Once the two girls reached the school library, they headed straight towards their usual study table. They sat down and took out their books. It was true that they had a chemistry test next, but the two girls were never ones to study at their own free will. They normally only came to the library when they wanted to talk without being overheard.

Ashley looked around before leaning closer to Becca and whispering "ok so I was on my way into the cafeteria when Alice Bell ran up to me and told me that Samantha has gone all queen bitch. She said that she over-heard one of Sam's ever faithful minions in art class," Ashley sighed "apparently the 'queen' has set up a bet for whoever can destroy you first. Becks, I know she hates you, but seriously, what did you do to make her go all psycho bitch on you?" she asked, shaking her head.

Becca thought hard to remember if she had said or done anything to offend Samantha "I haven't said a word to her since she tried to cut my hair at the start of the school year, and that is almost three weeks ago."

Ashley scrunched up her eyebrows as she tried to think of a reason for her friend's sudden surge of bad luck. "Did you say anything to anyone about her?" she asked again.

"No!" Becca tried to protest "I don't enjoy talking about her, so as a rule, I don't."

The two girls were starting to talk louder than they should in a library and, in turn, they received an evil glare from the ancient school librarian.

"Sorry Mrs Craft," the girls said in unison.

Suddenly, Ashley had it. "I bet it has something to do with your mothers," she whispered franticly "they probably ran into each other while doing there shopping and Mrs Hastings got pissed about it."

Becca considered this, "maybe your right. Come to think about it, Mum has been extra quiet this last week," she looked on the bright side of this "what if the next time my mum see's Mrs Hastings, she runs her over in the parking lot? I'm sure that would get the queen bitch out of school for a few weeks."

Ashley laughed "you know, sometimes I can't decide if you're an evil genius or a Sociopath."

"I like to think of myself as somewhere in the middle."

The two girls started to laugh so much they hardly heard the bell ring.

Becca sighed "exam time," they gathered their books and headed in the direction of their chemistry class.

Their teacher Mrs Smith, as always, was sitting ready at her desk silently waiting for the students to file into their seats. Once everyone was sitting and silent, she spoke up "as you all know, there is a test today. If you have not studied, I will know and I will send a note home to your parents. As you can see in front of you, I have already given out the tests." She looked at her watch "you may start."

The class started rustling with paper shuffling and the sound of pens scratching on paper. Becca liked science; it was her best subject even though she never studied. She started writing.


Three quarters of an hour later, the two girls left the class knowing they both aced it. "Is it me or are those tests getting easier each week?" Ashley asked.

Becca laughed "what if you're actually getting smarter?"

Ashley hit her over the head and walked away "see you tomorrow," she called over her shoulder.

The next class was P E, one of becca's favourites. The only down part of her next class was that she shared it with Samantha. Normally Becca would just ignore her but today she had a feeling that it would be a lot harder to do this with Samantha and her little wager with her friends.

Becca really wanted to know what had prompted this sudden surge of hate from Samantha. Why had she suddenly invited others into her hatred for Becca.

Ashley didn't do PE so Becca was left alone with her other friends for the next hour and a half.

The second she reached the gym, she ran upstairs to get changed into her PE clothes. The girls changing room was much smaller than the boys' and as a result, the girls were forced to pack together while getting changed. Becca was late so she had nowhere to put her bag except for the ground. She threw it down and started to get changed.

As she pulled up her trousers she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Jessie, one of her best friends, fully dressed in PE gear and ready to go downstairs.

"Hurry up and get changed. I wanna get on one of the good teams for basket ball because I am telling you now; If I am on the same team as stupid Ciara, I will kill you," Jessie was always the person who Becca would go to if She wanted to plot against someone, she was easy-going, sarcastic and pure evil.

"I'm coming," She said slipping her left foot into her converse. She ran after her down the stairs to the hall.

When they entered the gym, the first thing they noticed was the great divide between the students. Half of them were on one side of the hall while the other were on the opposite side. Yu could always spot the difference between the sporty kids and the non-sporty ones. Their teacher, coach Tore, was standing in the middle of the two groups.

"For the love of God, Jessica," he said, seeing Jessica and Becca walk in through the doors "will you please go upstairs and tell those lazy brats who are still up there to get their asses down her NOW!"

But Jessie, always the smart ass, would never do something unless she got something in return. "I will," she said smirking "if you let me be one of the team captains today."

Coach Tore thought about it "fine but only if you hurry up and get them downstairs."

Jessie was gone like a flash of lightning. She ran upstairs, threatened to kick any of the slackers' butts if they didn't get down stairs that instant, and was back in the gym in less than a minute with about ten girls following her. Of course there were no boys, they were already down.

"Finally ladies, you decide to grace us with your presence," he pointed at Jessie and a boy named Trent "you two are team captains. You pick one player at a time. As always, ladies first," he gestured to Jessie.

She smirked at Trent as she called Becca's name. Everyone knew that Becca was one of the class's best basketball players, which was surprising since she had such bad hand-eye co-ordination and balance.

Trent smirked back "Sam."





When both teams had picked their players the game started.

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