For those of you who have never played basket ball at my school, let me give you a few pointers; we play dirty and Coach Tore doesn't care as long as he never see's blood. We don't play by the rules of the game; the only objective of the game is to get the ball into the other teams' hoop.

We started the game as always, with the coach throwing the ball into a random spot on the court and everyone scrambling to catch it. Kate on my team was the first person to catch the ball. She tried to throw it to Jessie but Alice from the other team intercepted the pass and threw the ball to Trent. He threw the ball to Lucas and he tried to throw it to James but Jessie tackled him.

"Bitch!" Lucas shouted as Jessie threw the ball to Alex, who threw it straight passed Trent and into the hoop.

"Booyah!" he shouted and ran over to high-five me and Jess.

"This is mine." I heard Samantha shout as she ran over to the side lines where the ball had rolled. She took her time considering who to pass the ball to, finally choosing on James, her boyfriend.

He was only ten feet away from me so I ran up behind him and snatched the basketball from behind him. I dribbled the ball for a bit and then threw it to Jessie who dribbled it a little further while I ran parallel to her. She passed the ball back to me and I threw it through the hoop. We were winning.

Samantha ran towards me and smashed her shoulder into mine. Oh God, she is strong. That hurt. She muttered "bitch," as she passed.

Oh yeah, I'm the bitch when she is the one who just rammed into me. "Whore," I mumbled under my breath. She turned and glared at me. Shit! She was NOT supposed to hear that. She ran over to Trent who was picking up the ball and whispered something to him.

He made to throw the ball to Samantha as I ran up to where they were but, as I reached them, he turned to me and smashed the ball, full force into my face.

I fell to the ground and banged the back of my head on the wooden floor.

"Ow, you dick!" I shouted. Then I tasted blood. I put my finger up to my lip and felt a small bump forming on the left side of my lower lip.

"Sorry, bitch, it was an accident," he snarled.

"What the hell is going on over here?" yelled the Coach as he ran over towards us, me still on the floor. He looked at me and noticed my bloodied lip, and then he turned and glared at Trent. "Did you just bust her lip?" he demanded.

Cue the Trent charm "Sorry sir, that was a complete accident I was aiming to throw the ball to Sam when Becca got in the way and I didn't have time to stop," he offered me a hand to get up. I ignored it and struggled to get up on my own. Head rush, I forgot I had banged my head hard, I started to fall backwards but Alex rushed over and caught me.

"Williams, take Miss Grey to the Nurse and get her head and lip checked out." He then turned to Trent and said "I am not buying any of your crap about accidently hitting Becca with that ball. You know the 'no blood' rule, plus, I saw you turn away from Miss Hastings and throw that ball at Miss Grey. For that you just bought yourself two weeks of Friday and Saturday detention."

I was halfway out the gym doors with Alex helping me when the shocked Trent started to stutter more excuses "coach…I….um….it was…."

Alex laughed in my ear "I would love to see him talk his way out of this one," I laughed but my head was still sore so I winced.

Alex noticed "let's get you to the nurse before you die on me. Wait… if you die, does that mean Trent wins the bet?" he laughed again.

I groaned "what the hell is the deal with this bet? I mean have I done something recently to offend her more?" I asked.

We were entering the main building now and he stopped to hold the door open for me "I don't think you yourself did something to offend her I think it's something to do with her mother. I heard one of her minions saying her 'queen' was pissed at something her mother did but they didn't know what it was."

And we're back to the whole your mother hates my mother thing.

Alex noticed my dismayed expression and chuckled "what's wrong Grey? Afraid I'm in on this bet? You think I'm gonna win?" he teased me.

I almost choked on my laughter "oh yeah like you can destroy me. What are you going to do tickle me until I'm insane?"

His smile turned evil "or maybe I just stop letting you lean on me and you fall," he stepped back and left me standing in the middle of the hall.

I didn't realise how much I was leaning on him until he let go. I started to sway but I steadied myself. "Like I need your help," I scoffed.

"Then start walking without me."

I could walk without him and I would walk without his help. I started by putting my left foot in front of my right and so on. "Ha! Told you I could do I," I said after three steps…and then I fell.

"Oh no you don't," Alex said, rushing over to catch me…again, for the second time in ten minutes.

"I…uh…tripped," I said in the most dignified voice I could muster.

Alex smirked "falling all over the place just at the sight of me. I know I'm gorgeous Grey but please keep it together until I get you to the nurse."


"Well it doesn't seem like you have a concussion and your lip will heal pretty quickly. I'll give you some painkillers for your headache." The school nurse smiled down at me and removed the icepack I was holding at the back of my head. "There is minimal swelling which should be gone by tomorrow if you keep the icepack on it today." She turned to Alex who was waiting by the door with a smirk stamped on his face "do you have a car?" she asked him.

He chuckled "of course."

Nurse Jones turned back to me and said "Mr Williams will take you home, I don't want you walking home," she looked at her watch "there is only ten minutes left of school, you can leave now if you wish. There is no point in going back to the gym since you can't play again. Here you go," she handed me two pills and a glass of water.

"Thank you," I took the pills and the water and swallowed them.

She smiled "your welcome, I hope you feel better soon."

Out in the hall, Alex pulled me towards the main doors into the student parking lot. We reached his car and he unlocked it, I slipped into the back seat.

"What's wrong Grey? Afraid to sit beside me?" he said climbing into the front seat.

I laughed "no, I'm just afraid of how your sister will react if she see's me sitting in her seat."

"Ashley can walk home," he stated, trying to keep a straight face. We both knew that whenever Ashley was left to walk home, she blows up at everyone. Especially since last time it happened, it was lashing rain and she had no umbrella.

"Look," I said pointing to the rapidly filling parking lot "school's over, she will be here in a few," just as I finished speaking, the passenger door opened and Ashley got into the car. She turned and saw me.

"I thought you were walking home today?" she asked me as we pulled out of the parking lot.

Before I could speak, Alex answered "she was, but then she banged her head in PE and Nurse Jones said that I have to take her home." As Ashley was about to ask how I hurt my head, Alex told her everything that had happened.

Ashley laughed "oh sweetie, you are not having a good day today especially since what happened at lunch in the cafeteria."

"What do you mean?" asked Alex "I was in the garden at lunch what happened?"

She erupted into a fit of giggles "It was amazing," she continued to tell him everything that I had done at lunch.

My head was sore from listening to them talking, so instead of participating in the conversation, my mind reeled at how Alex and Ashley could be brother and sister when they looked so different. Ashley had long red hair and bright green eyes, she looked like her mother. Alex had short-ish dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes, he looked like his father. Where Ashley was pale, Alex was tanned and where she was medium height, he was almost six feet. Sometimes I wished I had a sibling, maybe then Samantha wouldn't force all her anger on me.

"Here we are Miss Grey," Alex said, getting out of the car and opening my door like a chauffer.

"You are such a Dork," I laughed.

"Hey, who owns the Mercedes?" he asked.

I looked over at the shiny red car parked in my driveway.

"My Dad."

Only one thing ran through my head then; what the hell is my Dad doing here?

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