What is love? Love is something you should know, right there, at that moment, that you want to be with them all your life. Love is sensual and sexual. For one minute it can be this. The next that. Then nothing matters. Love makes you wish you spend every waking minute with them. Wish you can see them sleep. Lay with them as they sleep. Have them with you at all times. Wish that you hate them, because it feels as if you need them to breathe, to walk, to give you meaning in life. Nothing else matters in the world when you are with them. Not the law, time, life, or other people. Love makes everything else insignificant. It doesn't matter who approves, who says this, who says that. Only THEIR words matter. Their words are your truth, your water for an undying thirst. The food for a starving man. No matter how long you spend with them, what they do, did, have said, you always come back to them, always stay with them, always sit there waiting for them. They can not satisfy your hunger for what they have to offer. Their words, touch, smile, the only true meaning in their eyes that tell you they will always love you.