If Time Were an Olive

If time were an olive, then gods would be flat (not to mention the earth, which would most certainly flap).

If dohickeys meant cartigans, and men ate dogs, then this would not make sense to a floating log.

If left were up, and right was diagnal, and things did not flow like an arrow from a bow, then we could be sure that that blood-ridden whore did stay in her cage, screaming with rage. But as it is, most certainly, quite a conundrum, beyond your belief, then we'll have to make do, with a blood-ridden whore counting tickets on the floor.

And though you're confused (as you're meant to be) by a random compilation of words, then feel no fear when I do stir; stir up emotions of the bold and the vain, bring up devotion because I know it leads to pain, stab the contestants one by one, laughing as their feet turn to run.

This is the end - cliche, I know - and I hope I've enlightened your mind dripping toe, for one would be quite a boring stead if one cannot harness the production of need.

Hope you enjoyed it :) I know it's really random, haha.