone!" He said, raising a dark red cell phone. "Awesome! How'd you get it?"
"He was sleeping and Pochi had it in his mouth." He smiled and tossed the phone back and forth in his hands. "Cool, let's check out his ringtones." Aumi said. He tossed her the phone. She flipped the phone open. ".... Interesting background...." She said, staring at the phone. "What makes you say that?" Sota asked, walking up behind her to look over her shoulder. "I didn't know he was a Kingdom Hearts fan..." He murmred. "Who would've known?" Aumi searched for the ringtones. Twice she had accidently turned it off. That was when Sota took the phone from her and looked through it. "What's this?" Aumi pointed at the pictures folder. "I donno, let's check it out!" He opened the folder and there was many Kingdom Hearts pictures along with a few others of awesome dragons! "Facinating." Sota mumbled, sarcastically. Aumi took the phone from him. "What's this?" She pointed at a different folder that read, "untitled". "Let's-"
"Check it out!" She opened the folder. There was the ringtones. Only a few were actually Kingdom Hearts songs. One, maybe two. The others were different emo songs. "No wonder why he's grumpy all the time." Aumi murmued. A lightbulb mentally went off in Sota's head. "I've got an idea..." He said, with a sly grin.


Soron, awake, was once again trying not to get seasick. Meanwhile, up on the deck, Aumi and Sota were dialing his cell phone number. "This is gonna be great!" Aumi softly squealed. Sota was keeping his snickers down. "Shh! He'll hear you!" He said. Back in Soron's room, he heard a ringtone go off. It was an annyoying, high-pitched song and the singers were singing in some language he didn't know. "Aumi, get your phone!" He called, but then he remembered that she didn't have a phone. He walked carefully over to his bag. "It can't be... No how else could it...." He picked up his phone; the sorce of the song. Soron screamed both Aumi and Sota's names and ran straight up to the deck. "Run for it!" Aumi shouted taking off to her Grandpa-sama's room. Sota was left alone. "Hi Soron, how's it goin'?" He asked, a smile on his face and his tone irritated Soron. "You're DEAD!" He lunged after him. Sota, being a profentional with the wind, raised himself in the air. "Can't get me now Sor- Hey! That's not fair!" Soron had threw a fire ball at him. He continued to throw them. "Abort mission! Abort mission!" Sota yelled, flying to the front of the boat. "Get back here you pest!" Soron yelled chasing after him.

-Later.... Again....-

Sota peaked behind the corner, waiting and watching if Soron would pop up any time. He carefully walked back up on the deck, since he was hiding in the kitchen. Soron stayed away from there, knowing that there was knives. He walked carefully, and hoped that the dim light the moon gave off would protect him from Soron's sights. Then his cell phone went off as the Undertaker's theme song. Carefully he opened his phone. "Hello?"

"I can see you Sota.... I know where you are." The voice was Soron's, but his tone gave Sota a chill up his spine. He looked around. "Where are you?"
"Somewhere you can't find me..." His voice seemed to hiss. "It was a joke okay?! I'm sorry! Why do you have to be such a hot-head?!" Soron, behind him with a smirk on his face, closed his phone. "Who said I was still mad?" Sota's jaw almost dropped.