as the room got darker, the whites
of his eyes grew redder. the rent
was overdue, the water turned off, but the feeling
bouncing between the two was ever clear. sales
had been better, the bud greener, but neither wanted
to stop. the pain had gone, their hearts

were beating out of their chests. hearts
made of smoke and veins. white
cells screaming against every disease, and still they wanted
more. more. more. this feeling paid no rent,
but was a welcome guest. the sale
had gone clean, no sketched out alleyways or feelings

that someone was watching. the house was owned, feelings
of comfort hazy in the air. hearts
swelled as bags were filled, first with the original sale
and then a little something extra: for good friends. white
palms met in happiness, a deal well done. rent
money given away without a second thought, the overwhelming want

for a high gleaming in everyone's eyes. the sick want
for distraction evident in the quick car ride. feelings
were not discussed, music turned up, rent
a thought on the horizon as the gauge met 60 and heart
met a much higher rate. white
knuckles gripped the wheel-almost there. almost. garage sale

signs whizzed past, as did the glaring stop signs. no sale
was ever so smooth, so perfect. and now, the want
having been subsided, both heads sunk into the pillows. white
cold bodies caressed, tangled, became one. the beast of ravaging feelings
and altered states. the climaxes were in time, hearts
thudding in rib cages clear to the eye, sweat gleaming. not only was rent

overdue, but evidently so was the heating bill. the rented
apartment was frigid, aching. but their bodies were so warm, sale
signs blinking in their glossy eyes. future ideas never to be heard of again. hearts
bursting with emotions, love and lust and chemical smiles. they wanted
to marry, to have babies, to live in a house with their own garden. these feelings
were gone by the morning, when the sun reminded them of the blaring white

of an empty fridge. rent staggering, the lusting zealous want
for more, more, ships to sail, that dazzling feeling
to never end. for hearts to pump wrong and breath to be white.