In high school, every one is fighting to get attention.

I have it, but it causes so much tension!

You think a popular girl has a fabulous life-

It's such a HUGE misconception!

How would you feel if you were constantly under watchful eyes?

Do you know what it's like to feel your hands and legs tied?

Do you know the feeling when you know you're the topic of gossip?

Do you know what it's like when it affects every relationship?

I wish I was just a 'what's your face'.

Then maybe all day long I won't be under so much stress!

It's not easy to deal with being judged.

With your words taken out of context, twisted and smudged.

It's really difficult when you have to answer for every word you speak.

Trust me, you don't wanna be popular, the attractions are too weak.

I wish I had maintained a low-profile!

I'd trade my whole world to be unpopular for even a little while!

Sometimes all I wanna be is invisible.

Spotlight and peace of mind are immiscible.

You'd think I'd love being known,

You'd think I'd love being popular.

But it's really bad when people know you as a nerd,

And not for the person that you are.

I never know when a friend will turn into a foe.

I never know what's real, what's just for show.

I hate being stereotyped.

This attention has messed up my life.

When you're in focus life is not the same.

Almost every girl in class knows my name.

And they have perceptions without even talking to me!

If only they'd stop labeling me a study freak, they could see,

I'm just like everyone else! I laugh, I cry!

I fight, I argue, I break down with each goodbye!

I gossip, I giggle, I stutter, sometimes I lie.

My eyes stop moving when I see a cute guy.

I thrive solely on junk food.

I like to sleep and sleep when I'm in a bad mood.

And sometimes I'm so hooked on to TV

That I lose track of time.

Now you see why I believe calling me

A nerd should be a serious crime.

You think all I do is swallow the whole book-

Let me tell you I'm not the person as I look.

I have secrets in my heart that I would never trust you with,

I have emotions too; I'm not a wooden stick!

You don't realize I'm just like you,

I have a life and problems too.

You're waiting like vultures to spot a flaw in me.

Trying hard to prove that I'm a wannabe.

If we could exchange lives I would have shown

How hard it is to survive on your own!

I don't even mind the bullying!

Or the occasional leg-pulling!

What I hate is when you think I'm a walking talking robot.

When you think all I ever do is study A LOT.

I thought being a nerd was easy!

It turns out it took away my privacy.

My right to mess up, to act lazy.

When I wanna be alone, someone's always there.

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that you care.

But the things you say are so damn irritating!

You guys just keep forgetting

That I can talk about things other than books.

Don't believe me? Get off my hook!

You ask so many questions and spread so many rumors!

I've heard so much about myself, I'm not at all humored.

You walk up to me and ask me my grade.

I answer, never letting my smile fade.

You think I've completed the whole syllabus! (WTF?)

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell's centre of mass!

You ask me to do a sum and I do it at 'super speed.'

And there you go; you called me a study-weed.

You ask me WHAT I EAT.

Really? I still try to be sweet.

You ask me WHEN I SLEEP.

By then I feel like I wanna weep.

You ask me my day's routine.

I laugh it out, try not to be mean.

I know you're curious but how would YOU feel

If you were asked questions about something that isn't real?

I'm tired of answering again and again and again and again.

All this attention is so much of pain!

It forces me to think before I speak every single second.

One wrong word, one wrong move, and it's a dead end.

I am a very, very, very spontaneous girl.

This barrier, this reserved demeanor makes my head whirl!

I like being sweet, I like being nice,

But I hate being the first one to break the ice.

I hate talking to people who have hurt me before.

Whenever I feel like I can't take it anymore

I still have to hold it all inside.

I really really wish I could hide

From the spotlight.

Attention is so hard to fight!

One day I just wanna break free.

A simple girl is all I wanna be.

I hate being just a popular high school nerd.

I wish you could see I'm like a wild bird!

A/N: finally got my feelings out, yes!!!! XD this is my school life :/