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It began at the end. Rather, it began at the middle. It was still the end. Whichever way you wanted to look at it was fine to me. It was my end. My death. There was not much left of what I was, but a pale Glow, that entended from where my fingertips should have been, to my head, which seemed to be missing, and down to my legs, fading into my nonexistant toes.

It was all around me; however, I didn't know what It was. It seemed to me that I would be this way forever, when a hand (or what seemed to be a hand, it could have been the Glow) pulled my body-no, not my body, my Being- out of It and into the Light. The Light seemed to eminate the same Glow that was coming from me, and, was the complete opposite of It. It was not a place I wanted to return to, but the Light...

The Glow hand grew a Glow arm, then a Glow body, like mine.

Then everything went clear.

And for the first time, I could See.

Whoever said seeing is believing, never really Saw. No one alive has ever Saw.

The Glow figure pulled mine along the Light, which seemed to stretch out indefinitely. It pulled me until we saw the Enterance. Though, at the time, I had no idea what the Enterance led to, or even that it was the Enterance. When the Enterance opened, I gaped at the sight before me in utter awe. If there was a Heaven, this place would be it.

"Welcome to the Mediate, Monica Abbott." the Glow figure said.

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