Things Better Left Unsaid


It was something she hadn't felt in a long time.

But here, surrounded by pack, the word came easily to her. Less than two months ago just thinking that word would have been suicide. If you let your guard down, even for just a split second, you were done. It had been a gruesome place, one that she had easily accepted.

Now, though, she couldn't remember why she hadn't left sooner. She could no longer comprehend their reasons for fighting, nor did she feel the need to fight at all anymore. Back then that was all she ever thought about.

They asked her to tell her stories sometimes, their eyes shining in excitement. But her lips were sealed. No longer would she have to live like that. She did not wish to go back.

The Elders, sometimes, gave her these looks. She did not like these looks. They reminded her too much of the looks the warlords passed among each other when they were pretending to be agreeable.

When the nightmares stopped haunting her, and the daymares no longer made her jump, and the urge to never expose herself, never leave her back unguarded, never trust diminished. Maybe then would she let slip some of her tales.

But for now, she would try to keep their minds clean and reasonably pure. She would shield them from the horrors not even the most vivid of imaginations could brew up.

Her mind made up, she knew she would protect them. For now, forever, and for always. For they were her pack, and it was they who had led her out of the darkness.

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