I met a boy last week, he
tasted like peppermint icecream;
I made a promise then that
I'd never fall in love with him
because he'd melt into a summer night
perspire wasps and fireflies
and I'd awake in puddles of
wintergreen peppermint icecream

Ma petit bijou
Oh how you want me to
Ma petit bijou
I know you want me to

lick you up and lick you down
and spread your salt over the ground
wash the earth with sulfur tears
so nothing grows for 60 years
because you paralyze my body boy
put ataxia in my tongue
the first taste of your creamy sweat
and oh, my bell got rung

Ma petit bijou
Why do you want me to
Spread your limbs askew
And take a knife to you

cut into you like butter, boy
bleed you like an orange
stretched until your autschwiz thin
until your wrists are torn

[torn, pretty
rists and fingers torn]

I met a boy last week, he
tasted like peppermint icecream
so unnaturally sweet
a boy like peppermint icecream.

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