I remember the first day that I saw you.
It was quiet friendly gathering
and I thought that you were new in town -
but you'd been around for years, they said;
it's just that I had never noticed.
But you didn't look my way,
so I didn't ask your name.

It was months later that I saw you again -
back when I was working in that little café.
You ordered a coffee,
and clearly didn't think much of me,
and I didn't think much of you.

It was at a little local party
that a friend got us talking -
you talked to no-one else but me
and insisted on walking me home.
That was the day
that I realized I was alone.

And you fluttered round me after that
for months – arriving at my flat
with flowers, and sending texts.
You couldn't get me off your mind,
and so it was a great surprise
when you went off with her.

Oh, she was a beauty -
taller than me, with bright eyes
and this big, broad smile
that shone like the sun itself.
I watched from my shelf.

But then she left you.
It came as a shock,
straight out of the blue;
I can't remember why it happened -
all I know is that the very next day
you turned up at the café
with a bunch of flowers.

It was shaky at first.
I thought I was just a rebound girl -
but you proved me wrong.
The years went by like seconds;
they felt so short, yet still so long.

And then came the question.
It came as a surprise to us both -
tou just said the time was right,
and you knew at that moment.
It was a cold, starless night
and you asked.
I said yes; we smiled and laughed
and were married in September.

Two daughters and a son
grew up in hours.
It was over before it had begun
and then, they were gone.
Flown the nest.
And we were left
with just each other.

I worried, with them gone, we'd have nothing to say.
I needn't have worried.
We didn't need words -
we were closer than words.
We spent every day
thanking the world
for life.

And then it was snatched away.

The doctors told us in quiet tones
that the time was coming
for me to be alone
and for you to leave.
I couldn't believe it.
I wouldn't believe it.

But you held my hand
and said so much in your silence
that I knew it would be alright.

You died in my arms today.
It was a close call,
but we lost you.

Thank you.

It was more than enough
to know you at all.