Becca was sitting at her regular table in the cafeteria, eating her apple, when Tyler Walker strolled in. his face was contorted with a large smirk as he walked over to her table. Whey was he walking over to her table? He reached the table, stopped, and sat down in the empty seat across from her.

"I know," he said, trying not to laugh.

Becca looked up at him with a confused look on her face. She had no idea what he was talking about. "Excuse me?" she asked.

He moved in closer. His intense green eyes dead set on staring straight into her pale blue ones. "I know," he repeated "I know you love me." Once he stopped talking, he bit his tongue to stop from laughing.

Becca didn't know what the hell he was talking about "what?...I…um…I don't love you," she stuttered. She could feel her cheeks getting hot with all the fresh blood that was rising to her face.

She was about to push her chair back and stand up, when he reached over and grabbed her left hand. He held it in both his hands and started tracing small circles with his thumb.

He smiled shyly, "don't be embarrassed, Baby. You like me, I like you. How about, you know, you be my girlfriend?" he asked.

What was this boy talking about? They had both been in the same school for four years and this was the first time they had something that even resembled a civilised conversation. Becca didn't like Tyler Walker. She thought he was a dick.

Her thoughts were proved right when her best friend, Ashley, appeared behind Tyler. She was pointing at him and shaking her head as if to say don't trust him. Then she mouthed one word, a name actually, that made all of this nonsense clearer; Samantha.

Samantha Hastings was the only person on the entire face of the earth that Becca couldn't stand the sight of. Even the sound of her voice made becca's skin crawl. The two girls were enemies for one simple reason; their mothers.

Back in the days when their mothers were in school, the two women were the best of friends. Inseparable. One was never found without the other. But the close relationship of the girls was torn apart when they both, as always, fell in love with the same boy; Walter Grey. Needless to say, it did not bode well for the friendship when Walter chose Becca's mother over Samantha's. Until this day both women have held a grudge against each other, which they subconsciously passed down to their daughters.

All in all, Becca thought that Sam and her mother got the better deal. Walter Grey was an arrogant asshole who thought of no one but himself. He was the worst father ever.

Becca immediately realised what was going on once Ashley mouthed that name. They were trying to trick her. It wasn't the first time that Sam had done something to trick Becca, there were many other occasions; pouring yogurt in her school bag, telling the teachers that Becca was bullying her, putting paint in Becca's hair during art.

Becca was always the shy girl but when it came to Sam, she would always fight back. First she had to locate Samantha, and sure enough; she found her sitting in her usual table, surrounded by boys and minions.

They were all staring over at her but once they realised she was looking, they quickly focused their attention on something else; their food, the person beside them or on the ceiling tiles.

The one person who did not look away, however, was Samantha. She was staring at Becca with an evil grin and a look in her eyes that said let the games begin.

Becca accepted. She turned her attention back to Tyler, who was still caressing her hand. She reached across the table with her free hand and lightly traced her fingers down his cheek. "Your right," she said in a dreamy voice "there's no hiding my feelings anymore. I love you. And now that I know you love me to, we can run away together," she beamed; it was her turn to stop from laughing.

The look on his face was priceless. His eyes had grown to twice their normal size and he was looking nervous, as if he didn't know what to do. "Well…I…uh….you see, I don't think that I would be able to run away. I have a lot of responsibilities, my parents and well, I kind of already have a girlfr-"

Becca had been saving this for the right moment, and now was the time. Once she saw Olivia, Tyler's girlfriend, walk into the cafeteria; she leaned over and kissed him. Not on the lips, for she would never be able to do this to such a dick, but on the cheek where Olivia could see.

Olivia came rushing over to their table and smacked Tyler across the face "what the hell is going on here Tyler. How the fuck could you do this to me again," she turned to Becca, her eyes watering "did you sleep with him yet? Because if you didn't, I'm warning you now, he is TERRIBLE in bed." She ran out of the room then to where Becca assumed was the bathroom to fix her smudged mascara.

Tyler looked shocked, as if he didn't have a clue what had just happened "Liv!" he called after his now ex-girlfriend. When it became clear she wasn't coming back, he turned to Becca.

"You Bitch," he growled.

Becca couldn't hold it in any longer, she began to laugh. She realised the entire cafeteria had turned to watch the little scene that had just occurred. She leaned in to whisper in Tyler's ear "the next time you try to fuck with my mind, just remember what I just did," then she stood up and walked over to where Ashley stood watching the whole thing.

"We have a chemistry test next," Ashley informed her "Do you want to go to the library and study?" she asked, knowing now was not the time to talk about what had just happened.


On their way out of the cafeteria, they passed Samantha's table and Becca stopped. She turned to look at Sam who was still surprised by Becca's reactions.

"Bye bye, Samantha," she said, almost like an unspoken threat.

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