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Junior Kindergarten

I felt scared and confused. Mommy dragged me out of bed early today and when I asked where we were going, she only smiled and said, "Today's your first day of kindergarten, aren't you excited?"

In response, I pouted. Why would I wanna go to school? I wanted to stay home with Mommy and watch TV while she baked cookies for snack time.

"Skye, honey, this is Mr. McConnell. He's your new teacher," she cooed to me, bringing along an old man with greying hair and glasses. To me, he looked really scary and then he stuck out his big, pale hand to me. I automatically cringed.

"Oh, Ms. Peterson, you don't have to be scared of me! We're all friends in this class," Mr. McConnell crowed, laughing at my insecurity. What a meanie.

"Look Skye, I'm going to have to talk to Mr. McConnell about some things about school. I'll be right back," she gave me a hug. "Why don't you go play and make some friends? There seems to be a lot of nice children here," she pointed to a cluster of girls around the toy kitchen.

I shook my head furiously as a solid 'no' but Mommy ignored it and walked off with the scary teacher.

She left me alone. Now I felt like I was ready to burst into tears and I didn't even have Mr. Cuddles – my favourite purple stuffed monkey – with me to make me feel better.

You see, I wasn't one to mingle, like all the other chatty kids that surrounded me. I was very anti-social. Some may even call me "shy".

Hesitantly, I crept over to an abandoned table full of crayons and paper. I always liked art; it let out all the creativity my young mind had to offer.

I was half-way done the flower I was drawing when a girl with light brown hair took a seat next to me.

"Hi, my name's Lucy! What's yours?" she beamed, handing me a pink crayon.

"Skye," I squeaked out. I took the crayon Lucy kept shoving into my hand and coloured in some petals.

She loomed over my shoulder, taking a peek at my drawing. "That's really pretty, Skye. I like your name, too. Skye like the sky! I wish I had a cool name like that..."

She didn't stop talking for what seemed an eternity, but luckily her urge to go potty stopped her from continuing. I liked Lucy so far but she was really annoying.

Taking one long look at the paper in my hands, I deemed my art done. I put away all the materials I used like a good little girl and lined up all the crayons like the rainbow.

"You missed a colour," a boy came up to me, pointing to my rainbow.

I frowned at him. "That's because I'm not done."

"Can I finish it then?" he smiled. He had pretty dark blue eyes. I didn't know many people with dark blue eyes.

"Sure," I shrugged.

He ran over to another table, grabbed a blue crayon, and returned to put it at the end of my line of crayons.

"There! It's finished!"

We both took a moment to admire the line of coloured crayons.

"What's your name?" I blurted out. Oops. I blushed and bit my lip, trying to keep my mouth to stay quiet.

"Charles, but everyone calls me Charlie. And you're Skye, right?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "How did you know that?"

"Our moms were talking about you before, and my mom told me about you," he grinned.

"Oh..." I nervously tugged on one of my dark brown braids.

"Hey Skye, wanna play at the sandbox? I wanna see who can make a bigger sandcastle!"

I chewed on my lip for a bit, wondering if I should accept. Slowly, I found myself nodding and being tugged by Charlie to the sandbox.

I had a feeling kindergarten wasn't gonna be that scary, especially with my new friends, Lucy and Charlie.

First Grade

My foot tapped against the linoleum floor frantically as Ms. Amelia handed back our spelling tests. She still hasn't handed me mine yet.

Mr. Cuddles and Mommy helped me study all the study words last night. She said I was sure to get a good grade.

Still, my foot hasn't stopped its tapping.

Finally, Ms. Amelia gave me my paper with a big congratulatory smile on her face. I liked getting those kinds of smiles.

"Good job, Skye! Even though it's not perfect -" I made a face at that. I liked getting perfect; it made people smile and compliment me. So when I didn't get perfect, people smile and compliment me less. That didn't make me very happy. "- you still got the highest mark in the class!"

...at least that made me feel a bit better.

I glanced over my paper to see what I got wrong. Turns out I spelled "school" as "shcool". Well, it wasn't entirely my fault! 'Shcool' sounds a lot closer to the word 'school' than how it's actually spelled!

Charlie sauntered over to me, smiling. "Sooooo Skye, watcha get wrong?"

"School, but that's the only word I got wrong though!" I mumbled dejectedly, scowling at my paper.

"Then why so sad about it? You 'only got one wrong'," he laughed. I scowled up at him before grinning evilly and snatching his test paper out of his hands.

"Hey! That's mine!" Charlie protested.

"And you spelled 'mankind', 'picture' and 'school' wrong! Seems like I have the better mark!" I said with a smile.

Charlie grabbed his paper back, before mumbled something like, "Skye, I'm gonna beat your mark someday whether it's the last thing I do..."

Then he walked over to his little gang of boys, near the windows.

I sighed. He's been doing that a lot lately, lurking off to the more popular kids. Leaving me...alone.

I felt someone pat my arm and I turned to look at the culprit. It was Lucy.

"Skye, wanna help me study for the next test? I mean, you're the smartest girl – no, wait – the smartest person in the whole class!" she looked over to the Charlie's group, sticking her tongue out triumphantly. She thought girls were smarter than boys, and she was using me to prove her point.

I sighed once more. "Sure thing, Luce. Lemme just get a pencil..."

Fifth Grade

"Can Skye Peterson come down to the main office? Skye Peterson to the main office?" the secretary announced on the P.A.

Everyone stopped to stare at me in disbelief, all probably thinking I've gotten into some big trouble. But with me maintaining that shy, goody-goody reputation, I'm sure that wasn't the case.

Mrs. Torricelli, our nice fifth grade teacher who always gave out candy to the students who get the highest marks (not to brag or anything, but that basically meant me), paused from our math lesson to let me know I was excused.

I shut my textbook and math notebook to make sure nobody would copy my answers while I was gone, and headed downstairs to the office. Our school principal greeted me with a smile. Very suspicious, indeed.

"Skye, the school board and I would like to acknowledge you and your very high grades you've been getting lately. May I ask you if you find school too easy?" she smiled, showing me that godawful lipstick stain on her front teeth.

Why would she ask me that? I didn't find school hard, but that didn't mean I thought school was very easy either! If I said school was too easy, then she would probably assign me more work! This was the stuff nightmares are made of...no kid would wanna live through that!

"Um...no?" I fiddled with the end of my ponytail, practising my braiding technique.

"Nevertheless, we would like to introduce you to this new program. It'll require you to spend your recesses and lunch times to heighten your learning experience," she nodded toward a pudgy old lady with tons of gold jewelry. "She'll be your instructor. Now all you need is your parents' permission and we'll start next week! Sound good?"

"Um...okay," I sighed. I wasn't really good at saying no. Even when someone asked me for an extra pencil – especially if I knew that the someone wouldn't return the beloved pencil – I'd give in and give the pencil. I'm such a goody-too-shoes.

"Excellent! Here," the principal shoved some stapled papers in my hands. "Have your parents sign and return this by the end of the week! Now go back to class and educate that smart, young noggin of yours! Go on!"

When I returned to my class, all eyes were trained on me...again. The whispers started to escalate.

"Skye, did you get in trouble?"

"Shut up, man! Her mommy obviously came in to bring Skye something she forgot at home!"

"Nah dude, Skye always comes to school prepared. I think she got suspended."

"Maybe the principal wanted her to skip grades five, six, seven and eight and go to high school!" Logan Vine spoke up. Some girls chose to glare at me then. Why? I have no idea.

"Or maybe she's pregnant!"

"No, she discovered she's related to the queen of some unknown country and that queen wanted her to become a princess and marry a price and live happily ever after!"

"Oh be quiet, Cassie. Someone has obviously been watching too many 'Princess Diaries' movies."

I slowly sat down in my seat, and Lucy nudged me a note.

Y did U go down 2 the office?

I ripped a off a piece of scrap paper and scribbled down my reply.

Principal wanted 2 talk.


Me and this program 2 "heighten my learning experience". I don't get it though.

So...R U gonna do that program thingy?

Maybe, Luce.

The bell rang then, signifying lunch. The coat rack was suddenly crowded as students rushed to grab their lunchboxes. I waited for the herd to lessen before making the journey to retrieve my lunch.

Charlie, whose hook was next to mine, asked me the same question Lucy asked.

"The principal wanted to talk. That's all, Charlie." I replied.

"Talk about what?" he motioned me over to his table and set his lunchbag on it.

"About me and this new program the school's having. She also asked me if I found school 'too easy'," I rolled my eyes.

"And why would she ask you if school was 'too easy'?" he said, narrowing his blue eyes.

I playfully whacked him with some licorice I found in my lunchbag. "Why? You jealous?" I grinned.

"No," he huffed before unwrapping his sandwich and stuffing it in his mouth.

"Charlie, dude! Come over here! The homeless dude is in the playground again!" one of his buddies shouted to him, and Charlie retreated to the window where the guys where ogling the hobo.

He left me – again – for his guy friends at the window. Typical.

I picked up my lunch and sat with Lucy, who was gossiping with two other girls about how cute Logan Vine is. Someone gag me. Please.

Apparently I wasn't like other girls my age since I found liking guys that way was utter revolting. So gag me again, please?

Lucy patted a spot next to her and offered some of her ketchup chips to me. I eagerly ate down my offered portion of fatty goodness and tuned out their gossip as I focused on my math homework.

I really didn't like homework which is the reason why I usually tried to finish it at school.

People call me a loser, a nerd, a geek and all those names, but I try and not let it bother me. I just like to think of myself as an 'aspiring Einstein' (minus the beard and the masculinity).

Seventh Grade

I couldn't focus. Unthinkable pain. Pain, pain, pain. That was all I could think of. Not even Mr. Cuddles could make the pain go away.

I tried to scribble down some lousy geography notes from Mr. Scorpio's lecture, but the pain kept my forehead glued on the wooden desk and interfered with any further progress.

I knew my back and forehead was sweating. Surely the classroom was hot, wasn't it? Doesn't everyone else feel it? Why won't they open a window or something?

Once Mr. Scorpio's lecture was finished, he walked up to my table and asked if I was feeling okay.

"I'm feeling...fine...sir..." I panted out, resting my head on my arms and closing my eyes. Sure, I was feeling just dandy (please note sarcasm) but I didn't want to go home for a little pain. Did I mention I had a perfect attendance record? I just didn't want to ruin that.

"Erm, okay then, Skye. Just let me know if you want to go home. I'll call the secretary if you want," he said and went over to his desk, promptly getting back to work marking stuff and all that teacher-y stuff he had to do.

"Skye, are you sure you okay?" Lucy asked. Fortunately this year, we were allowed to chose who to sit with. Luce, being one of my best buddies and all, obviously chose me.

I wanted to retort "Do I look okay to you?" but I refrained. Instead, I shook my head 'no'.

"Aw, don't worry. Recess is gonna be in 3...2...1...anytime soon...1...1..." she patted my back comfortingly as she tried to count down the seconds till break time. I tried to laugh at her counting – she was obviously off by a handful of minutes.

At last the bell rang and everyone made a rush to get their coats on to play outside. I didn't like going outside, especially in this weather. Or any weather, in fact. I just wasn't that athletic outdoorsy girl every guy dreams of and every girl wants to be. Or was it the other way around? Oh who cares! The pain was distracting me way too much to let me think straight.

Once the room emptied out, Luce stuck with me. I knew she wanted to be out there, in fresh air, talking amongst our other friends, but she stayed with me. How sweet.

Vaguely, I heard Charlie and Luce's hushed voices and Luce let Charlie take her spot next to me.

"Hey, Skye. You okay?" Okay, what is wrong with these people? I've been asked that question at least twenty times in fifteen minutes yet they still don't take a hint?

But...it was Charlie. He hardly took any time off lately from his group or girlfriends to talk to me. That was a miracle in itself.

"Uummpphhiimmee," my pained voice came out muffled. I weakly lifted my head to clarify. "Charlie, I'm fine."

He lifted a brow and looked at me skeptically. "But you don't look very 'fine' at the moment, Skye."

I blushed and rested my head back in my arms again while Lucy shooed him away.

"Luce, I think I need to go to the bathroom," I said, feeling nauseous.

Lucy nodded and escorted me to the pink-tiled restroom, one arm supporting my weight as I felt my knees give out.

I made it to an empty stall and let out a horrified squeal at my pants. Fiery red blush quickly fanned my lightly tanned cheeks.

Somewhere in that bathroom, I heard Luce sigh, leave and return.

"Pads or tampons, Skye?"

Eighth Grade

Graduation. I couldn't believe it. I made it through all those embarrassing elementary years and was going to start high school in a couple months.

Our graduating class took the bus to the local pier after the awards ceremony, at which I received my awards on honours and arts.

We all filed on to the boat we rented and laughed as all the guys checked out the girls and vice versa. Don't include me in that as I still didn't like guys (or girls! I'm straight, okay?) that way.

Hungrily, we all devoured some pizza, lasagna and cookies before going up on the upper deck for the dancing part of our graduation.

There was no way I was going to dance. Nuh-uh! I didn't possess one dancing molecule in my body and I wasn't willing to change that. Surely I'd look like a fool.

"Pssht! Skye! Over here!" Ruth waved me over.

"Hey, what's up?" I carefully patted the flapping hem of my blue dress down. Curse you, wind. You just had to be extra strong on graduation day, hadn't you?

"Well...you know Gavin Thompson, right?" she scratched the back of her neck nervously. Everyone knew but technically didn't know Gavin.

Let me elaborate. He was the stereotypical looking nerd...minus the brains. He had the greasy brown hair, outdated glasses and pimple coated skin. And yes, he wasn't smart. I heard he could barely maintain a 'B' average without it dipping down to a 'C'. So everyone knew who Gavin was, but no one actually knew him because he hardly kept enough friends.

Get it? Got it? Good.

...and if Ruth was gonna ask something along the lines I think she's gonna ask, I'll just answer her with a "he's not my type" kind of answer. Well? Because it's true; I preferred smart guys.

"Gavin asked me to ask you if you wanted to dance the slow dance with him?" she gulped. "Please, Skye? It'll make his day. Everyone knows he had a crush on you ever since he transferred here, which was like, two years ago! Please?"

"Everyone?" I asked incredulously.

She nodded.

Wow, I must be clueless.

I swallowed. I wasn't a heart-breaker. I wasn't a heartless witch. I couldn't say no to most things. But this was where I had to draw a line. I did not want to lose my dignity over some loser – no offence to him or anything, but that's how everyone saw him – getting the chance to slow dance with me and feel me up.

"Sorry, Ruth. But can you tell him no for me? He's not my type. And," my eyes brightened up at the idea forming in my mind. "why don't you dance with him? You are definitely prettier than me, for one thing!"

"I understand where you're coming from, Skye, I really do. He just isn't my type just like he isn't yours. But who I might have an eye out on is the smart athletic brunette, Charles Espinoza, and the equally smart and athletic blonde, Logan Vine. Those two men are too hot for their own good," she giggled before running off to tell Gavin of my rejection.

I sighed and crossed the boat deck to sit at an empty chair. I let my gaze travel to the sunset over the water and the dancing couples that seemed to slow down. Of course they were slowing down! Tonight's first and last eight-minute slow song has arrived at last.

A giggling Lucy plopped into the chair across from me. I eyed her curiously. What's gotten into her?

"Skye, you'll never believe what happened!"

"What do you mean?"

"Okay, okay, okay," she took a deep breath. "At the bow of the ship earlier, I was going to get another Sprite when I came across a major Charlie and Tara make-out session!"

I grimaced. "Luce, I don't need to know all the details of Charlie's successful love life."

"I know but this is where it gets better! Charlie breaks away from the kiss and tells her she isn't 'the one' and that he thinks they're only good for friends. Now Tara is avoiding Charlie and is on the hunt for a new boy toy," Luce grinned. "Hear that? Charlie is officially on the market!"

"I never thought Charlie was one to believe in soul mate stuff," I mused aloud.

"So...?" she rolled her eyes at my confused face. "Are you gonna go after him or what? Everyone in our class knows you two would make the cutest couple ever! But everyone also knows that if Charlie's single, all the girls are gonna try to get their chance at him."

"Luce..." I groaned.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. You're not gonna start dating anyone until you survived freshman year of high school. I also know that you said you don't like Charlie that way. Oh well. What a waste," Luce shrugged and patted my hand.

We quieted and looked at the slow, swaying bodies of our fellow classmates. Luce and I made 'aw' and 'ew' noises as we commented each couple.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Jonah nervously approaching Luce. Luckily, Lucy didn't notice. She was too focused on watching students dance with a look of wistfulness on her face.

"Lucy Tanner? Would you like to dance with me?" Jonah blocked her view, taking her hand and making her blush.

"Oh, um, sure – wait...maybe?" Luce looked over to me, uncertain.

"Go on, Luce! We know you want to," I winked. She was probably scared to leave me alone.

"Alright. Be right back, Skye!" she shouted as Jonah twirled her gracefully into the sea of people.

Now I was alone. Again. I shouldn't have been surprised. Isn't that how I made it through all these years of school? Alone with the occasional friend or two?


I felt a warm hand envelope my bare shoulder. I cursed myself for wearing a strapless dress. Dang it.

I turned and found myself staring into Logan Vine's light green eyes.

Logan smiled. "Wanna dance? I think you haven't danced with anyone all night."

"Well..." I avoided his eyes. How was I supposed to say that I didn't want to dance without making myself look like a retarded monkey? Or that I wanted to save this dance for someone else?

Problem is that I don't exactly know who this 'someone else' is.

"Please?" he whispered.

"Sure," I sighed.

Dang it, Skye. You were never the one to say no.

He put his hands on my waist and I managed to wind my arms around his neck. It wasn't my best dancing experience but, thankfully, it wasn't my worst.

There was about two more minutes left to the song before Charlie tapped Logan on the shoulder. I looked at him wide-eyed, wondering what he was going to do. Charlie just sent a lopsided grin my way.

"Hey, Charlie. What's up?" Logan asked nonchalantly.

"Skye," Charlie smirked. Oh har har, Charlie. You kill me sometimes, you know?

For those who didn't get it: Skye as in the sky. As is the sky is up when someone asks 'what's up'. And sky sounds a lot like Skye.

Get it? Got it? Good.

"Oh," Logan glanced back at me, and looked back to Charlie. "What about her?"

"Do you mind if I dance with her now? Since, you know, you've been hogging her for the majority of the slow song."

"In fact, I do mind. Don't you have Tara?" his hands tightened around my waist. I held my breath, waiting for Charlie's answer.

Wait! Rewind! Why was I so nervous to hear if Charlie's still with Tara or not? Dang it, Skye. Get your act together.

"We broke up. Now are you going to move away from Skye or do I have to do it myself?"

Logan and Charlie locked their unreadable eyes, seeming as though they were having a stare down. I had no clue why, but part of me was chanting "Team Charlie!".

Finally, Logan gave in and released me, shooting Charlie a glare before quickly pecking me on my cheek. I blushed. Did that count as my first kiss?

Now don't laugh. I bet I wasn't the only girl my age who still didn't receive their first kiss. I guess I was just waiting for 'the one' or Prince Charming to show up and sweep me off my feet.

Charlie placed his arms on my waist, and I wound my arms around my neck, like with Logan. But something felt different.

No, it wasn't the way he rested his chin atop my head (although that was definitely different) or the way he slid his hands up and down my sides making me shiver (yet another thing different from Logan). Or the way his unreadable dark blue eyes matched the water (compared to Logan's light green ones) or the way his floppy dark brown hair made him look adorable (compared to Logan's dirty blonde trim).

Oh, just shut up and forget I was comparing my Charlie to Logan Vine.

Turns out I was like all the other girls. Know why?

I was falling for Charlie Espinoza.

High School; Freshman Year

"Oh come on, Skye! Don't lie to me," Lucy said around a mouthful of apple.

It was lunch time and Lucy wanted to know if I liked someone. Due to my pride, I chose not to tell her about my interest in Charlie. If I told her, she would go into smug mode and be all 'told ya so' to my face.

Ha, no thanks. I didn't want to experience that anytime soon.

"Really, Luce! I swear I don't like anyone!" I lied. Lies, lies, lies. What happened to the goody-goody Skye?

"Fine," she pouted.

"So you and Jonah are really over?" I asked her, desperate for a change in subject. Lucy glared at her juice box.

"What do you think, Skye? I give him my new number, he doesn't call me. Next day, I find him flirting with Sally Copenhagen from P.E.!" she shook out her newly blonde hair. I missed her old, light brown hair. What a waste. "Guys are idiots. I'm thinking of going lesbian if there's no decent guys on this planet."

We looked at each other with serious faces as we considered this, then burst out laughing. Heck, Lucy wouldn't go gay. She still loved her Taylor Lautner posters and was hoping to stalk him down in Hollywood next summer!

When the bell rang, we grabbed our books for the last class of the day. I had Drama class with Charlie, but Lucy had English so we went our separate ways after lunch.

Drama was good for me, in a way. It helped me break out of my shell of shyness onstage (unfortunately that didn't help my shyness offstage). It also helped me mask emotions in everyday life.

I was building up the nerve to ask Charlie if he wanted to hang out again, for old times' sake. He barely spoke to me anymore. He wouldn't even acknowledge me when we passed by in the hallways.

It felt like he was giving me the cold shoulder. Really, what did I ever do to him?

In class, while we were watching a video about improvisation, I managed to steal a seat next to Charlie. But he didn't even notice me.

I sighed and doodled in my binder before deciding to eavesdrop on Charlie's conversation.

"...when?" Charlie asked this platinum blonde girl who sat on the other side of him. If I recall correctly, her name was Kitty.

Kitty sounded like such a fake name, a name some kind of slut would have. Not that I was biased or anything. Anyone agree?

"Charlie, sweetie-pie, I got these shoes last week! They're new, not old, you cute dumbass! Can you just, like, stop judging my appearance you fool?"...and her voice matched the fakeness of her name. Bravo.

"Well, Kitty, it's not my fault you're always catching my eye," Charlie drawled.

Gag me, he's flirting. And Kitty was giggling at everything he says.

Every flirtatious comment they made towards each other everyday was like a brand new punch to the gut. And with every punch to the gut, the amount of hope I had with Charlie shrivelled, until it all but blew away.

What really crushed me was the day when they were officially an item. I didn't really expect it. Charlie usually didn't go out with brainless bimbos. He could have done better.

When they declared their 'together-ness', they didn't hold up on all the PDA, also known as Public Display of Affection. Charlie and Kitty started making out in class, in hallways, near his locker and near hers. They wouldn't shut up about their plans for the weekend or how they complimented each others whatever-it-was.

It made me sick.

Thanks to the acting class though, I was able to shield my hurt away from everyone's eyes. I made it seem like everything was perfectly fine when it was crumbling down around me.

Then I was able to build a wall around my heart.

High School; Sophomore Year

Lunchtime. Finally!

After listening to an hour and a half of Mr. Roberto's lecture, I was starving. And a chocolate chip cookie was a great picker-me-upper.

I lined up to the vending machine in the corner of the cafeteria, fingering the loose change in my pocket as the line moved sluggishly.

Once I was up at the front, I entered the code and change for a pack of cookies. I watched as it teetered over the edge but didn't actually fall off.

"Dang it!" I muttered to myself as I kicked the machine.

"Need some help?" Logan Vine's amused voice chuckled behind me. I flushed seven times redder as I gave one final kick to the machine.

"Not anymore more, Logan. The machine appears to hate me. There isn't much you can do," I grumbled, weaving my way through the lunch tables to Lucy.

I sat down beside Lucy, but she gave me this really weird face. She mouthed, "Logan is behind you" before filling her mouth with rice.

I rolled my eyes. "What do you want, Logan?" I said, not bothering to look at him.

"You want a cookie, right?" he asked.

Slowly, I nodded.

"Then we'll trade!" Logan chirped. I turned and raised my brow.

"I have nothing of interest to you, Logan. I'll just save my coins for tomorrow."

"No, Skye. Here," he handed me the packet of cookies I craved. I eyed him curiously. What was up with him? "I know what I want from you."

"Logan, that evil vending machine ate my money. I'll pay you back tomorrow, okay?"

Frustrated, he ran a hand through his blonde hair. "That's not what I want, Skye."

"Then what do you want, Logan?" I asked, maybe a little too loud. We were starting to attract some eavesdroppers – not to mention Lucy, who watched our conversation with wide eyes and a mouthful of fried rice.

Logan stared down at me with those intense green eyes and I tried to decipher what was going on behind them. I didn't get enough time though.

He started clearing our lunch table, moving aside some lunchbags and trash. Then he stood up on the table – oh my goodness – which attracted everyone's attention. And I mean everyone's. Even the lunch ladies looked up from their spot to swoon at Logan Vine's athletic physique.

Not that I cared, of course. I didn't care.

I had a wall around my heart. It made me feel nothing.

"Skye Peterson," he kept staring at me, his lips quirking up into a small smile. "You wanted those cookies and I gave you them. But not without a price," Logan suddenly pulled a couple pieces of paper out of his back pocket. "These are two tickets to this year's Winter Formal. Would you like to be my date?"

Gasps, cries of 'say yes!', and the typical 'ooh's and 'aw's filled the cafeteria. Gosh, people, it's not like the 'Bachelorette' here.

Beside me, Lucy started to choke on her rice. I patted her back until she spit it out and let out an excited squeal.

"Say yes, Skye!" she was practically bouncing in her seat.

I sighed and stepped on to the table beside Logan, using his outstretched hand to help me up.

I searched Logan's green eyes for an answer to my questions, but they were unreadable. Soon the cafeteria was eerily quiet as they waited for me to speak.

"Why?" I whispered.

It was the only thing I needed to know. Why me? Why not Lucy? Why not Tara? Why not some brainless bimbo like, I don't know, say, Kitty?

"Skye, you ignored me in elementary. I was pretty sure you didn't even know me. But I always noticed you; when you raised your hand to answer the teacher's question, I'd listen. When you asked the teacher if you could go to the bathroom, I counted how many seconds it took for you to come back. And when you agreed to dance with me at graduation, Skye, you made me feel really happy," his eyes softened and I felt my invincible invisible wall start to crack. Logan took one of my hands into both of his. "So would you please do me the honour of being my date?"

I hesitated, scanning the crowd, searching for a certain blue-eyed boy.

When I found him, he was at the back of the cafeteria, with Kitty clinging to his arm. She was chatting with him but it seemed like he was paying her no attention. His eyes were on me, cold and unfathomable.

Just like that, I felt the wall repair itself, hardening and cooling. There's no way I'm going to let it break again.

"Yes," I took a deep breath, facing Logan. "I'd love to be your date to the Winter Formal."

A smile broke out on his face as he hugged me. Whistles and catcalls were heard around the room.

I knew I should have been happy that one of the most popular guys at school asked me to the Winter Formal and that most girls would kill me to be in my place, but there was one thing that bothered me.

My date had green eyes.

I wanted blue.

Winter Formal

I played with a handkerchief as I stared at the dancing couples on the floor – deja vu much? Logan was at the refreshment table, getting me some punch. Hopefully it wasn't spiked.

I sighed. Care to remind me why I accepted Logan's offer?

I mean, he was a really nice, smart, cute guy and all but...it just didn't feel right with him. A new thought flashed through my mind.

He's not the one.

Of course! That's the answer. That's why it doesn't feel right.

He's not the one!

I spotted a certain blonde in a red dress who stopped dancing and beckoned me over. "Skye!"

"Lucy!" I immediately brightened up upon seeing her. If Lucy was there with me, I could make the best of things...right?

"Come dance!" she yelled over the music. I eyed the dance floor critically. It looked a bit too full...and...

Great. Just my luck.

Off to the left of the oblivious Luce, Kitty and Charlie were dancing. Well, it was more like Kitty was the one trying to keep Charlie dancing since he just looked like he wanted to escape.

A cup full of red liquid was gingerly placed into my hands. I looked up.

"Hey," Logan grinned. "Miss me yet?"

I gulped down the punch before answering. I needed to think through my answer. What was the best way to...dump someone?

"Uh, not exactly...?" I hesitantly replied.

Logan smiled and kissed my cheek. My face burned.

"You're too cute," he chuckled. "Wanna dance?"

I nodded and downed my cup's contents before letting him lead me to the floor.

"Logan," I swallowed.

He rested his forehead against mine. "Hmm?"

"Do you, uh, do you think that this -" I gestured between us, not really sure what word I should use. "- can lead to something m-more?" I stammered.

He leaned back to stare me in the eyes. "Yeah, I think so. Do you?"

I bit my lip and dragged him away from the dancing crowd.

"Logan, please forgive me but no...I-I don't feel that way about you. Sorry," I avoided his stormy eyes.

I was so disappointed in myself – turns out I was most definitely a heart-breaker. Not only do I have the talent to break guys' hearts, but I also have the ability to break my own. Such a pity.

I didn't even notice that I started to cry until Logan wiped a tear away with his thumb.

"Shh – it's okay, Skye. Don't cry, you'll ruin your makeup and this pretty blue dress you're wearing. I understand if you don't feel the same way I do; I practically pushed all this on you. I didn't give you much time to react, did I?" he murmured, pulling me into a friendly hug. "But even so, I won't give up on you, Skye. I'll always be waiting in the wings for you to fall, and I'll be there to catch you. Got that?"

I merely nodded and wiped my eyes. "Logan, I think I'm going to go outside for some air, okay?"

He smiled softly. "Whatever you need to do, Skye. Just do it."

I picked up my shawl from on of the chairs and exited through one of the banquet hall's french doors. There was a beautiful garden out back, along with a water fountain with angel statues.

I was too absorbed in observing the scenery that I almost didn't hear someone approaching.

"Luce, is that you?"

No response.

"Look Luce, sorry I kind of ran off there but you know, I had to get some air."

Still no response. Maybe Lucy was also looking at the breathtaking scenery like I was doing?

"I told Logan it was off. He wasn't the one for me, you know? I don't even know if there was something to start with..." I bent and picked up a pink daisy.

"Lucy, doesn't this flower remind you of the picture I drew on the very first day of kindergarten? You lent me that pink crayon to-" I twirled around, meeting Charlie's unreadable stare.

"Oh. It's you. Sorry, I thought you were Lucy," my tone turned flat as stalked past him.

Charlie grabbed my arm and I looked at him questioningly.

"I broke up with Kitty," he said, brows furrowed. "And from what I've heard, you've broken up with Logan."

"Why did you break up with her, Charlie? It seems like you enjoyed her company," I sarcastically spat out, averting my gaze to the water fountain.

"I broke up with her for the same reason why you broke up with Logan," he admitted. "She wasn't the one for me."

"Well that's just dandy, Charlie. Now let go of me," I didn't want to see that invincible wall around my heart start to crack again.

"I can't, Skye," Charlie said in a strained voice. Almost like it pained him. Yeah, right. "Last time I did, Logan Vine gets his meaty fingers all over you."

"Logan is actually a nice guy!" I retorted.

"I know that, Skye, but that doesn't help what I think of him when he's dancing with the only girl I've ever loved," he countered.

I froze.

Did he say the...'L' word? As in, did he apply that to me?

"L-love? Love? How can you 'love' someone like me, Charlie, when you start to avoid me, get a girlfriend, and barely notice my existence? You ignored me for a large part of your life and that hurt me. You hurt me, Charles Williamson Espinoza!" I cried out. Tears were making my vision blurry.

Charlie pulled me into a hug and rubbed my back soothingly. I struggled against his iron grip before realizing it was no use.

"You know it's your fault, Skye," he whispered.

"My fau-"

"Yes, your fault. I overheard you and Lucy talking on the night of graduation. You said you didn't want to date until after freshman year, remember?"

"I guess so," I sighed.

"And the only reason I had Tara, Kitty and all those other girls was because I needed something, someone, to distract me from thinking of you. I know it was immature of me to do that, but when you come across feelings like these, you tend to get scared."

"Why did you ignore me then?"

"Same reason. I had to get you off my mind, but that never seemed to work," he quietly chuckled.

I stepped out of his embrace and looked him in the eye. The usually unreadable dark blue showed sincerity. It showed that he cared and that he meant it.

The walls I built around my heart long ago were deteriorating fast, thanks to Charlie's confession.

I bit my lip to stop a silly grin from coming over my face.

"What?" he looked back at me, puzzled but smiling.

"How long have you, erm, liked me, Charlie?"

"I loved you ever since that first day of kindergarten, when my mom told me about you. Ever since then, I knew you were the one. You were all alone that day, and I never wanted you to be alone again," he kissed my cheek. I blushed which made him grin wider.

"Ha, very bold. So don't tell me you weren't jealous when Logan Vine asked me to the Winter Formal," I said.

"I was, actually. I've been jealous ever since Logan complimented you in fifth grade about being so smart," his eyes twinkled.

"You remember that?" I asked, surprised.

He nodded.

"Now, since it's kinda bruising my ego confessing my undying love to you without receiving one in return, tell me what you would say if I were to ask you to be my girlfriend, right here and right now."

"Oh, what do you think I'd say?"

"Hopefully yes?"

"And why would you think that?" I smiled as his face fell a bit.

"Well, I assumed you liked me, too. But now that I know you don't...I'll just..." he frowned as he started to leave.

"Wait, Charlie! You stupid fool!" I rushed up and hugged him with all my might, as if that alone could keep him from leaving. "Of course I don't like you! I love you, that's why. All those times I saw you flirting with Kitty, hugging Kitty, making out with Kit-"

I was interrupted when Charlie's lips came crashing down on to mine.

First kiss? Check! Man, I never felt so accomplished till now.

He snaked an arm around my waist and pulled me closer as my hands unconsciously made their way into his soft dark hair. It felt so good.

But all too soon, it ended, leaving us panting like dogs.

Hmm...that wasn't a very attractive simile, now was it?

Charlie rested his forehead on to mine and leaned closer to nuzzle my neck. Automatically, I shivered.

"Let's put that all in the past, shall we?" his warm breath brushed against my ear.

"Sure, Charlie. Let's do that."

To say I couldn't be happier was an understatement.

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