The days become more grueling for the man in the alley.
His meals are becoming sparser.
He yearns for more, but can only see a life full of sorrow.

He makes a decision,
tonight is the end.
He plots in the night,
not leaving his alley.

He must be careful,
for there is only one way.
Everything must be exact for his plan to succeed.

He has his doubts,
but then he remembers.
A lifeā€¦ his life
No friends, no love.
Living all alone in an alleyway.

In the darkest hour he left.
Leaving everything he knew of the world.
He walked through town until it was gone.

In the open road he lay.
Waiting to great the sun.

In the road, a person comes.
Walking gracefully she stops at his side.
Her sent overwhelms him, but he clenches his jaw.

The woman sits with him and says nothing.
She simply takes his hand,
As the sun begins to rise above,
A tear falls from his eye.

He made a decision.
The woman doesn't scream, doesn't run.
She smiles as he burns, as if wishing him a new life.

A friend who love,
It was what he wanted.
In the end,
He found it.
But he had made a decision.