Chapter 1...

Raven lay on the bed he and Graceona now shared on the second floor, instead of the stairs that kept him from the room before. Grace had a ramp built in their place. He and Grace had been married for a month now, it seemed so much had changed since. Ellen had bought two cats from the pet store, one boy named Ted; he hissed at him when he tried to pick him up. Ted was the prettiest one of the two, Ellen considered him a bully. She would always laugh before saying," But he's my bully."

Tina was the other cat, she was smaller than Ted. Like Ted she wouldn't let anyone pick her up, other than Ellen. She meows a lot. Ellen says that she is trying to talk, Raven thought it was a little weird, but it wasn't only the cat that he thought was weird. He wondered about Ellen sometimes, but he loved her.

The Blackheart sibling's lives have changed dramatically since the passing of their parents. Raven remembered can't help but think back to the painful days he and his sister had to endure, Ellen had to get odd jobs just to get food on the table after he was paralyzed. Ellen never complained about her new double duties of taking care of him and getting a job to get money, he often felt like a burden to the women around him. His sister especially, Graceona never seemed fazed by his condition she was angered at the couple that done it to him, she never showed him that she thought he was burden. If she thought anything like that she did a good job at hiding it like she did everything else in her life, she kept a face of stone and ears open. She was a true friend to him and Ellen all through their crisis, he even thinks that she snuck and gave Ellen some money for their food. They did eat very well for a waitress' salary.

Raven looked at the woman beside him, her wet hair spread on the white pillow like crimson blood; her back was to him. He then thought, to the time that he hated the woman he was now married to. She did come across as hateful and snobby at first sight, but when Ellen locked him in the same room as her and ordered that he talk to her and like it she would allow him to get out.

Raven stood looking at the woman with hair as red as a wild fire, her skin as pale as a corpse, eyes as blue as the ocean. She wore a lavender shirt with black see-through sleeves and tight leather pants with steel toed high-heeled boots.

The woman looked at him and could see the hatred in the young man's face that stood just inches in front of her she said," Raven Blackheart, why do you have hatred for me-"

He interrupted her by sticking his hand out and hissed," There's something about you I don't like, why don't I like you are you so stupid that you can't figure it out. You live so high and mighty in your palace while your people suffer and you don't care, but you expect us to love and adore you. Well I'm not going to hand that out to you openly, I have enough junk to deal with then to care what my dictator wants."

Graceona sighed and replied,"Raven Blackheart, you are wrong in most of the things you just said, I do care to a minimum about these people, as for love and adoration from people I will it not; I wish for friendship they chose what they give me as do you, you chose hatred as for your problems you and your sister are a strong team more compatible than you may think. You will have each other when no one else is around, Another thing I would appreciate if you not call me a dictator for I am not that. I let my people do as they wish and don't punish them wrongly for deeds I think is wrong."

Raven sighed and yelled,"Ellen let me out this psycho is driving me insane!"

Ellen said," I can't hear you, make nice Raven and then you can get out."

Raven looked at the woman in front of him, he saw sadness in her eyes. He asked,"You okay?"

Graceona replied,"Just willing to get out of this room is all, you've spoken you're peace. I shall never bother you nor your sister again."

Raven felt tears come to his eyes as that flashback played in his mind, he looked at Graceona stroking her head as tears rolled down his face. Graceona woke up, turned around to face him and asked concerned,"What's wrong, my love?"

Raven replied,"Please forgive me Grace, I almost drove you away from me and Ellen when we first met. Thinking of it now I feel like a jerk, I want to be punished please make me suffer for hurting you."

Graceona looked at him, moving the hair from his said,"Punished...?"

Raven replied," Do to me what you do to Gracie when she hurts you, I don't want to be treated any different than her."

Graceona laughed and laid back down she said," Word are just words to me Raven I chose to ignore them, go to sleep."

Raven replied,"I'm being serious Grace."

The fiery red head said sarcastically," I don't think you have a doll I can take for an hour." She snickered under the cover.

Raven replied,"You think this is all funny don't you?"

Graceona sighed and stated,"Yes, I do sadly. You are concerned over a heated argument that happened between the two of us six years ago meanwhile I have went on and thought nothing of it, you are wanting punishment and I don't want to punish you, I just wish for sleep."

Raven looked at her and laughed causing the red head to look at him and ask," What's so funny at six in the morning?"

The black haired male replied,"Our first marriage argument."

Graceona looked at him and asked,"Have you slept any tonight?"

Raven replied,"No."

The red head stood up and to reveal a crimson red bra with black fur on top and sweat pants, she said,"Get some rest, I'll bring some breakfast to you at noon."

She got a black robe covering Raven up kissing his lips walking out of the room.