He walked into the dimly lit lobby. There were a couple of people on one of the obnoxiously colorful sofas, and another sitting in a floral chair in the corner. He almost smiled at the sheer ridiculousness of it all. Almost.

He walked over to the refreshments table, leaning against the wall next to a coffee maker. And now the waiting began. Tapping his foot lightly, he attempted to tune out the elevator-like music playing in the background. He was supposed to meet Gwen at the funeral home at 3:00 AM sharp for some blood bags. What he hadn't planned on was humans being there at freaking 3:00 in the freaking morning! Didn't they have to sleep or something?

He was pulled from his retrieve when he felt a tug on his cloak. Glancing down, he noticed a hyper teenager dressed in all black.

"Hey mister, what's your name?"

Giving an annoyed sigh, the raven haired man raised his glare to the opposite wall once more. Where was Gwen?

"Well?" the girl nagged, "What is it?"

He pondered a name. Dr. Acula perhaps? No, that was too obvious, even for a psycho teenager.

"It's…uh…Carl?" It sounded more like a question than a statement.

The girl tilted her head, "You don't look like a Carl, mister vampire guy."

The vampire blinked. Was it that obvious?

"I'm not a vampire," he replied, defensiveness clear in his tone.

"Then why are you wearing a cape?"

How could one answer that? Saying that he was stopping by a funeral home on the way to a costume party just sounded silly, so he blurted out the first thing that came to his mind.

"I'm Batman."

The vampire mentally slapped himself. Gwen really needed to hurry up before he blew his cover.

The girl stared up at him in wide eyed awe.

"Wow! Really?"

"Sure, kid. Sure."

He cringed at the energy radiating from the teenager.

"Wow! Can I be Robin?"

"No," he answered dryly. Should he just leave and find breakfast elsewhere?

The girl wrinkled her nose and asked in the whiniest voice imaginable, "Why not????"

Shooting a glance at the exit sign, the vampire was starting to seriously wonder if this was worth it. Gwen would be really angry if he stood her up though.

"Don't you have a dead person to look at or something?" he muttered.

The girl stared blankly at him. Maybe he should just eat someone. If Gwen couldn't be on time then she'd just have to deal with serial killer reports on the news. Possibly about an annoying teenager who never shuts up.

"You can't be Robin because…" he racked his brain for an excuse, "because you…haven't passed the initiation." That sounded reasonable, right?

"What's the initiation?"

Darn, he didn't see that one coming. His eyes searched the room in hopes of an answer jumping out at him. Think, think, think…

"You have to uh…stare at the um…dead person…in there and take notes on everthing they do for an hour."


Why? He had no clue why someone would do that, but he didn't know why this chick was stalking him either.

"I'm Batman. I don't need a reason."


He cut her off.

"I'm Batman."

"Yeah, but what-"

His eyes finally met hers as he snapped around to unleash a horrifying glare on her.


The girl froze in place, for a minute before saluting, "Yes sir, Batman!" She ran off to the next room, causing the vampire to release a relived sigh. Alright, he had an hour before he was harassed again. He decided that if Gwen didn't arrive by then, he would go hunting himself.

He pulled out his cell phone to check the time, when he noticed an unread message.

'Where are you? I've been waiting at the cemetery for over an hour!'-Gwen.