The simpletons guide to...

Hello there, simpleton in the world.
this is indeed writing that has been found on the internet.
Well done simpleton,
you have gotten further than I imagined.
This may have been recommend-
(forgot this was a simpletons guide)
A friend/person you know may have told you to read this since you yourself are truly a simpleton.
How are you doing so far?
Still keeping up with it?
But if you simpletons wish to use these guides for future help,
then you're welcome to,
you can contact me if you need help with something,
or you want to read a simpletons guide to something,
and what else can I say.
Good luck.
And hopefully you will not damage anything around you.

WARNING: any possessions, people or simpletons hurt in the process of following the 'simpletons guide' cannot fine, complain, or if you are the simpleton, come find me and thump me with a pillow/frying pan/dog.

Enjoy fellow simpletons!