The radio plays
your voices in waves and waves
and I just can't escape
the throes of your fingers strumming against my skin

This is wrong
we were so fucking wrong
but if every voiceful melody will sing itself to life
and echo in my ears to repeat throughout the days
then surely, something must have been right

If only I could have known
this secret you hide deep within your skin
and bottled awake, to share only with your faithful fans
instead of the whispered lies you spoke into my ears
as I pretended to sleep on sheets of silk

And your words may have entangled me in years before
but now I've found I don't need you anymore
and though I know the words to your every song
I can rightfully choose to never sing along
and the girl you've chosen to write your words about
I find myself with no shadow of doubt
and if you ever choose to invite yourself back into my world
I know I'll find myself
always pushing you out.