Your back is pressed against the wall.
Your breath is shakey.

I can see it in the night air.

Your sister's window creates a neat patch of light,
it barely misses our toes.

Your mother's footsteps make you jump with each pronounced clack.

I take a deep breath

and hand you the stub of my cigarette.

You're coughing.

Hacking. I can't help but laugh.
You look at me crushed.
I'm sure you thought you'd looks smooth,

But no.

Its just you

hack hack hacking.


It is summer.
You're locked in a bathroom.
I can hear you.
Afraid to come out.


It has been five years,

and still

someone with your hair,

yourstupidfucking voice

makes me shake at the knees.

And to think.
And to feel.
Its been so long.
Happy birthday.
You're all grown up now.