^/^/^/^/ -Me and My Strange Life- /^/^/^/^


He leaned down and I melted, Jake. His clear eyes filled my mind though one of them was swollen. "Chelsea? Are you okay?" he paused waiting for me to answer, I couldn't. I tried to move my mouth and only air came out. "Chelsea? Talk to my, babe. Chelsea." His eyes scanned my body and stopped on my side.

He looked at my face, tears forming in those clear eyes, and saw my eyes move. He exhaled loudly. "Chelsea?" He whispered sadly. "I am so sorry." He reached down to his side and pulled out his knife. "You will understand...when you get there."

Panic overflowed in me and he lifted the knife over my chest. A screamed escaped my mouth before the blade plunged. And there was nothing.

The grass was wet with dew. I hair was up in a messy bun and I was still in my pajamas. My whole leg, up to my knee, was soaked from the water on the crisp grass. The forest to my right was thick and brimming with life and movement. The dark trees were swaying and green, with animals all over them. I smiled and looked to my left. A large mountain stood there, not six miles away, it's cliffs gold with the sun just rising over it. And before the mountain was fields of flowers and wheats.

I sighed and kept walking. I was headed to the swing. I would meet my best friend there as I did every morning during the summer. The swing was a couch sort of thing held up by ropes between two large weeping willows. I could see it as I came over a hill and sitting on the swing was my friend, Jake. He looked up and waved not bothering to get up as I approached.

"Nice day." I said as I put down my bag and sat down beside Jake.

"Beautiful. Morning, Chelsea. How was your sleep?" He asked grabbing a long grass and sticking it in his mouth. Jake was tall. So tall that some people called him 'Bean'. Like from Jack and the Bean Stock. He hated being called that so it rarely came from my mouth unless I was mad at him. He had dark hair that looked black even in summer when the sun was around to lighten it up. He lived about a mile away from my house, with his grandma because his parents had died when he was young.

I sighed and it turned to a yawn. "Great. How about yours?"

And this was how our conversations went. We were comfortable with each other, hence the messy hair and PJ's and his ratty sweater and sweats, so we didn't need to elaborate on how we so much hated having to listen to our elders and do chores. Heck, we didn't even hate those things. We were the kids that would end up getting married - which wasn't true but everyone thought it - and the kids that stayed out of trouble because they kept there imagination rather than throwing it away for sex, drugs and other things I wasn't a big fan of.

"My grandma made two pies the other day and she was wondering if your family would like one." Jake said as we watched the sun come up, like we did every morning.

"Nah," I said sarcastically, "We hate Grandma Millers' pie." I smiled and he chuckled. "Sure. I will come and get it after we are done."

We sat there silently, the two of us, watching the sunrise and listening to the birds sings, and feeling the breeze on our skin. I was at such peace. After about ten minutes we got up and I grabbed my heavy bag only to have Jake take it from out of kindness. He had his own bag which looked like mine in shape only mine was green and his was blue. We were off, hiking up the hilled forest to the spot where we kept our other equipment.

You see, we were tree climbers. Sounds lame, right? Wrong. The trees here were about 200 to 300 feet tall and about 20 to 30 feet in circumference. They towered over everything especially us. We climbed these trees with rock climbing equipment, and caving equipment. Stuff like that.

"It's a good day to climb, eh?" I said grabbing my bag as we arrived at our starting spot.

"Yeah." Jake said as he opened his bag and started gearing up. "And that new trail we are working on is gonna work out great. It just lines up so perfectly."

"I know, right." And this is how our conversation when we went climbing. I started gearing up myself and put my backpack in which had my camera, lunch, lots of rope and a hammock. It was a little heavey but nothing to worry about it.

There were two ropes hanging from this one tree where we left our hooks, carabiners, belays and other climbing stuff. We brought our harnesses in our bag along with water and first-aid kit. I grabbed my rope after putting my harness on and attached myself to the rope. I started climbing right away not willing to waist my time.

"So," Jake started below me, "How is the new medication?"

"Not bad actually. It is a lot easier to swallow, thats for sure." I said.

"Can you tell the difference?" Jake asked. I didn't mind his questions. In fact it helped.

"Nah. Not really. It doesn't drag me down as much, I guess. But it might just be me. But the therapist is saying it should help me a lot." I spoke very slowly not wanting to ware out. I smiled as I was almost half way up the monstrous tree.

"Is she going to change anything else in the chemo?" He asked catching up to me slowly.

"Not for a while."

There was a silence. I knew what he wanted to ask so I spared him. "She says I have about two years left. Maybe more, maybe less."I didn't have any emotion on my face. Leukemia wasn't exactly the easiest thing to live with. Especially when you're sixteen with a very bright future laid out in front of you. Then poof its suddenly gone and the road I was going to travel was cut off. But Jake was there and I guess you could say he made a bridge. I short one, but still, it was something. "I'm okay." I said when he didn't answer.

He still didn't say anything so I looked down to see he had stopped. This happened at times from tiredness, but not this times. I slid down the rope to where he was. He didn't look at me.

"Jake. You will survive." I said firmly. "It's not that big of a deal."

"Ha." He laughed. "Yeah, I'm just being dumb. We have time." He leaned over and touched my chin. "Beat you to the top?"

I smiled. He always knew how he should act. "Not in this life." I started climbing again, happy to feel my lungs burn and my PJ's swing. I would miss this.

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