Color Your World


A color diverse as the ocean

As vast as the sky

It is a shade of happiness

It is the color of tears

To give it a single meaning is a disgrace in itself

The ice of winter

The flame of a fire

An oxymoron

A person

Complex and unbound


The color of blood

The embodiment of destruction

A word of violence and hate

Yet beautiful too

Red is a mystery

Where war and peace meet

For a color so noticed

It is the most misunderstood


A color of assumption

Presumed of evil and death

A cruel shade of shadows approaching

Why must we assume evil to be dark?

In broad day light, the world wreaks havoc

We personify our own faults in a shade

Do not blame a color for our short comings

Our sins

It is shunned not for its faults

But for reminding us of our own