Prologue- A Hero is Resenting

I stared into the cold grape soda that sat in front of me, making little ripples with my blue straw. It has always been my favorite drink. I wasn't the smoothie type, and I was too young for alcohol. I was sitting in the inn as always, although I treated it like a café. Everyone did. The occasional hero would pass by and stay a night, but the upper rooms were almost always used for a game of speed or BS. The attic used to be used to tell stories, but it was long abandoned after the storytellers left. I remembered them. The only real life storyteller was Juliana, but she could never attract enough attention to get anyone up there.

The storytellers were our founders. Every day they'd come and meet here, just to talk and tell stories. Eventually others showed up. Then they had to start writing stories, because they ran out of true ones. Bert was always so good at that. He'd tell the most fantastic tales of dragons, and was a great friend to talk to. Levi was second best. He'd tell love stories. They were always good, and made me laugh. Always.

Then was Joan, who wrote poetry. She once wrote an actual story. It never got finished, though. She was the oldest and wisest. She always gave good advice when everyone else fell short. Whenever there's a time of grief, she'd come in and tell us what we needed to hear. She was like the team mom.

Neil was also a storyteller of a sort. He loved cats and warfare. Sometimes he told stories about how he was actually a cat, and he was magically transformed into a human. I never believed them, but I think Juliana did. It always made her smile to hear about cats, as well.

And then there was me. Just me. I didn't really have a talent. I mean, I sang, but nobody really heard me. I told terrible jokes, and I wrote an occasional story, but usually I was just the little kid in the corner. I was the youngest one for a long time. I don't think anyone really ever accepted me, but somehow I ended up there anyways. I was always one of the ones in the attic listening. I was never good at cards, but somehow I never ended up totally broke.

Then, one of the newer boys suggested that we form an official group. Nobody really cared, and eventually we agreed that we would call ourselves "The Regulars."

It was the worst mistake we ever made.