Epilogue: Changing a Monster, Creating New Life Form

The lights shined dimly, the doors were locked. Graceona's moans of pleasure were heard as Raven rubbed her bare sweaty body, Raven's hand went to her bare bosom, then up to her neck he turned her head gently to the side whispering in her ear,"Cryptika Haunting Blackhart Cross, sounds better than Graceona Allah Blackhart Cross, we both know you aren't controlled by a parasite let's change you from that monster since we're creating a new life from and when we do if it's a girl let's name her something innocent and pure, something that washing away sins-"

Graceona asked,"What name did you have in mind, beloved?"

Raven turned her head towards him and replied," Rain Grace Blackhart Cross."

Graceona looked at her lover and stated," She shall be taught only the innocent things in life, She will be pure and in order for her to never see evil I will destroy this realm and everyone in it except you're sister, we shall move to Earth amongst the vampires."

Raven looked at her as they kissed as flames surrounded them, and everything started collapsing around them.