Silver Clockwork Cats

PS: To Allebasii—you are a HORRIBLE werewolf! Gah! Hate you!

We were on a plane! I don't know where we were going but there was a bomb on it! At first I couldn't remember who had the bomb—it wasn't going to explode but we still had to find who had it—and Wesley and I (From Angel…it was the stupid [kinda ugly]-post-kidnapping Wesley) were at this huge Wal-Mart, trying to find the bomber person. There was a desk, like the ones in the video-game sections, and they were selling watches there, and he wanted to buy one that glowed in the dark. I don't know if he got it or not because I was suddenly in my science class.

All the stupid people who always copied off my papers (and laughed when they saw that The Mammoth Hunters was written in my agenda book—I had been going to write when I started reading books and when I finished them, but I forgot and that was the only one—while they were trying to figure out the password for my Kindle which they took without my permission) were gathered at the back of the room, at the desk where the assistant teacher usually sat, and I was in the middle of them.

There was this really weird looking kid, and when I saw weird, I mean he looked like a goblin or something; he had a flat forehead, really bushy eyebrows, and he was only three feet tall. No one seemed to notice though, except me. Amanda was laughing as she handed the goblin dude my kindle so he could guess.

"Here you go, Andy." she said. He smiled at me, and his teethe were like a sharks, "hey, I bet the password is Lost, or Bomb!" he said.

I was back at Wal-Mart then with Wes, and I suddenly saw the bomber, whose name I now knew was Andy.

"Ahhh! Wes!" I shouted, dragging him behind some big boxes that had Big Wheels in them, "That's him! His name's Andy, but I forgot it before!"


I pointed the little goblin kid out and climbed on top of the boxes to the big shelf that they were on. "Stay there." I whispered to Wes, but he was gone, not after the goblin kid, Andy, but he had disappeared.

I saw Andy walking past with his mom—who was human, which surprised me greatly—and I crouched down like a cat on top of the boxes, waiting for him to get closer.

Then I launched myself toward him, white paws outstretched to grab him as I changed suddenly into Echo.

But he was gone, and so was the Wal-Mart. I was in a chrome-plated hallway, and I was no longer Echo. But I was running down the hall as fast as I could, my striped tail flying out behind me as my claws silently hit the metal floor. I wasn't Echo; I was a black tiger.

But then I wasn't there anymore either, I was riding a bike through the grass with two other people, my twin sister,(Who you all know as Allebasii) and someone else, but I wasn't sure exactly who it was, it might have been my step-sister, Bailey, or my friend from school, Melissa, who ever it was looked like them both at the same time. I'm going to call her Melbail.

Anyways, we were all riding bikes, Alle's was green and yellow, mine was white and black, and Melbail's was orange and silver— but I don't know if that was important or not, so lets continue.

We were chasing a Monster. Not chasing as in following, like we could see it ahead of us, but we knew where it had gone and we were going to catch it.

As we rode through the grass—I think we were in a park—we were suddenly in a fenced in area, and there were some kids ahead of us playing football, one of them kicked it and it flew over the fence. Melbail tried to catch it, while still on her bike, and the kids thanked her, then put the football down and pulled out some UNO cards.

Melbail stopped when she saw this and looked at the cards wistfully. Apparently, her parents were both dead and she hadn't played UNO in years.

She looked at Allebasii, and I "Hey, you guys can catch it by yourselves, right?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I think so, but you're the only one who knows where The Oakhart Tavern is…" I trailed off.

"You're looking for the Oakhart?" one of the kids asked us, and I turned toward him, he looked like a young Charles Gunn. (Also from Angel)

"Yes," I said, "you've heard of it?"

"Oh yeah, sure, we followed some vam—" he stopped mid-word as one of his friends elbowed him in the stomach with a meaningful look, "I um mean, yeah, we hang out there sometimes…"

Alle and I exchanged a loaded glance. "Where is it?" she asked, moving her bike closer, her-for-some-reason orange hair getting in her face as the wind blew through the park.

"Oh, its just over of Offrail Road, near the theatre." He pointed us in the direction to Offrail road and we took off, leaving Melbail to play UNO with them while we hunted down the Monster ourselves.

Alle and I rode our bikes as fast as we could, dodging through the traffic—a car almost hit me atleast five times—until we finally reached the Oakhart Tavern, safe and sound.

Alle went in first, being a werewolf(which she wasn't before we got there, so don't be confused), she was stronger than me, but I was faster.

The interior was dim, because there were a bunch of vampires and ghosts there, and they don't like bright lights, (atleast in my dream they didn't)and we approached the bar and sat down.

The ghost waitress was about to ask us what we wanted before someone suddenly slammed their glass down on the far side of the counter. I smiled and spun my chair around to face the three people that were approaching us. My silver dagger gripped in my hand underneath my black trench coat cloak.

Three squat people stood in front of us, two were girls, and one was a guy. Alle starred at them.

They snarled something to her in were-tongue, and she snarled right back, showing her teeth. Apparently, they knew who we were looking for, and they had been ordered to kill anyone that tried to find him.

Suddenly, a ghost accidentally tripped and went flying out a window, making the curtains around it catch on fire, letting the silver moonlight shine in on the entire bar.

Immediately, I stood up, and Alle covered her eyes with her hand as the moonlight blinded her. The three people in front of us were growling and snarling as their faces elongated and claws burst out of heir fingers.

"Alle!" I shouted, leaping away from the changing werewolves, looking around to find where my twin was.

"Come on!" she shouted, pulling me by the arm, I looked at her in shock, she was a werewolf, she should have been changing, but she wasn't!

I looked back at the three now fully changed werewolves; they stood there, their jaws twisted into snarls. Each of them had short brown fur that was so short it looked like skin, and their eyes were huge, each of them the same size as my fists.

One of them, the guy, had two eyes on his face in the normal positions, the next one had two eyes, but they were on her forehead, and in a vertical line instead of horizontal. The last one had one eye in the middle of her head and the other one on the middle of her stomach, on her belly button, and she was very tall, her stomach was atleast three feet away from her neck.

"Alle, why aren't you changing, we're going to die!" I shouted at her, but for some reason I was suddenly mute, and she was gone, and I was running through the shadows of the far corner of the tavern.

Suddenly all the light was gone and there was only Darkness, but I could still hear the werewolves following me, their breathing heavy but silent as they chased me through the darkness.

There was suddenly a wall in front of me, but I couldn't see it, and I turned and tried to run through a small window that was low on the wall—much like the one the poor Princess tried to escape through, because there was no window, just a square hole in the brick wall that was pitch black.

I could hear the werewolves coming closer, and I huddle into the back of the wall, scrabbling at the brick with my fingernails, knowing, just as the Princess had, that they would find me.

Suddenly a large sharp lunged at me from out of the darkness, a mouth with yellowing teeth and two eyes, one on top of the other. I didn't scream, I couldn't.

I felt such a shudder of pure terror go through me that I almost woke up.

But then I was back in the chrome hallway. I was wearing the orange and black shirt still, but this time I was human, and I wasn't alone.

A silver-haired man stood in front of me, a tiny clockwork angel gripped in his hands. But the angel was alive, trying to fly away from him, but he squeezed his hand shut, and the delicate angel was crushed. Copper-gold powder spilled to the floor from his hand. He laughed, and was gone.

But I was still there, running through the corridors, not sure if I was human or a cat, until I burst into the room, the door falling shut behind me. I was in a lab, and everyone was starring at me.

One of the people at the desk nearest to me fainted, and then he disappeared, and the one at the desk next to him looked at me in annoyance. "Fine!" he snapped, "If you're going to persist in make Jones faint like that Everytime you come in here, you can atleast hand me the white clockwork cat he was working on." I looked around and, sure enough, there was a cage attached to the desk, and in it was a silver clockwork cat.

I went over, opened the cage, and picked up the clockwork cat. It purred and I petted it, liking it immediately, before I handed it to the man who had snapped at me. I looked around the room and saw that there were a lot of clockwork cats, most them were silver-white, but others were dark green and some were black.

Suddenly I heard the trampling sound that only comes with a bunch of feet, moving in the same direction, and I wondered what it was.

Then I was in the crowd, some people were wearing the same orange shirt that I had been wearing before, but now I was wearing a dark green and black shirt, my twin sister was there too, but she was normal now, no longer a werewolf, she didn't even remember that that had ever happened.

She was wearing a blue shirt, the same color as Echo's eyes, and I saw that everyone was wearing the same shirt, just different colors.

"What's going on?" I asked silently, and Alle turned to me.

"We're playing paintball tag, don't you remember, Sam?" Which was weird, because my name wasn't and isn't Sam.

Then I saw the silver-haired man. He was smiling evilly at me from across the crowd, and as I watched, unable to move or speak, he pulled out a silver gun, pointed it at me, and fired.

Then I wasn't in the crowded hallway anymore, I was sprinting through the halls, my paws hitting the ground with muted thuds, the wind created by my speed ruffling my fur as I chased after the silver-haired man.

One of his minions was running ahead of me, his black hair flying past his shoulder as he tried to escape my hungry jaws and reaching claws.

I pushed my legs faster, I was gaining on him, and suddenly he was within range. I leapt through the air and tackled him to the ground. He turned to black dust as soon as my claws touched him, leaving my once white paws covered in grime.

I growled in annoyance.

Then I wasn't there anymore; again, I was crouched on a catwalk with Alle beside me, a paintball gun loaded with blue paint in her hands as she aimed it over the low grey metal wall at the people in red shirts.

Suddenly I felt a paintball hit me on the shoulder, and Alle growled in animalistic protective anger, and spun around, paintball gun blazing bullets of paint at my attacker.

I looked around and saw that people in red shirts had surrounded Alle and I, but they had lowered their weapons and each of them had a splatter of blue paint on them somewhere. They all crouched in submission as Alle stood up and raised her gun in victory.

They all bowed their heads and grumbled to each other as she stood over them. I went to stand up and realized that my limbs were frozen.

Alle saw me trying to stand and she frowned, "Rjalker," she said, using my right name, "you have to wait till one of your team members tags you before you can play again, don't you remember?"

"No!" I shouted with my teeth set into a snarl as I struggle to break free of my paralysis, "I don't have a team! I'm not playing! Don't you realize this is a life or death situation?!"

Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

Suddenly I managed to stand and I ran for the stairs at the other end of the room, while Alle starred after me. Then she screamed as she saw that I was planning on vaulting the railing of the stairs to the three-story drop below.

Some teachers that hadn't been there before ran over to try and stop me, but I was already in mid-air over the railing, and everyone cried out as I fell the three-story drop. Some people closed their eyes.

I landed in a crouch.

All of the other minions were dead; the only one left was the silver haired man. He held a remote control in his hand that would activate the atomic bomb beneath the White House.

He ran down the hall in front of me, and I sprinted after him, rage fueling my limbs as I chased him in the form of a white wolf. People coming out of doors adjacent to the hall only saw a white flash before I was past them, and they whispered to themselves about seeing things and about how the building might be haunted.

Then I was no longer a wolf, but a white cheetah, and I caught up to the silver haired man at a dead end.

His back was to the wall and he was fumbling with the remote control, terror making his fingers slippery as he tried to set off the bomb that was on the plane and end the world.

Then my claws were on his hands, and I ripped the control away from him and it crumpled to into an unrecognizable heap of metal as I threw it away from us.

I snarled and prepared to bite his head off but he was no longer the silver haired man, but a tiny little clockwork person made of black metal.

I was human again, and with my sharp fingernails I pulled the clockwork creature apart, then smashed the rest of it on the floor and stomped on it for good measure.

When I picked it back up, all that was left was a little stick figure of a person, and I carried it by my fingertips to the lab where Jones had fainted, knowing that they would want to study it and wondering at the same time if they would trade me a silver clockwork cat for it.

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