"Once upon a time..."

I begin, familiar words falling from my lips. This is a good place, a happy place. I spent much of my youth here, in a land of giants and witches and faeries and magic. The story falls into its simple rhythm, and I watch the child listen intently, hanging on every word. Seeing her eyes widen when the witch does her wicked deeds, I am sent back to a time when I gasped at the same and it seemed the witch had become real. She swoons when the prince rides in on his steed, saving the young maid, and I am reminded of the times I dreamed of my prince and the joy I felt when I found him. When she cries because it seems as if the lovers will be forever separated, I think of the tears I shed when it seemed I had lost him forever. But then comes the happily ever after, and all is well again. The lovers are reunited, the witch dies, the evil suitor is gone. I think about my prince again, waiting in the next room for me and smile, knowing that this is my happily ever after, wondering why I ever questioned it. Still smiling, I gently kiss the girl on the forehead and sing a lullaby, knowing, nay, hoping, that she will one day look back upon this as I have tonight. She yawns and smiles at me, and I know then that tonight, both of us will sleep in heavenly peace.

A/N: So yeah, another drabble... for those wondering, yes, this is connected to Insomnia and Kisses I'm pretty ure I know this girl, so expect more of her.I'm currently trying to find a name for this as it seems to be turning into a series. Suggestions? Reviews are welcomed~!