"God, how long does it take a guy to pee?," Carry thought impatiently.

"Hey, sweetie," Dave said in a surprising voice, seeing his wife, awkwardly waiting for him right in front of the Men's restroom.

"Hi babe," She replied in her sweetest, Shirley Temple like voice. "Let's go buy our tickets, before, the movie starts."

Dave answered with a grunt.

As they pushed through the crowd, teeming with repulsive and aggravating faces, one face, or let's say person came up with a joyful smile. "LIZZY! Oh my LORD. ITS YOU."

Oh you fool, daring to come up to me in a crowded place. "Oh, I am so sorry, but I believe you have mistaken me for another person."

"No, it's me Ms. Anderson. Remember two years ago, you used to come over at my house with your husband." The short, petite, wrinkly, old women tried to make the puzzled women remember.

"I'm sorry, but my name is Carry, Carry Dwight," she said, as she lifted her held hand, with Dave, showing her ring finger.

The old women did not seem to give up. "You do not remember! You're husband died on the day, my son, Peter died too. They were murdered. I just moved recently. I moved in Shailer's street."

"Oh, we also live in Shailer's street too. We just…." Dave's response was cut off by Carry's grip that became tighter, which was a single that he should shut up. "I mean…"He trailed off, with his green-bluish eyes looking down, as he felt ashamed. He felt bad when he lets Carry down. To him, Carry is the perfect woman that ever stepped into the world, and letting her down was the worst thing ever.

Carry then broke the awkwardness with a quick reply. "Well, again, I am so sorry. But I am not Lizzy, is it? Well I am sorry, but you're mistaken." As the couple we're about to walk away, the senile women stopped them.

"Well, sorry for the confusion. Here's my phone number and address. Since we are neighbors, stop by anytime. I just moved here and well….. see I really do not know anyone. Oh …tonight, I am cooking my world famous lasagna, it would be a shame you two did not come and join me."

"Okay sure." Carry and Dave answered in unison. However, Carry answered because she wanted to say anything to go, whereas, Dave answered because he actually wanted some homemade lasagna.

After their movie the couple drove back home. "That was weird, about what happened earlier."

Carry pretended not to understand what Dave was talking about. So she just answered with a preoccupied "hmmm." Dave did not give up the subject that easily. "You, know about Ms. Anderson or whatever her name is. Did you know her?"

"Sweetheart did you not notice her calling me Lizzy. How the hell would I know her? My name is Carry right. Carry Dwight."

"Yea I know," He said feeling stupid about asking her something so silly.

"She also said something about me being married. But you are my first, only, and hopefully last husband."

"Whatdoya mean hopefully last?" After a second, the two couples broke into laughter.

"Are we going to go to her house for dinner though?"

"No, I am too tired. You can go if you like." As tempting as that sounded. Dave refused to go without her. They both ended up not going.

The young couple ordered pizza for that night. Dave ordered extra mushrooms on his.

*Ding Dong* "Dave can you get that," Carry said in her angelic pleading voice.

"Sure honey."

"That will be $15.27"

"Sure," said Dave, as he rummaged through his pockets. With an awkward smile he yelled behind him "SWEETHEART, DO HAVE THE MONEY." With a slight groan and the shuffling of feet, came Carry. She brought her wallet, which was filled with only cash, no credit cards. "Here you go a twenty. Keep the change," Carry added with a smile.

After, both were bloated with pizza and soda, they were headed off to bed. With Carry fast asleep, Dave had some trouble sleeping. He kept on wondering about that old woman. Why was she so sure about knowing her? It's a small town; you wouldn't really make that mistake. But on the other hand she did just move here.

Dave started to move around restlessly in bed. Carry then groan, which meant SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP. Dave then turned around with an impish smile, and whispered to her, "Are you sleeeeeppping? Do you wanna…. You know….do ya? If you wanna then don't say anything."

After two minutes

"Okay, well…. Here I go'

Carry then turned over. "OH SO YOU WANNA"

"Shut up Dave." It was a tone that he was never familiar with; a personality that he never saw. Then it changed to a more caring tone,

"Babe, why can't you sleep?"

"I do not know," Dave lied.

"Here take this," Carry said as she handed him a tablet and a cup of water from the night stand.

"What is it?"

"It's a sleeping pill, it'll help! You trust me right."

"Of course" Dave gulped it down in a heartbeat. He felt ashamed that Carry had to ask him if he trusted her.

"Good the bastard is asleep. That means I have five hours, until the medicine wears off," Carry hastily thought as she got out the card that Ms. Anderson handed to her, earlier that day.

The clock shined 2:00am, with its neon red lights. Ms. Anderson still awake, watching I Love Lucy, in bed. She stared at the T.V., not paying attention to it, just seeing the flashes of its light, which hurt her eyes in the dark. She was thinking about her beloved son. "Ezra, such as beautiful boy. Such a well-mannered son and husband. Who would want to hurt, let alone kill, him?" Ms. Anderson started to cry. Tears of not only melancholy, but also anger dripped down her paper-like cheeks. "It is torture." "TORTURE," she screamed up at the wall. She refers torture to the fact that a mother has to be alive when her child isn't.

"Well I can help with that," a beautiful, soft, voice said.

Ms. Anderson quickly rose with her brittle bones. "WHOS THERE!," She exclaimed, as cold, wet sweats dripped from her forehead.

"Oh, don't be scared. Ms. Anderson,… it? Its okay, I promise you will see your son. All your problems are going to go away very soon."

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?," Ms. Anderson asked as she stumbled onto the floor, trying to get out her layers of covers.

She then came in front of the television, making herself visible to Ms. Anderson.

"Lizzy," Ms. Anderson gasped.

"Oh, yea, I remember now. I was Lizzy in Mystic Falls wasn't I? I like that name….too bad I can't reuse it. Oh well, million of other names to choose from right?"

"I knew it was you; what you want? You are scaring me. Please get out of my house!"

"You invited me, remember? Oh poor old women, doesn't even know she invited me. Well, let me just tell you: YOU coming up too me today was a big mistake. I thought I only had to kill your son, and just leave you alone, but I guess not. I guess not."

"WHAT," Ms. Anderson yelled, as she ran to her bedroom door. Lizzy….Carry….just followed. Poor Ms. Anderson tried to go down the stairs as fast as she can, but with a little thrust from behind, she stumbled down the stairs.

Ms. Anderson started wheezing for a gasp of air. "Oh my. I am so sorry, I tried to catch you, but I guess I was too late, wasn't I?" The wheezes switched to groans and then back to wheezing again. With Ms. Anderson's legs look deformed, with one leg twisted back, as the other was bended forwards. "Leeeezzzyyy," Ms. Anderson gasped.

"Again, I told you. You are mistaken; I am not Lizzy anymore…." Lizzy added as she gently grabbed the soft, tender throat of Ms. Anderson. "Tell your son, I said 'Hi.'"