My Black Crystal Heart…

He kisses me. A farewell kiss,

A passion-less affair of a love lost battle.

My legs buckle to the tearful ground as my heart splitters into pain,

My heart beats its last as his steps echo further away from my black crystal heart.

Its fragile structure clouding at my seams.

The vivid beats of my withering heart cries for my lost soul mate.

My soul keeper who drifts away with my decaying soul lying in tatters in his marble arms.

As he flees into the stormy midnight sky.

Leaving what's left of me behind…

…Clutching to his memory with his everlasting black thorn.

As the emptiness germinates into my vacant body.

I am dead inside.

My heart wrenched sobs burst through my lucid red mind,

Through my parted lips into the blood-thirsty midnight hour.

As the sombre black sweeps over my midnight kissed heart like death.

The pain curdles my blood as the heart break plunges deeper into my feeble existence.

The passion that once heated up my cold existence now stains the future…The future I once longed for.

The old cliché that sticks in my haunted mind like a record stuck on repeat,

Romance is dead! It died with in my broken heartbeats…

The shivering beat of this reckless rhythm echoes deep within in my pain.

My bone shattering screams awaken my ivory dreamland that my ebony minder wanders hopelessly.

Hopelessly searching for him…Where is he?

My sapphire eyes fill with fresh stains of the past that I long to forget.

He promised…He promised me…

My marble face cracks under the deserted beats of my heavy heart.

He promised me to take me deep into the sunset to where our dreams intertwined.

But my harboured dreams hold no bearings without him.

The sunset now leaves me cold and freezes my veins as he vacates my black crystal heart.

He reflects nothing but endless pain that chokes me every time I gaze at my memories that blind and ache at my pitiful heart.

He leaves nothing but shadows which leave me as empty as the Statue of Liberty on a stormy night.

I am alone. Isolated. Cold. Numb without him.

I restore back to my cold, icy exterior.

My poker face is flawed when I finally gaze across at his pale majesty.

He looks at me. He's here. Just like he promised!

Romeo finally with his Juliet.

His emerald green eyes encasing me in sure bliss.

He walks this earth as a man of the shadows with me fleeting along beside him.

The emptiness leaks out of my crystal heart as passion reignites itself.

The everlasting passion now sets me free,

Like a bouquet of scarlet roses on valentines.

So our condemned hearts beat united in destiny.

Against all odds. Against all the enemies. To be as one.

Our love blossoms among the stars.

As the moon shines on us as we dance across the stars.

Our red hearts embrace for the rest of time.

Our twined fate, a darker reminder of past heartbreak, now breaks as a new future rips into existence,

During our lullaby walk.