Clack, clack, clack... The sound of keys on a keyboard could be heard. A woman sighs and runs her hand through her unruly brown hair. She could feel herself growing weary as she continued editing her essay that was due for her class the next morning. Her eyes began to close and she mentally scolded herself before forcing them back open. She glanced to the bottom right of the screen to check the time. It was 11:46 PM. She hissed through her teeth. She was running out of time. It was almost an hour past the time she had wanted to go to bed. She had band in the morning and needed to be up at six. She knew it was going to take her at least an hour to get ready for bed.

She skimmed over her essay once more before deeming it complete and sent it to her professor. As she stood up, there was a knock at the door. "What the hell?" She muttered. Realizing her palms were sweaty from being so focused, she frowned and wiped them on her long white shirt. "It better not be someone for Jason..." She grumbled as she made her way to the front door, stopping at the mirror in the hall to fix her hair. Her boyfriend always had friends coming over at whatever hour they felt like.

"This better be important. Do you have any idea what time it is?" She said when she got to the door. There was a pause before a male voice responded.

"Sorry. I know it's late, but it is important." The reply was muffled. Almost as if he had his face pressed against the door willing for it to open or break. Either worked for him.

Her breathing quickened and her heart began to pound. It can't be. She swallowed hard and reached for the door handle with shaky hands. What are you doing? There's no way it's him. It could be someone here to rob me. Or worse, they could be an axe murderer or a psychopath...

"Eve, just open the door already." The voice came again and she opened the door as fast as she could. The man came stumbling through, almost falling on his face. Evening had to cover her mouth with her hand to stop from laughing.

As he straightened out, the laugh died on her lips and her breath caught when she realized who was standing in front of her. It was a man she hadn't seen in years, who dropped off the face of the earth without a single word.

She inhaled shakily. "What are you doing here, Kael." It wasn't a question. It was a demand. Kael glanced down, probably not even aware he was doing it. The glance was quick, not offensive, probably almost reflex considering the need to check out a woman's breast seemed to be inbred into male genes.

His gaze rose to Evening's, but not so quickly that she didn't see the way his jaw flexed and his eyes narrowed.

The roam of his stare over her body affected her just as thoroughly as a real touch from anyone else would have.

That was lust she saw there. Though her mind knew better, her body couldn't help responding. Her pulse fluttered in her throat, and the breaths she managed to draw were shallow. Each was filled with the warmth of him and the dark, masculine scent of his body, which had edged to within inches of her own.

"Before you shut the door in my face...just hear me out..." He paused, shoving his hands in his pockets and shifting from foot to foot, staring at the ground. "Please?" He looked back up at her.

Evening took a deep breath and reached behind her to tie her hair up, something she did when she was nervous, but stopped when she felt a hand on her wrist. She glanced up to see Kael looking down at her.

"Leave it down." His voice came out huskily. He must have noticed because he cleared his throat and stepped away from her. He was never one to push himself on someone. Especially her. Evening bit the inside of her cheek and closed her eyes before letting go over her hair and feeling it cascade down to just below her breasts. "It's grown out a lot." Last time they had seen each other, she had a pixie cut. He played with the ends of her hair and she stiffened. She tried to ignore the shiver than ran through her body. She silently cursed and forced herself to step back.

"Get to the point, Kael." her voice cracked when she said his name. She folded her arms across her chest, suddenly self-conscious of how she looked.

He ran his hand through his hair and his tongue over his lower lip before pulling it in his mouth and nodding towards the living room. He shouldn't be here. He's not supposed to be part of my life anymore. Does he have any idea how long it took for me to get over him? I have a boyfriend now. Evening ignored all the voices in her head and allowed him to come in with a motion with her hand, telling him to go sit down. She closed the door behind them as he entered the apartment. Watching him walk towards the living room, she knew she was in trouble. He sat on the edge of the couch with his knees apart and elbows on his knees. She made her way to the couch across from the one he sat on. She sat with her legs drawn up to her chest, trying to protect herself. "So? You still haven't answered my question. What are you doing here?"

"Last week, at the movie theater. I saw you with a guy that I assume is your boyfriend."

"So?" Evening was confused.

Kael chuckled wryly and rubbed the back of his neck. "I don't know. Nothing really. I just wanted to get back in touch with you." Evening fidgeted on the couch, adjusting her position multiple times before sighing and standing up.

"Do you want a drink?" She crossed her arms and looked down at the man sitting on her couch. He looked up at her with an unreadable expression that made Evening self-conscious again.

"Water's fine." She scoffed quietly and went in to the kitchen. Once in the other room, Evening put her hands on either side of the sink and tried to take deep, calming breaths. The way he constantly looked at her made her heart pound and her body ache to be touched. Once her breathing had returned to normal and she stopped shaking, Evening went to the cabinet and got a glass, filling it with cold water. Before leaving the kitchen, Evening glanced at the clock. Her boyfriend, Jason, would be home in the next half hour. She needed to get rid of Kael. Jason got jealous easily and she didn't want to deal with that right now. She didn't even know if she and Kael would speak again after tonight.

"Here's your water." Evening said as she went back in to the living room. She handed the glass to Kael who downed the drink in one big gulp. She took the glass back and turned to go put it in the sink. Kael reached out and grabbed her wrist. He stood up so fast and so close to her that Evening froze. He pushed her up against the wall and pressed his chest against her back. Evening bit back a moan and squirmed, earning a low growl in her ear as a response.

"K-Kael..." She whimpered. Kael ran his hand up her arm to her shoulder and brushed her hair from her neck. Evening could feel his hot breath on her neck and it made her squirm again. He kissed her neck and turned her to face him. Kael rested his forehead against Evening's and cupped her cheeks with his hands. He glanced down and saw her chest rising and falling faster than normal. He grinned and looked back up at her. Evening frowned. What is he doing? What does he want? His his searched her face, desperate for an answer, that if Evening had, she'd gladly give. I'm still in love with you.

Kael pulled his hands and head away from her and cleared his throat. She closed her eyes and a single tear ran down her cheek. He ran his hands through his hair and over his face. "Damn it, Evening!" Evening flinched slightly. He only used her full name when he was frustrated or mad. He put one hand on his hip and rubbed over his mouth with the other. "Fuck it." He grumbled and crashed his lips against hers, wiping the tear away with his thumb. His hands skimmed down her body, enjoying the way she shivered at his touch. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

Jason. Jason. Jason. Evening tried to push Kael away but he grabbed her wrists and wrapped them around his neck. She gave up and kissed him back with just as much intensity and passion as he kissed her. It felt like the whole world disappeared around them. Kael licked her lower lip and she opened her mouth, allowing his tongue to dance with hers.

Suddenly, the chime of the grandfather clock on the other side of the room snapped Evening out of the kiss. She pulled away quickly. "No..." She whispered, her hand reaching up to her lips. "Kael...I - You can't - You need to leave." She said, breathing heavily. "You can't be here." The hand that still held the glass reached up and rubbed her forehead. Evening started to panic. Jason would be home any minute now and if he saw another man in their apartment - especially one he didn't know...she didn't even want to think about what would happen.

"Bu - Wha - Eve..." Kael watched as Evening paced back and forth in front of him, mumbling incoherently to herself. "OK, OK, stop." He took her by the shoulders and made her look at him. "What's going on?"

"Jason is going to be back any minute. If he sees you..." Her voice trailed off and her face crumpled and it looked like she was on the verge of tears.

"Who's Ja...Oh. Right. The boyfriend." His voice dripped with acidity. He didn't like the fact that Evening was with another man, but he expected it. "Do you want me to climb down the fire escape?"

"The fire...? Why didn't I think of that!? Yes!" Evening grabbed Kael's hand and rushed him down the hall to the bedroom. She struggled to open the window because her hands were shaking so much. Evening started hyperventilating when she couldn't open it and ran her hand through her hair. The sound of keys jingling by the door could be heard. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" Kael gently shoved her aside and opened the window easily. Evening stared at Kael as he climbed out the window.

"Don't worry, love. You loosened it." He grinned and kissed her cheek quickly before shutting the window after him. "We're not finished, I'll see you later."

"Evening? Are you home?" Jason's voice echoed through the apartment.

"Y-yes!" She called back. She quickly glanced behind her. Kael was gone. She heaved a sigh of relief and came out of the bedroom.

"What were you doing in the bedroom?" Jason's voice was already gruff sounding, a sure sign that he'd had a rough night.

"Uh...napping. I cleaned up a lot today and was kind of tired." Evening closed the bedroom door behind her. She walked back to the living room where Jason was putting his things down on the coffee table. Ugh. More work to do.

Jason took his belt off and dropped it on the floor. Evening watched as Jason undid his pants as he walked towards her. He wants sex. Or a blowjob. "Babe..." He started. Evening cringed. She wasn't in the mood. At least not for sex with Jason... "It was a really rough night. I need you to make it better." I hate it when he calls me babe...Just fake it. You don't want a repeat of last week after the movie...

"Absolutely." Evening said, putting on her best sexy smile. She took Jason's hand and led him to the bedroom.