The rain made me say

I sit in the sorrowful rain

Drenching my harmless pain

And purifying my evil soul

As they hit and kick my voodoo doll

The tears fall away

Through the darkest day

I listen to the tune of the raindrops

And I'll make time still as everyone stops

I wonder through the hellful world

As it kills the happiness in an innocent girl

Memories play around in my mind

Meanwhile all the pain had combine

I'll wipe away my tears and share it with you

Then you split my heart in two

Now I'll never trust anything you say

Only when the devil starts to pray

I'm going to forget and die

Before I leave I'll wave goodbye

Out of everything you said was a lie

But all I want to know is why?

Why did you shine so high?

Will we ever start to say hi?

Will lock away the memories that make me cry?

Can I talk to you and not sigh?

All answers won't be shy

It's a final bye