Created on 08/05/2010 09:48:00

This is one of the strangest dreams I have ever had. SO FAR

"Guys! Wake up! They rabbits are outside again!" my mom called down the steps to the basement. I groaned angrily and closed my eyes tighter.

My mom said that a few more times before I heard her walk away toward the kitchen.

I heard her voice again, at the top of the stairs, but I hadn't heard her move back.

"C'mon! The black one is out there!"

I sat up and growled "fine!" no one seemed to notice me.

I shoved the blanket away from me and rolled to the side of the bed and swung my legs over it, standing, I stumbled to my dresser and unfolded my glasses and pulled the hair-tie over my wrist like a bracelet.

Then I turned and was about to walk up the steps before my stepsister jumped in front of me and began to slowly stomp up the stairs.

"Shhh! You'll scare them away!" I thought about saying but I didn't want to be rude so I kept quiet.

Then she disappeared. I ran up the stairs and in a few second I was running through the living room to the front door. Opening it, I stepped out onto our rectangular porch.

The sky was abnormally dark, though it was supposed to be morning. I could see the sun setting in the west, I don't know how I knew it was setting, but anyway I walked forward, looking around trying to see the rabbits.

Instead I saw a cat sitting at the edge of the concrete porch.

"Hello Spottedleaf." I said, I knew that was who she was supposed to be, and she looked like how I imagined her.

"Hello, Rjalker." She mewed back.

I looked at her confused; Rjalker was my pseudonym for a website I wrote on, how did she know it?

She continued speaking, "you did well to scare away a dog such as I."

Now I was really confused, "huh? But you're not a dog!" I exclaimed as a picture of a huge black dog that looked like a bear entered into my mind.

Spottedleaf said something that I couldn't hear—because suddenly I was racing across and empty cornfield so fast that the world around me was a blur. I knew that I was no longer human when I saw that I was covered in dark brown fur and I knew that I was in the body of a mountain lion.

I raced in a diagonal path across the field, keeping low to the ground so as not to be spotted by cars that drove down the highway to my right.

I ran until I came to a house that hadn't been there before. I stopped and looked around, confused to as what I was supposed to do now.

"Hey! Wake up Paige!" I sat up in alarm and looked around, I was sitting on my bed, all of the lights were on and my sister Micah was sitting at the computer. I stood up and sat down next to her and saw that she was reading one of the stories that I wrote.

"Hey Micah, I just had the weirdest dream." I said then I told her about Spottedleaf and running across the field, and something about a rooster (?)

She rolled her eyes when I was done and said that I was stupid so I went upstairs and ate some cereal before a clap of thunder that sounded right over my head made me spill the bowl and jump out of my skin. (Literally)

Then I was once again in the mountain lion body, racing again in the same diagonal path through the field.

The speed at which I could run was exhilarating and all too soon I again reached the house. Then rain began pelting my fur and I was soaked to the bone in mere seconds. I ran up to the house, it now resembled a log cabin from a long time ago, and jumped under to porch for shelter.

The screen door opened and a teenager that looked like he could have been Tom Sawyer stepped out, a rifle in his hands.

A shot rang out over my head and I launched myself off the porch onto the wet grass, and hid behind a small hill. The boy pursued me, the gun still in hand and I heard him yelling for others to come.

"A wolf! A wolf!" he shouted.

In my head I was laughing at him, I most certainly was not!

Suddenly it was not rain, but snow falling from the sky and I lay at the side of a snowdrift on my side.

I tried to stand but was unable; I was frozen to the ground. I let out a whimper and was surprised to find that I was no longer a chocolate brown mountain lion but a black and grey wolf.

I heard the boy I had seen before calling a name, "White Fang!" and I knew that that was my name, though it confused me for a second; White Fang was a book I had read, but no, that was impossible, a wolf can't read, they don't have hands.

That was the last thought I had before I woke up.

My next thought was that I hope I'm really awake this time.

As it turns out, I wasn't.

I don't remember what happened in the last dream, but I think I was flying.

I like dreams were I fly, they're fun.

Then I woke up for real and pinched my arm to see if I really was awake.

I was.