The most amazing thing just happened! A mere 30 minutes ago I was about to get in bed, when I looked out my window to see a lot of stars. I knew the would be brighter outside, so I went to look. The sky was absolutely breathtaking! It looked just like a picture from space, only more glorious! I just stood there staring at God's magnificent creation and I filled with complete peace.

I asked God to show me a shooting star to let me know He's listening. I also said I wasn't going to go inside until He did. I waited there in the cold for another fifteen-twenty minutes watching for that shooting star. Stars have always been God's way of talking to me. By now I was getting cold, and tired, so I looked up into the sky, closed my eyes and prayed. I begged God to show me he was there. I was about ready to give up, so I started walking slowly back inside. I hadn't quite given up though, so I walked backwards, with my eyes glued to the sky. I had just reached the covered part of the deck when I saw it: the largest, brightest shooting star I've ever seen!

It just goes to show you that even when you've nearly lost Faith, God's still there waiting for you to turn around and see His glory. I hope that all of you will never give up faith. Whatever you're waiting for God to show you might be just around the corner. Sometimes God waits for it to be the perfect timing before He shows Himself to you. Just be patent. He's there, He's listening.